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  1. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox Omaezaki Ocean

    This is a series of ink reviews "blues reviews" covering nearly all the blue inks in my collection that I haven't yet reviewed. This ink is one of the custom inks Sailor creates for certain stores in Japan. This ink was created for the Bungbox shop in Japan. I'm not sure if these inks are available any longer. I obtained my bottle during a short time when Vanness had this ink in stock. Tested on Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkjet, and Tomoe River.
  2. Theroc

    Bungbox Ink At Drop.com

    Drop.com is offering Bungu Box/Bungbox bottled ink for $32 a bottle with free shipping to the US. Unfortunately only two colors are still available at the time of this post.
  3. white_lotus

    Bungbox Going Smaller

    Well I just got an email from Anderson Pens that Bungbox is going to a new 30 ml bottle, along with a price increase, so the current 50 ml bottles are discontinued. For at least that store. Other Japanese web sites having custom Sailor inks still list their 50 ml bottles (now often square). At the current prices I've found Bungbox inks to be out of my price range, so a smaller bottle at the same price or more is out of the question. I personally have plenty of Sailor and Bungbox inks, so I won't have any need to replace them if it ever turns out that I actually run out of ink. Which I don't think is possible for me. I'm sad for those who come along in the future and have heard about these inks, and find them price prohibitive.
  4. Already sold out. It's an Ice blue 45 XLV model. Somehow much more expensive than the original one. https://bung-box.com/products/detail2228.html
  5. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox Shogun Armor Black

    Hello again. This is another review of a Sailor custom ink for the Bungubox store in Japan. It's king of strange to actually have bought a custom black ink from Japan when I could have bought a bottle of Sailor Jentle Black for less than half, or Sailor's nano-pigment black Kiwa Guro for a bit less than the custom ink. And I would not have had any issues with those inks and they are readily available. But it was available and I like black inks. The usual papers apply here: Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28 lb inkjet paper, and Tomoe River. Overall the ink is really wet and quite dark. A good solid black ink. Not sure when this ink will be available again. Bungbox isn't currently having their full lineup available, and while a black ink may be great for Japan, it's hard to say whether it would get much interest here. There is a little bit of shadiness on the MvL, but that doesn't come across in the photo at all. The ink blot shows a big of a greyed blue similar to OS Carbon, which I recently reviewed. Not bad resistance to water, but the ink isn't claimed to be such.
  6. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox 4B

    This review is part of a series of "blues reviews". I was fortunate enough to obtain a bottle of Sailor's custom ink for Bungbox 4B through Vanness while they had some. The papers are Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28ln inkjet, and Tomoe River. The ink appears to be a single dye, similar to pthalo blue. Reasonably waterfast. Note: one should also mop up water on an inky page with a paper towel, and one should blot up the water. Using a tissue is an error as these do not mop up the water well. Also, do not wipe as this causes the ink to spread and may obliterate your writing.
  7. What "Standard" ink is closest to Bung-Box 4B? Especially when it comes to color, but also in shading and other properties. Since Bung-Box inks are both quite tricky to get hold of and and rather expenseive, I'm curious if there is an alternative that comes close.
  8. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox Omotesando Blue

