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Found 22 results

  1. Waltz For Zizi

    New Parker Duofold

    Hello! I just bought a pre-owned Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red, but I can't seem to find any production dates on it? Does the new ones not come with a production date. I have another Duofold in the check pattern and this one has dates on it. Anyone knows? It looks identical to this one, in this link(no afilliation to it), even the box is the same, as I've seen it come in a bigger box also (I'm too lazy to post pictures) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Parker-Duofold-Centennial-Fountain-Pen-Big-Red-Palladium-F-New-in-Box-Orange/333631668155?hash=item4dadff3fbb:g:DJwAAOSw03Vef4AI
  2. I was looking at the nib units of my two Parker Duofold Centennial of the first generation, just to check that they are exactly the same, and the inner threads are equal on the two pens. And yes, they work, so I can have the nib I want on the pen I want to use. This is good, because my orange Centennial has a needlepoint EEF nib that I like much more than the M nib of my black Centennial, but I want to have also the latter in my rotation. Well, checking the combinations of pens and nibs, I just noted the black cap of one Duofold close to the orange body with the black finial of the other… He
  3. Dear fellow FPNers My beloved Parker Duofold International has begun developing issues lately, after years of being the most reliable pen I have ever known. I am not as well versed in fountain pen mechanics as I would wish, and maybe I have done something that hurt it, and I just don't know. I was hoping that someone here with a lot more knowledge than me could help me out? I read a bit in the forums and thought it might be a feed issue, but I wanted to ask again to make sure I'm not jumping to conclusions. The issues are: - I first began noticing that ink would dry in if I didn't write wit
  4. Dear Friends, I'll be in Canada all August this year, in Waterloo-Kitchener, Ontario. Can my Canadian colleagues tell me if there are any fountain pen events in this area (pen shows, meetings, etc.) in August, and if and where there are any antique shops and flea markets, where you can find pens, other writing instruments, etc... I am mainly interested in Pelikan, Montblanc, but also Parker Duofold, Vacumatic and all others. Mostly vintage pens... . I'd like to talk about fountain pens, maybe I'll buy, sell or trade something. I am also interested in pens for parts and to be repaired. I would
  5. rfpdf1

    Parker Duofold Bumblebee/red Dna

    I am interested in buying either a Bumblebee or Red DNA and wuold like to know what the current price I should pay for these pens would be and also where I am most likely to find them. Also, I would like a green marble cap actuated ball pen. Again, what is the price of these pens and where am I likely to find one for sale? Thank you.
  6. duofoldburgundy

    2 Duofold Centennial Jasper Red

    Hello I write for the first time in the Parker community. I became interested through a fountain pen that I received as a gift three years ago. My favorite fountain pen brand is Parker. Considering the fact that the first high-end pen I bought was Duopold, Parker's design fits my taste. I especially like second-generation flags nib among Duofolds. I think the second generation of Duopold, which includes a captop engraved with pattern and a unique flag(arrow) nib from Parker, has all the advantages of the first and third generations. P.S. Does anyone know why the number of rings on th
  7. Awhile back, I was asking questions about whether or not a Parker Duofold International rollerball pen could be converted to a fountain pen. I received a variety of responses; some were quite cautionary and did not recommend I do it. One person told me that the Parker converter would not fit into a rollerball barrel without first taking the gizmo out of the bottom of the barrel that allows a rollerball refill to grip the bottom of the barrel. (That is quite accurate, by the way.) What to do? What to do? Well, I decided not to mess with the gizmo at the bottom of the barrel, and instead I bo
  8. shadesdragon

    Parker Duofold From The 1980S

    I purchased a Parker Duofold from the 1980s and didn't notice that the cap band was scuffed on half of it. I didn't inspect it close enough.... So.. I want to see if polishing it would be an option or if this is just a this layer of brass or other material that if polished would wear off and make it worse. Anyone know what kind of material the cap bands are? I have simichrome polish I can use but trying to decide if I should go that route. Any experienced advice is appreciated. Pic attached.
  9. I am glad to find this forum. I have been a calligrapher using stick pens and nibs for many years. I recently inherited a Parker Duofold Lucky Curve Junior. It came with several boxes of art supplies that I inherited from our deceased 92 year old aunt who was a calligrapher. I didn't even know what it was when I came across it, except that it was a fountain pen. The pen looks exactly like the one in this picture except that it is dirty, dull and missing the sac and pressure bar. I started researching how to restore it and of course I found far more on the internet than this old "stick
  10. I purchased this Parker Maxima UK Duofold 1958+ Aerometric filler by winning the eBay auction. My British friend had given me her late mother's Maxima- a teal one, that I have kept safe by not using it. However, I was always wanting to buy and try one in my daily library work. With a librarian's salary, it is difficult to afford such pleasures. I saved and saved and then I got it. I was pleased with this large formal and formidable-looking black Parker Maxima. It came from the UK and it was worth a wait due to a weak Sterling and a strong dollar. It writes wet medium line that is extremely bea
  11. There have been many threads here listing the “flagship” pens of various well known brands (see this, this, and this). I’m posting this simply to organize the information a little bit more attractively. To be clear, I define “flagship” as follows: A “flagship” pen is a regular production model (i.e., not a limited or special edition), which is generally the largest, most expensive, and most visibly advertised item in a brand’s inventory. Where no single pen satisfies all the criteria, a judgment call may have to be made on what (if any) product is the “flagship” for a particular brand. Obvi
  12. If given the opportunity, would you trade a current Parker Duofold Intl. for either a Lamy 2000, or Pilot VP? I rarely use the Duofold. It is a good writer, but I am always concerned about dropping it or scratching it. When I bought it in 1996, I was a desk jockey. Now I work in the furniture trades, repairing and finishing wood. My work environment is not as pristine as my office was. Many times I need to take notes for a phone call while I am in the middle of staining wood. I always wear nitrile gloves, but still run the risk of mishandling my pen after removing the gloves. I also do not l
  13. Hi all, I need to remove the nib from my UK Parker Duofold to straighten out the bent area. Are these nib and feeds screw in or press in? Can the nib be removed w/o taking the aerometric filler off? stez
  14. gweimer1

