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  1. Here's a weird ink, probably closely comparable to Jacques Herbin Nude By Marc-Antoine Coulon (which I don't have), that I expected and really wanted to like, but in which I'm sadly disappointed by its performance characteristics that make it nigh unusable and useless. Colour: It really does look like rose quartz, at least the globes and other-shaped pieces that I recently saw in an antiques and secondhand knick-knacks store. The colour on the page defies proper capture with my Canon LiDE 300 scanner, in any mode and with a colour calibration reference card by the side
  2. From the album: Ink review

    The colour of this ink simply defies capture with my Canon scanner, even with a colour reference card next to it; and no amount of colour correction post-processing in GIMP can make it look anything close to what I see. The photo here presents the ink colour relatively more accurately: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/gallery/image/1941-penbbs-no178-rose-quartz-ink-review-sheet-—-photo/

    © A Smug Dill

  3. From the album: Ink review

    The photo has been scaled down to approximately 114dpi, so that it is rendered true to size on the screen of my 13-inch MacBook Pro. The colour shown in the image, when displayed on my screen, is fairly close to what I see on the page — when the incident light makes the colour of the paper a cool, slightly bluish white. Right now, in the indirect evening sunlight, the colour of the paper looks much warmer, and that significantly changes how I perceive the ink colour.

    © A Smug Dill

  4. Sailor Kenshin

    Wancher Red-Violet (Ebine)

    Here is another sort-of pink ink that was generously donated by amberleadavis, famed Inky! En-Abe-Lawyer. Wancher is a Japanese concern dealing in pens and inks since 1987. This particular ink comes in a rectangular plastic bottle and is my first experience with the brand. With a heavier swab application, Evine can appear more burgundy. In the Kaweco lookalike Wing's 3007 it's more a soft, dusty pink. In contrast with De Atramentis Goat, Ebine seems a bit more dry going onto the paper, but not to the point of an unpleasant writing experience. Not at all water-resistant ... dries quick
  5. AidenMark

    New Red No 5, Berlin Notebook

    Hip stationers "Berlin Notebook" released the excellent Blue No.1 ink a few months back. What colour would you guess, their second ink would be? Well obviously ... blinding neon pink! Like Blue No.1 it's an artist created ink, in this case Caroline Corleone, who has an interesting tale to tell about its inspiration in pink water cannon (linked from the BN web site). It's a medium priced ink 13.50Euros for 30ml (between Pelikan 4001 and Edelstein). Although it's called New Red, the colour is actually more of a pink. (higher res scan here) Pink is not a colour I would use much for writi
  6. Colour: More of a dark pink than a red Flow: Moderate Feathering: Not observed on Rhodia Dotpad 80g/m² paper, looking closely at the thinnest hatching lines, and words/glyphs ‘reverse-written’ with the nib upside-down (i.e. the bottom of the feed facing up) Show-through: Low to nil Bleed-through: Not observed Drying time: 9–10 seconds Smudging after fully dry: Didn't happen when I rubbed my thumb over the hatching/stippling panel and the largest Chinese hanzi characters Water resistance: So apparently poor that I don't think I need to soak some part of t
  7. Hello people of FPN! It’s been over a year since I’ve last posted here, I’ve been busy with my first year and a half of college. In the last month or so, though, I’ve started lurking around reading the forums again, and I’ve been wanting to write another review. I just needed to find a pen that was the right balance of inexpensive and interesting, and luckily I found just the thing. As I was browsing the shelves of my college’s bookstore, procrastinating studying for my final exams, the blister pack these pens came in caught my eye. Zebra fountain pens. “An easier fountain pen” the box pr
  8. *comes in a 3 oz glass bottle * it's definitely pink *more of a blue-pink than an orange-pink (the third photo looks the most accurate to me, but your monitor may show it differently) *dries pretty fast, under 5 seconds *highlights over a variety of inks without smearing *not water resistant (that's not a surprise!) The first sheet is the 32 lb HP laser paper - the only part that really shows (obviously) is where I shot the paper with a syringe full of ink! The second sheet is cheap 20 lb copy paper, and I (personally) wouldn't have any trouble highlighting on both sides of the paper. You
  9. These inks will be part of the fade test. Here are the current inks compared. http://www.sheismylawyer.com/2018-Ink/2018-05/slides/2018-05-03_Ink_1.jpg Much to my surprise, you can see some bleed through. http://www.sheismylawyer.com/2018-Ink/2018-05/slides/2018-05-03_Ink_2.jpg
  10. Hello everyone, I am tempted by one Waterman's #7 pen with PINK nib. I mean - I'm tempted to shell out $$$$ and finally get one. I own #7 with YELLOW nib, #5 with RED nib, and several other vintage Waterman's with different nibs. While I was looking at the pen with PINK nib, one thing occurred to me - the tines seemed shorter than what I've seen on a typical PINK nib. Then I've googled images and some previous examples of pens I haven't bought, and I've noticed that some have shorter and some have longer tines. In fact, I thought some nibs (current on sale included) may have their nibs cut
  11. Tessy Moon

