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Found 14 results

  1. RayCornett

    Serial Number Engraving And Font

    I am used to seeing a more digital looking fond with serifs and more angular font. Is this good? EDIT- I forgot to mention previously that the owner did have this 149 serviced by Montblanc and has that paperwork.
  2. Hello everyone: Im a fountain pen newbie who arrived late to the Lamy Safari party; I only discovered them a couple of years ago. Ive really been lusting after the beautiful aquamarine 2011 special edition which sold out way before I had even heard of Lamy. I have seen a few of the aquamarine Safaris advertised on eBay, but Ive also been reading about all the fakes that are on the market. As a brand new buyer of Safaris, I dont want to get duped right out of the gate. Ive watched videos on how to spot a fake, but I dont know any way Id be able to spot fakes on an online auction site since the seller could obviously find and post pics of authentic pens, even if he/she only had counterfeits in their possession. And Ive heard that positive reviews can be faked as well. So do any of you experienced members have any advice to help me find one of those authentic hot, hot aquamarine Safari fountain pens? Here is an example of what Ive seen advertised on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/p/Lamy-Safari-Fountain-Pen-2011-Edition-Aquamarine-Genuine/592486844 Thanks! PS - Apologies if there is already a thread on here about avoiding counterfeit pens. This is my first post on the network and I did search for an existing thread first, but didnt see one.
  3. How confident can you be that the Montblanc's sold on Amazon are "real"? The prices from Amazon sellers are generally less than the same product available from Montblanc boutiques.Why? How?
  4. Scubadiva

    Intro And Fendess

    Hi, I'm a new member, but I've been reading your posts for a couple of years; - great source of knowledge and inspiration. Thanks everyone. My first question to the forum is to ask about a supplier - Fendess. I saw from old posts that this used to be italgadgets? I'm looking for a particular writing instrument, very hard to find. Fendess have it on their site. What makes me ask this question is that they have its companions, and it's possible to order more than 1. I thought that was pretty unusual considering its rarity. So before buying I would welcome any opinions or experience please. Thanks.
  5. Hello FPN, I have several Japanese Fountain Pens including 2 Sailor Realos, Pilot Custom 74, etc. So I wanted to add a Platinum President since I'm a big fan of the Preppys. I got my pen today and cleaned it thoroughly since it was preowned. When I inked it up, it felt scratchy. I know Japanese pens provide some feedbacks but this was scratchy. Also, the fine was too fine even for a Japanese Medium. I did a bit of research online and found that Presidents have a heart shape breather hole. The pen I got has a round breather hole. Everything else looks fine. The pen has a good build quality that looks too real to be a fake. So I'm posting a few pictures here and hope someone can help me determine if it's authentic. If you need closeup, please let me know. I have some micro-mesh to smooth out the scratchiness if needed but I paid a good amount and hope I didn't get a good replica. Thanks for the help, Ken
  6. bookbinder3

    Is This A Genuine 146?

    Hi there, I have two other Montblanc pens. A 149 I bought from the local Montblanc counter, and a 146 I previously bought online. I was able to use the information here to satisfy myself that it was genuine (it's a W Germany monotone nib) and the man at the Montblanc counter agreed with no hesitation. I received a second 146 yesterday that both he and I are a little less sure of. It's to be a present for a friend and I wouldn't like to be gifting a copy, so I would really appreciate some help. The man at the Montblanc counter originally said he thought it wasn't genuine, but was only basing this on it saying "Germany" on the clip ring and having no serial number or anything written under the clip. Then I mentioned that I had seen (on this forum) that vintage Montblanc pens have many combinations of all/some/none of these features and he then said that it probably was real, but the forum could probably tell me better than he could, so here I am. The eBay listing said it was from the 90's, and it came in a hard black plastic box (it says "gift box made in holland" on the underside. From looking on the forums here I wonder if it may actually be from the 70's ( or again, quite possibly, just not real). It is a hair shorter than my other 146 (which, like I say, is 80's-early 90's, pre serial numbers). My main concern is the engraving around the cap band, which is sharp, but quite a bit smaller (in the band) than my more modern pens. I see this is something more common in the older pens though. I'll attach some pictures, sorry about their poor quality, doing my best with the iPad. It has a decidedly blue (no bars) ink window, but there is definitely some dried ink in there. Thanks all. Robert
  7. Hi all, I am a lover of writing instruments and new to luxury brands. My earlier years have been spent on shoes and bags! Last night I was at an auction and bought the following Mont Blanc. I'm having a hard time researching it online and am starting to believe it may be a fake. Can anyone help me confirm? I'm visiting my parents and when I return home next week plan to visit my local shop but won't embarrass myself if this is clearly fake. I will spend some time going through old forums over the next few months to learn a few things as well. I'm very excited about learning more and buying! Pictures are attached but details are as follows: Serial on the side of clip are MDL33964L Around the clip are three vertical lines followed by Mont Blanc and three more vertical lines The refills says Documents Fix Germany and another code. Six rounded points on the floating star The included book reads Mont Blanc The art of writing. (All caps) Garantie Guarantee then Chinese writing. Thank you all for your help. I will learn more and avoid these silly posts in the future.
  8. jhinkens

    Is My Mb Meisterstuck Authentic?