    It's been a while since I've done any ink reviews, and I don't have as much time to be as exhaustive as I once was, but perhaps this will be useful to someone. Sailor Bungbox Omotesando Blue Pen: Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe (M) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River,Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7 A friend sent me a sample of this ink a while back, and I noticed that is was also available at Vanness, the US Source for Bungbox inks in the US. This is a fairly strong blue, fairly bright. The iPhone image is a good bit darker for sure than the actual image — it's a moderately bright, medium blue. The image in Preview is much closer to the actual image on paper, the one uploaded is shifted darker. As always, images are what they are. If you think you might like an ink, especially for its color, then purchase of a sample to confirm the look and feel of an ink prior to purchasing a bottle is a recommended, though not foolproof, practice. Especially so when the price of an ink is near $45 for 50 ml. The ink shades well on Tomoe River and Rhodia, and there is a decent amount of reddish sheen on TR in artificial light. The dry times on absorbent paper is quite fast, a good deal slower on the better papers. There could be some show through and/or bleed through problems on the more absorbent papers. There was a little show through on MvL but nothing problematic.
  9. Yet again we get to travel to the land of Japan and experience wonderful inks. This Kingdom Note ink came by way of secret methods of forwarders. This ink was on my "must have" list and I am not disappointed. This Kingdom Note ink is part of their "Flora and Fauna" sets based on the critters and plants of Japan. Actually I don't think they've done anything based on plants, so they perhaps decided on fungi instead. This ink is from the Insect group of inks, and created after the insect of the same name. I think they've captured the color fairly well from what I can see on the net. A nice muted yellow-green, maybe like green olive oil but darker obviously. On many of the pics, the ink seems too dark compared to reality. The ink is really a mid-tone. But they weren't able to capture the sound of the Evening cicada for us in ink, so we rely on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuiqDQLBNuc On Mohawk via Linen. Closeup of the same. On Hammermill 28lb Inkjet paper. Closeup of the same: A sample on Tomoe River paper. I never seem to get much sheen, maybe it's my nibs all being medium. The iPhone picked up the text on the next page. That's the ghosting you see. Next time I'll have to put a sheet of paper between them. Waterfastness Test on Inkjet paper The ink is not terribly waterfast. There is a good loss of color, but some does remain to allow recovery of the text.
  10. InkyAddiction

    Your Favorite Japanese Inks?

    Hello FPN. My first post here, and a bit of a crosspost from /r/fountainpens, but I figured I would tap your infinite wisdom while I can! I'm currently in Japan, and have picked up quite a few inks so far: Iroshizuku Tsuki-YoBung Box Sapphire "First Love"Bung Box Kabayaki Hamanako EelCustom Green Sailor ink for Morita Pen Shop in OsakaSailor Maruzen Eternal BlueKWZ Ink IG TurquoiseKobe Ink #6 BordeauxKobe Ink #44 Seaside HomeSailor Jently Yama-DoriANYWAYS, while my wallet is crying no, my fountain pens are crying yes, so I'm turning to you guys: If you were in Japan right now, what inks(obviously ones that I haven't gotten yet) would you get/recommend. Would love to hear your guy's opinions! Side note, Iroshizuku is so(relatively) crazy cheap here! Like $14 a bottle.
  11. julia239

    Bungbox Omotesando Blue

    There is some water-resistance, if you get to it fast enough, but long-term, it doesn't hold up. Rhodia Writing Samples Tomoe River Writing Samples Clairefontaine Triomphe Writing Samples Original Crown Mill Laid Paper Writing Samples
  12. Nearly everyone know of Sailor, the Japanese pen and and ink company. Perhaps almost as many people have heard of Bungubox, often just called Bungbox here in the US, the Japanese stationary, pen, and ink shop in Hamamatsu, Japan. Here is a nice google map for you to locate it when you travel to this area of Japan to see the Hamamatsu Castle. https://www.google.com/maps/place/BUNGUBOX/@34.7061243,137.7291498,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x97450230eab367e4!8m2!3d34.7061243!4d137.7291498 The have an extensive line of inks made for them by Sailor, and during the craze for Sailor Japanese store-exclusive inks Bungbox became very popular and with that the price went up, and up. Even in Japan they are much more expensive than other store-exclusive inks. Vanness actually have the Bungubox inks available, but you will but up $43 for a 50 ml bottle. For some, this price is worth it, for the inks are exceptional. I have a number of their inks from before the craze, and a few I got as prices were rising, but so far I have resisted the current nose-bleed prices. Though Sweet Potato Purple was very tempting. But Fresh Oranges is somewhat legendary among the chasers and collectors as a great orange. Perhaps along the lines of Sailor's Apricot. I've never tried the latter so I cannot say. And I must admit that orange inks are nice, but I often find them to be a little light in value, and therefore, harder for me to read. But they can be very inks especially for cards, notes to friends and family, and your journal writing. Orange is a happy color and one that will never bring you down. I received a nice sample of this ink awhile back when I first got involved with orange inks. Thank you inky friend! Many orange inks seem to have flow issues compared with other inks. I think part of that is their lightness, and if you want any other quality you can't have a gusher of an inks. BB Fresh Oranges is very good in that regard. It has great shading. It's a very nice orange ink, not flat. But it is very close to Sailor's Kin-mokusei. They are different, but only you can decide whether you want to spend $18 or $43. Others will probably be able to explain more on how this ink is, and how it differs from others, and why they love it. Pens: Edison Premiere (M-steel), Pelikan M400 (F) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7 And in comparison with Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-mokusei (2016 edition) On Rhodia: left, Kin-mokusei, right Fresh Oranges On more absorbent MvL
  13. gylyf