    Pink & Purple Ink Comparisons

    Here are a couple scans of some pink and purple ink comparisons. All these were written with a glass dip pen on a Rhodia dot pad. I did my best to represent the colors of the inks but as always please remember that what I see on my screen is probably a little different than what you see. I hope that this will at least give an idea of where each of these inks stand next to similar ones I have listed here. I will list the inks in the text also so it will be searchable. Enjoy and I hope these are helpful! http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/f0/d9/29/f0d92944248bba04d46
  12. white_lotus

    Sailor Style Dee Delta Tenma Ouro

    This past March when I was ordering Style Dee inks, I make the shipping more reasonable I needed another ink. I decided to give this pink a try. I don't have many pink inks. So it got added to the collection. It's probably one of the few that won't remain. There's nothing wrong with the ink. It's a bit drier than other Sailor inks, but probably a somewhat normal dryness compared to other brands. I don't even mind the color, it's a pleasant bubble gum pink. What offends my senses is the neon quality this ink has, so though Sailor used a fluorescent dye in the mix. It turns a perfectly nice in
  13. namrehsnoom

    Robert Oster Signature - Plumb Nut

    Robert Oster Signature - Plumb Nut Robert Oster is an Australian ink maker that is well-known for its unique range of colours. On his website he describes our shared love quite eloquently: "Robert Oster Signature originates from one of the most famous wine producing regions of the world, the Coonawarra district of South Australia, an idyllic setting with great influence on the senses. There is my inspiration. It's a joy to share it with you." Well, we are certainly fortunate to have inspiring ink makers like Robert Oster to satiate our thirst for glorious inks. This review focuses on Pl
  14. lgsoltek

    Rohrer & Klingner Fernambuk

    It's a PINK. My first pink. I bought this because I wanted to complete my R&K set, and also wanted to try something that is out of my comfort zone. I don't know what to think of this one. It's not bad. It's not ugly. Quite pretty actually. But it's pink. It reminds me of some pink backpacks for little girls. It's just too girlish. I think this one will be my last and only pink. Splash: photo and scan Due to the extreme wetness here, the splash is very red, rather than pink. http://s3.homezz.com/201503/5915/50185_o.jpg Samples (Nonsensical words, featuring a pinky ghost in love. But I f
  15. I have a slight pink problem. I have little girls, let's blame it on them. This ink performed really well. It dries really fast, is super saturated, and is surprisingly water resistant for a red. Also, it is seriously solid - really no feathering to speak of even on really poor copy paper. It's in my oldest's Pilot Kaküno so I snagged it for my second ever review - be gentle. First image is a scan, second two are iPhone photos of samples on Rhodia and (bleep) copy paper. http://images4-b.ravelrycache.com/uploads/MrsDrG/440308846/_medium2.jpeg
  16. I've been lurking here for a long time but joined today as I saw Noodler's Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov did not have ink reviews but are both in my possession. I love looking at ink reviews, even the rubbish ones, so I was inspired to make my own modest contribution. This ink is probably not a good choice for lefties, as it takes a really long time to dry (still smearing at 20 seconds), it's also not a good choice for non-FP papers as it feathers like a beast. BUT - it is oh, so, so very pretty. It shades so incredibly richly - like Apache Sunset where it's one colour at the top of a stroke,
  17. bstnnyc