    Parker Duofold Nib Question

    I have a Parker Duofold pen that I've just gotten back together. I notice that the nib has a "P" stamped in it. What does this signify? Posting nib? The nib has "Parker Duofold Pen P"
  15. gweimer1

    Pleasant Surprise In My Parts Box

    I was going through all my stuff today, and trying to organize some loose ends. I picked up one of the pens I'd gotten in a lot a while back. I hadn't really looked at it before. The barrel and cap are decent, but the guts are shot and the button filler is missing. I pulled the nib and saw "Parker" on it. Furthermore, it said Duofold, and barely visible on the barrel was the Parker imprint. I have an old baby Duofold with the three ring cap in my parts box! Now comes the task of finding the parts I need to restore this - clip, end cap, filler button, feed and probably the pressure bar.
  16. ECline

    Howdy From Texas!

    I am looking to put up for sale a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique Pen and Pencil set. They are brand new and logo-engraved (and gold inlaid), and I would like them to go to someone who would appreciate them. How would I go about posting an ad in the Classified section? Many thanks, Ed
  17. Something fun happened to me today... I was at a conference in Manchester on the state of the housing sector in the region. I was there providing live tweeting, to keep the conversation for posterity. I had with me a Leuchturm jotbook, an Onoto Magna Classic and my iPhone. At the end of the session, the gentleman behind me said "Snap!" and showed me his pen. It was very similar to mine, but the logo on the cap was different. I asked him what his pen was and he told me it was a Parker Duofold. It was a beautiful pen and very similar in size and shape to my Onoto. It even had the chasing on th
  18. I recently got this parker Duofold from my grandpa. I have been doing a lot of research and I haven't really come up with anything. I know it is a Duofold, and I think it is probably streamline, but I couldn't find anything about the original box that it is in, and the date it was all made, and the pen and pencil set together. I don't even know if the directions are commonly found with Duofolds from this era. Anyways, if you have ANY information about this awesome pen I would love to hear about it. Thanks!
  19. Hello, I've just returned from an early morning antique store run, and I bought some pens. There was a case of miscellaneous stuff in a corner, and I among the riff raff I found a nice little Waterman 52V and a slightly discolored but oh so smooth Parker ladies Duofold in green. I have some questions: What size sac would I use for these pens (necked or straight)? Should I get these restored by a professional or is this something I can do myself? I've resacced an Esterbrook and a couple of third tier pens before these. Sorry if this is in the wrong subforum, feel free to move it i
  20. cwhite5

    Dry Ink For Parker Duofold

    Hi, I've recently received a Parker Duofold International citrine with a fine nib. I've used Rohrher and Klingner Salix and Parker Black in it so far, and both seem to flow very heavily in the pen. With both these inks, the pen puts down a thicker and much wetter line than my fine nibbed Sonnet. What inks would you recommend for a wet Duofold? Does anyone else with these pens have a recommendation? **Edit: Would it be wise to try having the nib ground smaller? I might be able to go to the upcoming Raleigh pen show-but I wouldn't want to lose the smoothness...
  21. In the last years I have written some reviews about four remarkable fountain pens. All reviews were written little after having acquired the FP. This reviews are about these FP: Parker Duofold Black Mosaic Graf von Faver Castell Classic Sailor King of Pen Pelikan M1005 Silver & Black Now, some months or some years later, having been able to use all my FP in a wide way, my perception about these FP has changed notably. Aesthetically I like them all four. Perhaps de simplicity of de Sailor KOP lines is in my opinion unbeatable. I also like very much the touch of the hard rubber. But if
  22. Malice

    Two Down, Two To Go

    My new Duofold junior has arrived ! It needs some restoring but I'm looking really forward to that. Now I only need an orange one and a blue one to complete the collection, hehehe http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/dewitteuil456/Foto278_zps9e333856.jpg

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