    Bungbox Sweet Potato Purple

    A pretty cool ink: Close-up of the sheen: Swatch: On Rhodia and Life:
  14. In case the title gets truncated this is Sailor Ishida bungu Hakodate twilight vs Kingdom Note Garrulous lidthi vs Kingdom Note Entoloma virescens vs Bungbox Ozaemaki Ocean.
  15. sidthecat


    I've gone through the five stages of grief with this ink (Sailor Bungbox Kabayaki of the Hamaneko Eel) which cannot be had for love or money unless their ink-sensei decides to make more. The sixth stage, of course, is making a substitute. 2/3 Iroshizuku Yama-Guri, 1/4 Diamine Oxblood and a bit of Diamine Ancient Copper for the bit of yellow. It's simpler, but close enough for rock 'n' roll.
  16. Bungbox Ink (2-Pack) on Massdrop, check it out here: http://dro.ps/b/qyZtkSC 15 colours to chose from; Blue Black, Clown Teardrop (ruby), Dandyism (green), Fujiyama Blue, Hamanako Fresh Mandarin Orange, Hatsukoi “First Love” Sapphire, Ink of Witch (deep purple), Norwegian Wood (emerald), Omaezaki Ruri-Sora (sky), Omaezaki Ruri-Umi (sea), Piano Mahogany, special-edition Sakura Saku (pinkish red), Something Blue, Sweet Love Pink and Valentines Choco Brown.. Possible price: $73.99 + shipping
  17. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox Nostalgia

    Well here is my review for the Sailor Bungbox Nostalgia ink. I'd gotten this last year when these were readily available. Sometimes you can find them at Vanness Pen Shop web site, currently priced at $43 a bottle. If you are in Japan, or traveling there, you can shop at the Bungbox store itself. The usual papers MvL=Mohawk via Linen, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, TR=Tomoe River. The ink is not waterfast or resistant at all. It's not supposed to be, but thought I'd mention it. In the range of brown inks I own, this one is unusual. By that I mean it doesn't match color-wise anything else I have. Of course I don't have every ink, so it may well be similar to something else. The ink is perfectly nice, but pricey. After a couple weeks in the pen the ink did darken up somewhat since more water evaporated. It's nice either way.
  18. Lately I've seen a couple of Sailor Pro Gear Slim pens not part of the usual catalog of pens. I found a robin's egg blue from Morita's store in Osaka, and another in a bright pink marked "Bungbox" with a clover on the finial, that looks like a Sailor. These seem to be made specially for certain stores in Japan. I'm wondering how many more of these might be out there. Are any of you aware of others I may be missing? Thank you for your help and advice!
  19. SNAK