    8 “Pinkish” Inks

    I've been wanting to try some kind of pinkish ink for a while. I didn’t want a pastel or cotton-candy pink, but other than that I was pretty open, so after going through the FPN boards and using the Goulet swatch tool, the eight finalists ranged from burgundy to magenta to purplish and reddish pinks: Diamine Syrah, Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo, Rohrer & Klingner Magenta, Rohrer & Klingner Solferino, J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen, Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji, J. Herbin Rouge Bourgogne, and Rohrer & Klingner Fernambuk. Although I liked some of the colors, I didn’t see myself using pink enoug
  18. In May 2014 Kingdom Note came out with a new line of specialty inks from Sailor based on Mushrooms. At that time they were relatively easy to obtain, but only two of the inks were colors that appealed to me then, so I passed on the others. Recently several became available again as they sometimes do, and I decided to get them. I've learned that the little color circle on the box is only the most general idea of the ink color. The five inks of this series are Amanita muscaria (red) Entoloma virescens (light blue) Stropharia aeruginosa (green) Mycena pura (pink) Trametes versicolor (dark blu
  19. (P)ink Shoot-Out : Callifolio Andrinople vs Edelstein Turmaline Given that today is Valentines Day, I thought it would be fun to pitch a fight between two inks that are definitely up to the occasion. And what a surprise ! These turn out to be pink inks ! I’m not a pink ink person myself, but these inks crossed my path and somehow stuck in my collection. The inks entering the arena today are L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Andrinople and the Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2012 Turmaline. Both are really vibrant super-pink inks that I would normally dislike, but these two have a certain “j
  20. julia239

    Kwz Raspberry

    I didn't expect to like the color of this ink as much as I did. I'm not usually a fan of pinks, but winter has me craving more lively colors. I was afraid this would have too much orange for my liking, but it is a very nice blue-pink that is moderately saturated. It performs very well & dries quickly. The flow is average, but it is a little bit drier than other KWZ inks I've used.
  21. Ink Review : Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline --- Ink of the Year 2012 --- Pen: Lamy AL-star, M-nib Paper: Rhodia N°16 notepad 80 gsm Review In 2011 Pelikan introduced the Edelstein series of high-end inks, available in a variety of colours. The theme of the Edelstein concept is the gemstone – each colour corresponds to the beautiful colour of a gem. The inks themselves are presented in 50 ml high-value bottles, that are truly beautiful, and worthy of a place on your desk. In this review I put the spotlight on Turmaline, the Edelstein Ink of the Year 2012. This is a limited edition in
  22. L'Artisan Pastellier Callifolio - Andrinople L’Artisan Pastellier is a small company in southern France that specialises in natural pigments, and offers customers authentic and reliable products in beautiful colours based on mineral or vegetable pigments. In a collaboration with Loic Rainouard from Styloplume.net, the chemist Didier Boinnard from L’Artisan Pastellier created the line of Callifolio fountain pen inks. These pastel-colored inks are traditionally crafted, and can be freely mixed and matched. Overall these inks are only moderately saturated, and have low water-resistance. The
  23. It's time for another Ink Giveaway PIF! I am giving away most of a bottle of Rotring Persian Red ink. Rotring no longer makes bottled fountain pen ink, so this ink has been out of production for some time. The ink was originally packaged in a bottle with a fill spout, that could fill a converter directly from the bottle (I will attempt to attach a photo). The cap has cracked, so I was forced to transfer the ink to some small jars, which is the way you will receive it. Each jar holds 15ml, and there are about one and a half jars of ink. Here are the rules: 1) United S

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