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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I recently bought my very first and brand new, Platinum President in Ultra Extra fine. I have never had a platinum pen before. But I had looked into it several times and wanted one. When I realize that they were no longer producing Presidents, I had to do something about it and move quick. So I found one for a very good price and bought it. When I received it, I opened it up, cleaned it, inked it, I started writing with it. I have never experienced anything like this before. The nib was very smooth yet had wonderful feedback. I couldn’t get over this. I was very happy to say the least. I instantly wanted to share this with friends online and on social media. I grabbed my pen, my phone, and my rig to go outside and take some photos of my great new pen and here’s where the trouble started. as I was setting up my rig, distance, lighting, etc., The pen rolled off the long seat or bench, that I have of my mothers from years ago. It was the perfect juxtaposition against the very beautiful and new black pen against an old wooden bench that was painted over and over again showing several different paints chipped and showing through. It was a wonderful set up. It rolled off of the bench and onto the wooden slanted porch as I try to quickly move around my tripod, my legs tangled in the legs of the tripod, and I quickly grab my phone as to not slam it down and break that. By the time I corrected and hobbled towards the pen it somehow turned in its role and went right through the wooden slats of a two-story porch onto gravel and stone. My heart dropped. I went down to get it. I picked up my pen to inspect it when I saw how bad it was. The two tines not only lost its tipping, but lost part of each 18gold tine as well. I know a new, dropping a pen could and would damage a nib. Bending it out of shape. No problem I will find it in the Meister and get it repaired. But no. Two chunks or busted right off the gold tines. At an oblique angle. I searched for quite some time for those gold pieces. At one point I finally realize that they could’ve flung anywhere. The impact was so great to bust not just a tipping off of the nib, but the gold itself. 18 karat gold, which is pretty soft. I still can’t understand how this happened. I went back in the house, my mind racing. What can I do? All I could think of was to smooth off the broken sharp metal so I did. I then stopped and realized that this tip is just absolutely destroyed. so, after all that my question, is there anyway to fix this nib? Being that I am not a nib meister, I don’t know if anyone can add gold to a nib where it has been lost? At this point, can they even add a great amount of tipping, and do something, anything to get this nib working again? It makes me ill every time I think about it. Like right now. I will include some photos that I will take now. My second question is, if it cannot be fixed then, can it be replaced? And my question really is, what nib can I replace it with that will be up to the pilot Presidents equal or greater that they sell separately and I can buy? And where do I buy it from? Yes, I’m looking for a gold nib. as I was just taking photos of the nib, I really got a good look at the damage. I didn’t see all those scratches at the time on the front of the lab, and I didn’t realize how much of the feed actually got mangled either. My main concern was the cold need itself I guess. I am just still very young to fountain pen depths of knowledge, of where to go, who to talk to, etc. I do feel this nib is probably just junk at this point, but I just can’t swallow that jagged little pill yet. So I thought I’d reach out to you, reach out to the community, knowing that there is great knowledge here. I look forward to hearing from you all.
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  3. I absolutely love the medium nib on my Platinum President. It is my favourite nib (and feed), with pleasant feedback and excellent ink delivery. But I dislike the pen itself, plastic is cheap and the cap keeps cross threading. Does anyone know, is the nib friction fit? And could you recommend any other pen, that President nib and feed would fit in? I would try to take it out and put it in my Pilot Custom Heritage 912, but I am not sure if that nib is friction fit. I would try to figure it out myself, but I love this nib (and Pilot PO nib as well) and don't want to risk it. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Does anybody know what happened to the President line from Platinum? I've had extremely positive experiences with all the Platinum pens that I have had, especially their President. However, it appears that they've stopped manufacturing those pens for some time --- Engeika doesn't have them in stock, Rakuten hardly has anything relevant, very few of these pens show up on amazon.jp... Whatever is wrong?
  5. Hello FPN, I have several Japanese Fountain Pens including 2 Sailor Realos, Pilot Custom 74, etc. So I wanted to add a Platinum President since I'm a big fan of the Preppys. I got my pen today and cleaned it thoroughly since it was preowned. When I inked it up, it felt scratchy. I know Japanese pens provide some feedbacks but this was scratchy. Also, the fine was too fine even for a Japanese Medium. I did a bit of research online and found that Presidents have a heart shape breather hole. The pen I got has a round breather hole. Everything else looks fine. The pen has a good build quality that looks too real to be a fake. So I'm posting a few pictures here and hope someone can help me determine if it's authentic. If you need closeup, please let me know. I have some micro-mesh to smooth out the scratchiness if needed but I paid a good amount and hope I didn't get a good replica. Thanks for the help, Ken
  6. There have been many threads here listing the “flagship” pens of various well known brands (see this, this, and this). I’m posting this simply to organize the information a little bit more attractively. To be clear, I define “flagship” as follows: A “flagship” pen is a regular production model (i.e., not a limited or special edition), which is generally the largest, most expensive, and most visibly advertised item in a brand’s inventory. Where no single pen satisfies all the criteria, a judgment call may have to be made on what (if any) product is the “flagship” for a particular brand. Obviously, a brand calling one of its own products its “flagship” trumps other considerations. Any corrections, additions, or suggestions are appreciated. Brand Flagship Entry Level Other Notable Lines Country Aurora Aurora 88 Large Ipsilon De Luxe Talentum, Alpha, Optima Italy Caran D’Ache Léman Ecridor Varius, Madison Switzerland Conway Stewart Churchill None Winston, Wellington, Series 100, Marlborough United Kingdom Cross Townsend Classic Apogee, ATX, Botanica, Sauvage United States Delta Dolce Vita Oversize Unica Many Lines Italy Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Wood (seems to have displaced the Classic) Guilloche Classic, Pen of the Year Germany Franklin Christoph Model 19 “1901” Model 27 “Collegia” Many Individual Models United States Lamy Lamy 2000 Safari Studio, Dialog Germany Montblanc Meisterstück 149 “Diplomat” None Writers Edition, Great Characters Edition, Starwalker, Boheme Germany Omas Paragon None Milord, Bologna, 360, Ogiva Italy Parker Duofold (Centennial) Vector Sonnet, Premier, Ingenuity, Parker 51 (discontinued), P25 (discontinued) United States Pelikan M1000 Souverän M100, M150, M200, M205, M215, M250 Classic Many Lines German Pilot Custom 845 (Some discussion on the point ) Metropolitan Falcon, Vanishing Point, Custom 823, Justus Japan Platinum President Preppy 3776 Series Japan Sailor King of Pen Many Models 1911 Series, Professional Gear Japan Sheaffer Legacy Heritage VFM Taranis, Prelude, Sagaris, 300, 100, Intensity, Ferrari United States TWSBI Diamond Eco Classic, Vac 700, Mini, 580AL Taiwan Visconti None (Possibly the Divina. See this and this) Classic Homo Sapiens, Opera, Van Gogh, Michelangelo Italy Waterman Edson Charleston Carène, Exception France

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