    Sailor Bungbox L'amant

    Inspired by Lgsoltek's beautiful ink review here, I have inked up a pen with this ink, and I have fallen in love with this one. It shades so nicely for me. For sheen photos please see Lgsoltek's review, and for fade test please see amberleadavis' review. To look at this ink from a different angle, I have mostly concentrated on the shading of this ink using different nib units that I used on my TWSBI 580 pen. I think this ink has great shading potential as long as the pen writes fairly wet. The highlight area is fuchsia and the darker shaded area is a dark violet. It reminds me of the 2nd formula of Black Swan in Australian Roses, but pinker and brighter. I am loving this ink at the moment. I also did a quick chromatography and water resistance test. I hope it will be useful. Pen: TWSBI 580 Rose Gold, Ink: Waterman's #2 "14KT" Canada nib with FPR ebonite feed, Paper: Tomoe River (White) Tools used: TWSBI 580 Rose Gold pen with various nib units including factory, modified, and franken nibs. 7 nib units, from Left to Right: 580 Factory Broad, Mini White Broad with Pendleton's BLS mod, Waterman's #2 Canada, Waterman's #2 New York, "Standard" #4, Swan #3H, and Waterman's #2 "14KT" Canada. TWSBI 580 Factory Broad nib TWSBI Mini Rose Gold plated Broad nib modified to BLS by Pendleton Brown Waterman's #2 Canada nib with FPR ebonite feed Waterman's #2 New York nib with FPR ebonite feed "Standard" #4 nib with TWSBI 580 feed, set up by Mauricio Aguilar Swan #3H nib with FPR ebonite feed Waterman's #2 "14KT" Canada nib with FPR ebonite feed Chromatography - Pretty! Water resistance - Poor. However some bluish dye will stay after 2 minutes soak, and drops of water blotted away in 15 seconds will leave some mark after blotting too. Also, the ink when washed has a fluoro look to it, like some really bright pink inks do (e.g. Diamine Hope Pink).
  20. white_lotus

    Sailor Bungbox Espresso

    OK, here is an ink that lovers of brown ink will take delight. It's somewhat old hat now, but Sailor makes ink and pens. They are a Japanese company. They also have a master ink maker who blends custom inks for certain special shops in Japan carrying Sailor products. For a while, these inks were available with some diligence as these shops did not have international ordering on their web sites. But now however those days are gone with the rise of the "ink speculator" and the "jewel bottle shortage". Some shops now only sell to someone in person, and other popular ones are sold out within hours, while another has raised prices 50%. Accept my apologies for posting a review of an ink you may not be able to purchase anytime soon. And I have further bad news for you, dear reader: this ink is a close match for Parker Penman Mocha. So I am unsure if I should just always have a pen filled with this ink until the bottle is empty, then place it upon the shelf, and remember the good "inky times" we once had. Or whether I should save it, preserving it for the future. Alas, why wait for a future that may never come? It will be used. With that introduction, the review. As typical for me, the papers used are Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28 lb Inkjet, and as long as this book has a blank page, Clairefontaine. As typical, these iPhone photos show the ink as darker than it really is. It is not black, but a dark brown. I'm not sure whether Sailor's Do-you is darker, it may well be. Not sure how this will wash. An ink smear is a brown, but here some dirty red was showing up. Some experimentation would be in order. The ink did not spread very much, but you can see a number of colors at the edges. A close-up.
  21. sidthecat

    Should Have Bought More Eel

    What do you mean I can't get any more?!! Does Sailor just do one small run of their Bungbox colors, or do they make more every so often? I hope they make more Eel - it's such a fantastic color and it's easier to get your hands on German pharmaceutical heroin right at this moment.
  22. Venator

    Bungbox Is Coming To Massdrop

    https://www.massdrop.com/vote/bung-box-ink-import Vote for the inks you want, they are apparently not getting the full range. Edited to say that this is likely to be a limited supply drop, so more votes may equate to more bottles available.
  23. Several folks have seen my reviews for some of the Sailor Japanese exclusive inks and wanted to see a comparison. In a four-way comparison there are Kingdom Note Tanna japonesis "Evening cicada" Bungbox 88 Green Tea Kobe #28 Suzuran Green Ishida bungu Hakodate yama "Hakodate mountain" The Kingdom Note ink is a nice olive green. The "88" has been seen before in comparison with BB Dandyism. Kobe #28 is a very good yellow-green. In these pics it appears darker than in actuality. The Ishida bungu is quite bright compared to the others, and appears like a blue-green, but I think it's a tint of that hue. Done on both Mohawk via Linen and Hammermill 28lb Inkjet paper. One will give a recipe for Provencal garlic soup, the other some Tibetan visionary mythology of the 15th century master Tangtong Gyalpo.

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