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Found 12 results

  1. alexwi

    Dating Pilot Pens

    Hi, I was trying to find information about a wooden Custom that I have and came across this site: http://estilofilos.blogspot.com/2013/09/datation-of-japanese-pens-i-introduction.html Links to parts 2, 3, and 4 of the article are on the right side of the web page. Looks like my pen was made in June of 1979. Moderators, if this is a duplicate post, please remove it. I apologize. Alex
  2. Hello, fellow Sheaffer'S lovers, I recently acquired and worked a bit on a flat-top that is truly lovely (and now writes nicely too ), but I'm having some thoughts about dating it (e.g. "help!") I've attached some relevant photos... the clip is the round ball humped variety, and that with the barrel imprint suggests mid-to-late 1920s, but the feed on the nib is the full-cut comb type, and that says to me 1939 or so. Perhaps the nib is a replacement? I would love to hear some thoughts and opinings. Matt
  3. hello everyone im a newbie in the fountain pen world i bought a montblanc 149 from a local second hand network and after a few days of thorough research i realized that there is something sketchy about this pen according to the chart here https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/170282-dating-montblanc-149s/ it seems like it was assembled with parts from different periods the nib is two toned 18k the feed is split ebonite the filler thread is plastic theres only one umlaut in meisterstuck and theres no serial number plus the GERMANY font looks different from the other 149s is this even a legit montblanc 149? please help! thanks!!
  4. As usual, when travelling I always look for the smaller older stationery stores as they usually have some old stock that are always interesting. This time, I found some old drawing pens, the disposable plastic-tipped type. Not really a collectible stuff, but I bought they anyway since they're very cheap and still works anyway. What i'm interested in knowing, is the approximate age of these pens. For me, this is one is the most interesting one. The Sailor B-1 Color Drawing. I never knew Sailor products were sold here in my country (Indonesia) and if they were at some time, it was quite some time ago. On top of that, this is the first time I've known that Sailor makes this type of pen. I tried researching a bit online, and can find very few references about it. One said that they were discontinued. So, my question is why a large manufacturer like Sailor not have a fair amount of share in this type of market. To the point that their drawing pens are barely even mentioned anywhere, and if they really did stop producing them, when did that happen? I also got these old Sakura Pigma pens. The Pigma Graphic is labeled "Nouvel" so I'm guessing this was a new product back then. So that might be a clue to their age. 2 interesting things I noticed was that these older Microns have the micro symbol (μ) on them and that the sleek "new" design of the blue bodied micron pens (like the Micron ESDK005) is actually reminiscent of these older designs. Since these pens were invented in the 80's, I think it would be very nice to assemble a collection of the evolution of their design. But I'm unable to find any pictures of any of the older models.
  5. stephanos

    Lamy Persona: Some Questions

    I bought a Lamy Persona today (it sneaked up on me from the window of a local antique shop). It's the first one I've encountered in person, and it seems to be fairly uncommon. For more information and pictures, see this excellent review by gds from 2008. The version I have looks exactly the same, except that mine doesn't have the little bump at the top of the clip (4th picture in the linked review, compared with 3rd picture in this post). I prefer the cleaner line this renders. The converter says, "Lamy / W.Germany", which I guess dates it to the 1980s. It looks like the pen I bought was used once or twice, then badly-cleaned (or not at all) and stuck in a drawer for years. I was able to fill the pen with water in the shop and 'write' with water for a bit to check that the feed wasn't completely clogged. It's a beautifully smooth nib. The pen feels very comfortable to hold, and is well-balanced when posted (which it does with a satisfying click). I am now in the process of cleaning it, and look forward to writing with this pen once it's ready. I have three questions in the meantime. CONVERTER I understand that the pen uses an out-of-production threaded converter (either the z25, as the 2008 reviewer, or the earlier z23). It does work, but there are some bits of ink in it that I cannot remove through flushing, and there are traces of ink behind the seal. I would therefore like to disassemble it for a thorough clean, and to apply some silicone grease. But the back doesn't easily unscrew, and I'm reluctant to use force. My question is therefore, can old Lamy converters be disassembled? Picture: converter NUMBERS I have noticed a set of six digits on the black plastic part of the section that screws into the barrel: a "1" followed by a space, and then "09861". I fantasise that this means I have the 9861st pen produced in the first series, but that is pure conjecture on my part. Do you know what the numbers mean? Picture: Numbers MATERIAL Previous discussions suggest that I have a titanium version of this model. Is anyone able to say what this means - is it solid titanium, or is it another metal with titanium plating (in which case, what is the underlying metal)? Answers gratefully received! Pictures: clip + pen posted
  6. lvda

