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Found 10 results

  1. It's time for another Ink Giveaway PIF! I am giving away a nearly full bottle of J. Herbin Orange Indien ink. This ink is similar to the OMAS Orange I gave away in an earlier PIF, but is a little less saturated. Here are the rules: 1) United States only. 2) Winners of my previous PIFs (Levenger and OMAS inks) are not eligible for this PIF. 3) Everyone who posts on this thread saying they want the ink through Tuesday, January 3, 2017 is eligible. 4) On January 4, 2017 I'll post here to close the PIF and everyone ahead of me in the thread will be entered. I'll select a winner using the random number generator at random.org. I'll list the winner here, and contact them via PM to set up shipment. 5) You can enter as many of my PIFs as you want, but you can win only one. In the event the same FPN member wins two PIFs, I'll ask you to choose which you want. I'll draw another name to win the other prize. 6) I will ship to the winner for free, in exchange for a letter or postcard from you containing handwritten samples of your five favorite ink colors. Or, you can pay for shipping, whichever you prefer. (I will ship via USPS). 7) Winners who don't respond to my PM within three days after close of the PIF will forfeit their winning. I'll draw again to find another winner. Here is a writing sample of the ink.
  2. Inferno2Inferno

    J. Herbin Black Question

    So one of my favorite fountain pen inks out there as far as black is concerned is J.Herbin Perle Noire. IMO it writes like silk no matter which pen I put it in. Just one question: does anybody else find that this particular ink tends to leak in the cap more often than others? Do you find your nib to be exceptionally wet with this particular black? Any insights would be great!
  3. If anyone else is interested, I'm trying to unlock the massdrop for Jherbin rollerball set. it includes some jherbin ink cartridges and three refillable rollerballs. Please, if at all interested, request the drop so we can have another chance at it. the set also has a option for more cartridges or a monteverde mini converter. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/j-herbin-refillable-rollerball-bundle
  4. AgentVenom

    J. Herbin - Stormy Grey

    Ink Review: J. Herbin - Stormy Grey Grade: 68.75% Paper Tested On: Norcom Composition, Staples 20lb, 85g Clairefontaine, 90g Rhodia, Post-it Note. Disclaimer: I do not have a bottle of this ink. I've only used samples. J. Herbin Stromy Grey (JSG) is the first and only ink that I have ever used that has an added component. I wasn't afraid of cleaning any of my pens out, but I was very curious as to how well JSG would write. I wondered if JSG would flow well or be dry or feel gritty. I do think that there does seem to be some added feedback while using this ink, but I don't find it unpleasant. It actually reminded me a lot of using a No. 2 pencil. I know a lot of people won't like that, but I found it enjoyable since I find that it makes me feel like I have more control over what I'm writing. I also found it fitting since the color of this ink reminds me of graphite lead. I think it's also important to note that the color of my sample looks very different to images that I've seen online. Granted I may not be using as dense a paper as the retailers do for their color swatches, but I feel like the JSG sample I have has a warmer tone to it. As you can see in the chromatography test I did, my JSG sample leans more towards a purple or lilac hue when it separates. I enjoyed the color, but I think you should be aware there may be some differences in what you actually get. It could be anything from environmental factors (i.e. exposure to air) or even how well the bottle was shaken before the sample was drawn. JSG seems to be a nice ink that has staying power. It's not listed as being a permanent ink, but I'd say it's pretty bulletproof. The same cannot be said for the glitter that is in the ink. The gold came off easily even with just a normal pencil eraser. Which, frankly is to be expected. The dry times are good on more absorbent paper, but can start to creep closer to the 20 second mark on good paper like Rhodia's 90g web notebook. JSG's color is easily cleaned, but be prepared to see some left over glitter in the next ink that you put in your pen. I didn't leave JSG in my pens for very long, so I can't comment on how hard it is to clean after it's sat for an extended amount of time, but I think if you use common sense you shouldn't have too much trouble cleaning out this ink. At the end of the day, no one knows your pens better than you do. Don't expect a lot of shading from this ink. JSG is all about the glitter and glam. I can't say that JSG has a lot of uses other than just for the joy of writing. The glitter doesn't really scream "work friendly". I see this more as an ink that you will enjoy personally, or others will enjoy if you write them a letter using JSG. Overall, JSG is a nice ink. It's a good gray color that I was surprised I like all on it's own. With the added glitter, it becomes truly unique.
  5. emstardeluxe

    Samples Or Full Bottles?

