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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'm looking for the information on this Platinum (supposedly) pen, which I bought on eBay - it was advertised as "Urushi" and "Maki-e", and has a nib of 3776. But the cap is not screw-on (and on my other Platinum 3776 pens caps screwed on the barrel). I saw a similar pen (https://andersonpens.com/platinum-3776-urushi-maki-e-sakura/), but this similar pen also has a screw-on cap. I'm wondering if this pen is fake, and if it's not - I would be happy to know more about this pen. Thank you very much for any information. In the box: Without cap: Nib:
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and what has drawn me here is the expertise of the members who frequent the forums here. I would like to participate more in the future, but I do have an immediate question of the community. Please tell me if I've included anything in this post that are against the rules. I recently acquired this Sailor 1911 King of Pen from England. The seller informed me that her father (its previous owner) died recently and that he was an avid pen collector. She is slowly selling the collection apparently because none of the family is that interested in the pens. The only thing she could tell me was that she thinks the body + cap are ebonite due to the smell, which she described as burning tires. My primary concern is to determine if the pen is real, and to know more about its history. I would appreciate any information you might have. I've asked around a little, and the best guess from a trusted source is that it could be a very early King of Pen model, possibly 2005. I've compared this pen to the other 5 Sailor pens I have (all very modern models). There are three things about the pen that cause me to question its authenticity: 1) The underside of the clip, the bump, is folded differently than the clips on my other Sailor pens. This could be because the pen is an older model. 2) The nib is missing the gold hallmark '875' below the '21K' that's present in every other Sailor nib I have 3) The body + cap material appears to be ebonite, but I'm unsure. I haven't been able to find any information on a 1911 KoP made of ebonite, just the large bespoke KoP that does not look like a 1911. Video showing the material characteristics: Sailor 1911 KoP w/ Sound Here are the pictures I've taken; I captured what I thought were all the relevant details. Please let me know if I should upload more of specific areas. Showing the cap engraving of 'KING' and 'SAILOR': Trying to show the material of the cap and barrel: Nib close-ups: misaligned tines (since corrected): Section assembly: Back of clip (notice the back of the bump):
  3. Hi I got this old creeks N creeks pen at a car boot sale and would like to know more information about it but cant find much online could anyone help me ? Also it's missing a metal ting. It has the word "creeks" a crown and 4 dots above the crown.
  4. I have really gotten myself into fountain pen repair, in the last two years. I have spent money on books, tools, parts etc. But what fascinates me the most is nib tuning and repairing. What I mean by that is any work that is done on the nib, such as crack welding, retipping, polishing, smoothing and grinding. Especially grinding. However I struggle to find any information, regarding nib grinding. No videos, guides on what machinery is used, where can one get such machinery, what polishing compounds or wheels are used, nothing at all. I am truly desperate because I really want to learn how to do this (I consider it even as a profession) and I have no access to any useful information at all. Does anyone know any books, websites, pdf's, anything that has information on how to do various grinds. What wheels-bits are used, what compounds, where can one get these...Anything at all would help me a lot ! P.S. I am not interested in using stones etc, these I know how to use them, plus I find them inconvenient . I am talking about methods that require power tools, such as dremels, or other custom (or not) grinding machines, that get the job done fast.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if I ask a question that has been laboured to death already... I recently received my Yiren 878 and am blown away by the pen; it is amazing! But I cannot find any info on the maker/company. Anyone have any information?
  6. Hi, New to posting on this forum. Recently came across a model I have never seen before. MODEL :MONTBLANC 146 ENTRE NOUS I can't seem to find any info regarding this model, however, the closest thing I can relate this to is the Wedding Band series. Is it rare? Price wise what should I pay, higher than a regular 146? Any info on this would be helpful to me. Regards, Saran
  7. Has anyone ever see or heard of a Simpsons fountain pen - made in Canada - 14K nib ? Any info would be great. Thanks
  8. Can anyone help me I'm trying to figure out this pens brand and name. I found one similar on ebay but it just says "Mother of Pearl" but doesn't give me an actual brand or name. The nib is marked "WARRANTED 14K". Can anyone help?
  9. Hi all. I fly away to China for 3 months tomorrow afternoon and since I collect pens and use lots of paper (artist) I was wondering if anyone had info as to pens to look for, papers to try, etc. I'll also be in Vietnam for 10 days at the end of the residency so if there are interesting pens/papers from that area, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks and enjoy the Ohio Show--Will miss it this year. :-(
  10. Hello everybody, a suggestion for improvement of my website was to have a Changelog. Absolutely good idea and comprehensible, but much additional work for me. Now the changes are more manageable and the idea of linking to social media brings both topics together. I have registered with facebook only because of the last Pelikan HUB. So I'm a layman with facebook. Suggestions for improvement - also to the Facebook page - as always - very welcome. https://www.facebook.com/pelikan.collectibles Hope nevertheless it pleases. The changes of the last weeks I have already recorded. Future changes will follow. Best regards Dominic
  11. Oh great...a new pen-session.... Last year I bought a lot of five or so pens because they were all Parkers, except for this one Sheaffer with a Triumph nib. I wrote with it a while, then cleaned and put it away...but the full-fledged obsession just hit. Where's the best place to find info on the nibs, the pens that 'wear' them, and the filling systems? This is some form of plunger-fill but I am unsure if it's Touchdown, or what. How do I date and ID this pen? It's an admitted Frankenpen with a non-matching Admiral cap that more or less fits. The nib reads Sheaffer'S, 14k, and is probably a fine. I love it. And...where's the best place to get more? Thanks! I appreciate any help you can offer!
  12. I would love for this to be made a pinned topic so all who enter can quickly find tips on photographing their pens.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this forum. I found you guys searching for information on Waterman pens. I found two Waterman pens while cleaning out an office in our basement. They are both in the original case and appear to be lightly used, if used at all. One came with a labeled box, so I know its a Le Man 100 Black Rollerball. , . The other pen was found in its blue case with no label so I'm not sure which model it is. , If anyone could help me identify the mystery pen it would be much appreciated. Also I'm probably looking to sell both of these pens, so if anyone could provide the approximate value of each that would also help greatly. I realize it's probably difficult to do so without seeing the pen in person, so best estimates will do nicely. Please see the pics attached and thanks for your help! -Matt

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