    Dating Recent Montblanc 146

    Dear All, Hope that some of the experts here are able to help me. I am moving my interest from vintage to newer versions. Thanks to the various discussions here on dating I think I have a general clue on how to date the vintage versions. However, I now would like to buy the very latest version of the normal 146 (but still preferably 'used', in order to get it a bit cheaper). So my questions are the following: when was the latest change in the standard 146?what were the changes (internally? use of the 'pink bubblegum'? externally?) and, most importantly, how can I recognise the latest version?Many thanks for your help!! Lucas p.s. would that be the same for the 149?
  7. Hello, My grandfather was a fountain pen person, so there are many fountain pens rolling around in random places in our house (One day, I found a Parker behind a toilet...). Anyway, I found this Montblanc 149 in my grandfather's old room. Is this pen real or fake? When was this pen made? Is that rust in the nib, or is the color supposed to be red? Thank you. William S. Park
  8. Mr Tutt

    Aurora 88 Ink Window

    Does anyone know when the ink windows in the Aurora 88s changed colors? I have an 88 #994559 with an amber looking window, and another, #1149369 with reddish tint. I also note that the cap on the older model is slightly shorter than on the newer one. Does anyone have info on that. Also I just acquired an vintage 88 Nikargenta. Does this cap require any special treatment other than the usual care? Thanks for any light you can shed on these questions as I try to learn more than I've already gleaned from this forum about these great pens. Mr. Tutt
  9. I am not an expert but I like to collect vintage FP's. Only some people has 'the secret' of dating, so as a buyer I always need help. It would be very useful if the more experienced FPN members would render evident some wrong datings that happen to appear even in the case of the more honest sellers on eBay (and not only) This auction for a Wirt eyedropper seems to me curious. The barrel and the cap is of an early Paul E Wirt eyedropper, as for the feed, the vent-hole type was patented in April 1903. The two-line print was used by Wirt from 1889 until 1902. Could be such an ED considered from the 19th century as the seller afirms? I think that the feed is a later replacement, but the seller mentioned nothing
  10. Oh great...a new pen-session.... Last year I bought a lot of five or so pens because they were all Parkers, except for this one Sheaffer with a Triumph nib. I wrote with it a while, then cleaned and put it away...but the full-fledged obsession just hit. Where's the best place to find info on the nibs, the pens that 'wear' them, and the filling systems? This is some form of plunger-fill but I am unsure if it's Touchdown, or what. How do I date and ID this pen? It's an admitted Frankenpen with a non-matching Admiral cap that more or less fits. The nib reads Sheaffer'S, 14k, and is probably a fine. I love it. And...where's the best place to get more? Thanks! I appreciate any help you can offer!
  11. shirtdj

    Help Identifying This Montblanc

    G'Day All, This is my first post after recently joining the FPN. I'm hoping one or more of the members will be able to assist me in identifying the following pen. After being fortunate enough to acquire my first Montblanc last year on a trip to Europe, a 149, I’ve been enjoying reading the forum posts and learning about the different models and variants. After buying the 149, I was looking for a matching MB crystal inkwell and ended up buying an inkwell and pen stand on eBay at a very good price. As it turns out the pen stand is too small for the 149 but the bonus was that a MB fountain pen was included with the stand, making the purchase even better value. Any assistance in confirming my diagnosis of the model and vintage of the pen would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately there is no cap so I can't confirm whether it would have indicated Germany or W. Germany or whether it had a serial number. The following are the characteristics of the pen and I’ve included a couple of photos, excuse the lighting, to aid review: Dimensions: Length (nib tip to end of filler cap) is approx 123mm and the width is approx 13mm Barrel: ink window with stripes Nib: Two Tone 14K, quite flexible when compared to the Parker Duofold I'm used to. Feed: Plastic with horizontal combs ? Filler Thread: Brass From the above characteristics, and using the Dating 149’s post images and chart and from reading various FPN 146 posts, I believe it’s a modern 146 post 1990 variant. I’m in the process of sourcing parts to build a cap after enquiring about the costs from MB Technical Services in Australia who wanted between AUS$230 for the cap body and AUS$610 for a complete cap with a pen service. So far I’ve sourced a cap body ($75) and clip ($50), just need a cap top to match. Thanks in advance and look forward to your thoughts.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to date this parker duofold, Can't find any material on the nib code which helps me to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, i'd like to know how to read the number&dot code on the nibs of some old parkers. Nib has standard markings (parker, 14CT made in england) and at the base has: 15 4 . . . Many thanks! http://i.imgur.com/B3VbvTGl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/P1m2Crnl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nj0kadol.jpg

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