    A few points first: I'm one of those neurotic types that fills online shopping carts only to obsess and agonize about it for days before finally pulling the trigger. Or deleting the whole order, lol. Also, I tend to read a ton of reviews. Finally, I appreciate asking any questions of this nature will elicit a wide range of responses and YMMV type warnings. But not asking is just no fun at all So, I have a bunch of inks I've been stalking online and trying to decide which to prudently order as samples and which to just go whole hog and get the bottle. I've not tried any of these yet. Which would you get as full bottles and which as samples? Rohrer & Klingner Alt Gold-grunRohrer & Klingner Leipziger SchwartzRohrer & Klingner VerdigrisJ Herbin - Perle NoireJ Herbin - Poussiere de LuneNoodler's - Zhivago
  6. A beautiful vibrant blue, glazing and intense, with a hint of violate. Love it.
  7. Waldiland

    Greetings From Germany

    Hi Folks, I'm pleased to be joining this forum, having spent some time reading posts and learning about pens I have then gone onto purchase. I'm not new to fountain pens, having used them since I was a child. I only started acquiring more pens earlier this year when I realised that Caran d'Ache had discontinued their Caribbean Sea ink. *shakes fist* I'll admit, I panicked and seriously considered dropping over 200€ on the last six bottles I could find online. Then I took a moment and thought about what else I could do with that money... Highlights of my collection are Pelikan M200, M400; Edison Pearlette; Franklin-Christoph P66 'Coke Bottle Pen'; Visconti Salvadore Dali, a couple of Conway Stewart from 1950's; Parker 51; TWSBI 580AL (no cracking yet). Suffice it to say, I'm enjoying myself. I'm also enjoying different inks and thanks to Diamine, I have not only found a reasonable replacement for Caribbean Sea, but broken my addiction to turqoise inks. I also like some of the Pelikan Edelstein inks, Noodler's, J Herbin, Graf von Faber-Castell... I have reached the point, however, that my friends are beginning ask questions: "You paid how much for a pen?" and "How many pens do you own? Seriously?" So I decided it was time to join up and talk to some people who understand. I'm pleased to meet you all.
  8. Dear Fellow Indian Members How many of you would be interested in group buy for inks?
  9. Hey guys! I'm not sure whether anyone has ever brought this topic up before (if so, I'm sorry). I ordered J. Herbin inks in two batches, both from different retailers, and my local retailer sent me bottles with plastic caps on them whereas the one in the Netherlands sent ones with metal caps (and they had stickers on the back with serial numbers, the ones from my local retailer didn't). So I was wondering whether J. Herbin made this change (a few years back maybe? because I suspect the ones I got locally are old stock). Thank you in advance
  10. I got my hands on a bottle of a new J.Herbin anniversary ink - J.Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey - during my last trip to Paris. Here are some photos of the writing (with my Lamy 2000 EF nib), of an ink syringe splash test and of the packaging. The paper used is Rhodia dot pad and Midori lightweight paper. The bottle has a dark grey seal and a dark grey cap with a silver rope. The box has a little silver ship on the top (Rouge Hematite has a star and Bleu Ocean has a seashell). All the gold particles sit on the bottom, so the bottle needs to be shaken quite well before using the ink. The amount of gold is not as heavy as in Rouge Hematite, so the ink has a very nice gold sheen to it. The last two photos are from my Instagram (@elltbr). Hope you enjoy my little demo of this fabulous ink!

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