    I purchased this Montblanc fountain pen new, many years ago. So long ago I can't remember when, but I'm guessing early 90's. I don't have any of the original paperwork or sales receipt, but I do have the case I received with it. It has the MB logo on the top cover and cast into the lower half of the case is 'Gift Box Made in Holland'. I've decided to sell it along with a bunch of other stuff I no longer want or need. When I began to post a listing on Ebay, I was shocked to see all the talk about counterfeit Montblanc products. So I decided I better get some advice on whether my pen is the real deal. The serial number on the top ring shows: 'BB138538' The other side of the top ring shows: 'W.-GERMANY' The middle ring reads: 'MEISTERSTUCK-GERMANY' The Nib from the top shows '4810', then the MB logo, then 18K, then Montblanc, then 750. There is no 'PIX' text under the clip. It's all blank, but it does look hefty, not stamped from a thin piece of metal. The cap does not thread on, it snaps on and feels very smooth and the 'click' is soft but secure. The case is made of black resin/plastic and reads Gift Box Made in Holland' on the bottom. Here are some pics to show what I've got. If anyone can help me determine if it's authentic, and if so, what it might be worth, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Joe
  9. Finally found a 149 with BBB nib to complete the regular 149 nibsizes. Unfortunately the tip best time is over, compared to a OBB and a OBBB it is more like a dry B. Because it will only be occasionally used , here's the dilemma. Should I keep the nib authentic and keep it out of rotation or should I send it to a nibmeister to retip and loose a part of the authenticity? A writing sample compared to OBB and OBBB ( sorry for the bad handwriting ) and some pictures of the nib.
  10. Hello everyone, I am brand new to FPN so please bear with me. I recently received a Meisterstuck Classique ballpoint pen on eBay, but I am already questioning its authenticity. I apologize for not having pictures, as I am currently unable to upload from my phone. I will do my best to bring this pen into a boutique for verification. In the meantime, I really need some help to identify a counterfeit. Below are the results of my inspection so far: -There is no serial number on the top of the clip. I am aware that older models do not have this. However, my pen only has GERMANY inscribed and centered. -The white star logo is clean and centered. -Pix is not inscribed on the underside of the clip. -The clip does not appear to be folded at the sides, which is a good sign. -What made me particularly skeptical was the center band. Inscribed is the following: MONTBLANC - MEISTERSTUCK - Pix. I have seen fountain pens that have this along with the model number, but I have never seen such a design on a ballpoint. -I shone a light through the bottom barrel and it produced a deep red, which seems to be a good sign. -On the other hand, shining a light through the top barrel revealed nothing. Additionally, there is a sort of yellow, rubber material in the top barrel, which may be obstructing the light. -The pen came with a Fisher Pressurized Pen refill, and upon replacing that with a real Montblanc ballpoint refill, I find that it protrudes only partially from the tip. I truly hope that a return will not be necessary, so please offer your input on the legitimacy of this pen. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.
  11. I occasionally come across pictures of a Solitaire that has this pattern. I always thought it was only available in a 'pure silver' 146 FP. So is the 144 version in this pattern ever an authentic pen?
  12. Hello, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if someone could help me verify if my montblanc pen is real. The plastic glows red under light. It has a pin on the cap "GV1084802" has GERMANY on cap, under the clip it says PIX. Their was a rubber seal on the cap(rollerball pen) what concerns me is the box, the pen I bought was a rollerball 75th anniversary, used. The guy I bought it from got it from a pawn shop(he owns it) the box had a black stretchy strip to keep the pen in the case without moving. It came with a montblanc gaurentee, but it wasn't stamped, as well as the warrantee wasn't stamped. Are their any indicators that I received a fake. Thank you so much, in advance.
  13. Hi everybody ! I recently bought a montblanc 144 on ebay and I wanted to be sure It is a real one. The seller have a few positive reviews but not for selling pens. I paid 120 $ for it. I think it is genuine but I would like the confirmstion of you community experts ! -The nib passes the magnet test ( so it is likely solid gold but not 100% sure ) - THERE IS NO PIX ENGRAVEMENTS. -There is a serial number - it writes OK. - Came with a threaded converter - BROAD nib ( supposed to be ) - Two tone nib Here are the pictures :
  14. Hi there! First post! So apologies if it's in the wrong section. Gotta say, love the site and everyone seems really friendly, which is always good. Anyway, about my post, I'm looking at the following Montblanc Noblesse, but am unsure as to wether the pen is genuine or not, and how much is a reasonable price to pay for one of these, as I'm relatively new to all this. The link has a good few pictures from all different angles. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171257114157?ssPageName=STRK:MEBOFFX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1432.l2649 If you could let me know, as it's something I'd be looking to purchase should everything be well and good. If not, could anyone recommend a place to look for one? Many thanks, Tom

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