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  1. Fritz Schimpf by Scribo Limited Edition Piuma Passione cartridge/converter fountain pens exemplify the Italian word for passion. This passion for the designs, colours and nibs of the highest quality writing instruments, is shared by Scribo and Fritz Schimpf, resulting in the Piuma Passione. The elegance of form is reinforced by the gracefully shaped, silver-coloured clip and the subtle Scribo logo on the cap. Crafted using a refined acrylic resin, the contours of the Piuma Passione provide a fascinating depth effect with harmoniously warm reddish tones. The flexible nib is fully rhodium-plated, crafted from 14-K gold in nib size "F" (fine), which has received the widely respected Fritz Schimpf Italic grind. The combination of nib flexibility with our Italic grind results in exceptional writing characteristics. Due to the exquisite rounding of the writing edge and the lateral corners, the pen’s comfort zone is wide, therefore rapid writing is accomplished with ease. When written without pressure, the nib offers a vertical stroke width of approx. 0.60 mm and a horizontal stroke width of approx. 0.20 mm. With pressure, the vertical stroke width may be increased to a stroke width of approx. 1.20 mm. Flexible italic nibs are ideal due to their ability to make emotions visible, expanding handwriting, conveying a writer’s passion with visual flair. Engraved on the nib’s upper surface is our historic Fritz Schimpf Tübingen (FST) seal logo. This seal was used daily in our shop from the early 1950s until 2010 to officially seal insured letters, parcels and love letters, before they were delivered to the local post office to begin their journeys to those in all corners of the world. We are deeply grateful to Scribo for their magnificent cooperation and shared dedication to the highest quality. The Fritz Schimpf by Scribo Limited Edition Piuma Passione fountain pens are limited to 50 pieces worldwide, which are exclusively available from us, Fritz Schimpf in Tübingen. https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Fritz-Schimpf-by-SCRIBO-Limited-Edition-Piuma-Passione-Patronenfuellhalter.html
  2. yazeh

    Fritz Schimpf Sundowner

    This ink was part of blind ink testing on another pen site. It was a revelation and if I were not so much fixated on waterproof inks, this would be my go-to reddish orange ink. The ink has a softness to it, and every time I use it, it fills me with joy. However, as there’s no such thing as a perfect ink, this ink has one major drawback. The cleaning is a pain. It took me two days, three helping of pen solution to remove the red dye. So be forewarned, if you’re ink hopper. Chroma: Watertest: Dry time (Rhodia) Comparaison: (Note: mystery 46 is our ink) Writing samples: Mnemosyne. Rhodia Midori Tomoe River 68gr Just to show how this ink is difficult to clean: 2nd day after letting soak over night in pen solution · Pens used: Jinhao 450 (medium/ fude) /Safari - Broad... · Shading: Lovely · Ghosting: On cheap paper yes. · Bleed through: On cheap paper yes. · Flow Rate: Good · Lubrication: Good · Nib Dry-out: Not noticed · Start-up: Not noticed · Saturation: Soft · Shading Potential: Good · Sheen: None · Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not noticed · Nib Creep / “Crud”: No · Staining (pen): I doubt it. · Clogging: Nope. · Water resistance: Meh! · Availability:30 ml bottles
  3. ※※ The Expressive ※※ Special Edition Collaboration 149 by Montblanc and Fritz Schimpf ~ Ordered in November, 2019 and Delivered in September, 2020, The Expressive is my fountain pen highlight of 2020. Writing with The Expressive during the past two weeks has been exhilarating, due to the extraordinary fluency possible with the nib. After comments about my sketching and writing experience with The Expressive, a series of images is provided to introduce it to anyone interested. Montblanc in Hamburg, Germany and Fritz Schimpf in Tübingen agreed to develop a special pen to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Fritz Schimpf in 2020. They selected the Montblanc 149 with the nib design used for the 2019 Calligraphy Flex nib, but proceeded to design a unique nib for those who love sketching and writing. Herr Wolfgang Krohn of Montblanc Nib Design, Mr, Axel Nier of Montblanc Nib Production and Herr Sebastian Stolz, Director of Fritz Schimpf, worked together to achieve an ideal design. Although I was aware of the process, I pledged to make no public or private comment about the project, which only ends today with the official introduction of The Expressive. At the close of November of 2019 the pen was ordered with every expectation that it would be on my writing desk in time for the 2020 Lunar New Year. Montblanc did produce the pen and Fritz Schimpf did ship it to my Hong Kong shipping address. Events were such that it was unable to cross the border from Hong Kong into Shenzhen. For well over half a year The Expressive was safely stored in the apartment of my highly reliable and trusted former Peking University medical student, now residing in Hong Kong. Thanks to the good offices of one of my current private students, who operates a major import-export firm, it was brought to me two weeks ago. For two weeks I’ve daily sketched and written with The Expressive, inked with Fritz Schimpf’s outstanding Fritzrot ink. Not only has the experience been entirely trouble-free, it’s been a delight, as the The Expressive’s nib is extraordinarily responsive to the slightest shift in finger pressure. The primary impression I’ve had has been that of incomparable fluency. The ink flow, nib tine flexibility, and the mass of the pen are such that rapid writing or sketching seems effortless. There’s been no skipping, no railroading, no hard starts. Rather, The Expressive has charmed me with its steady performance and elegant style. While the nib has unmistakable flex qualities, it’s more of an all-around easy writing pen, especially suited for those prone to rapid field sketching or jotting quick notes. The only pens on my writing desk which share several of The Expressive’s desirable qualities are a Bespoke 149 Small Signature and a Bespoke Schiller Sketch Nib. The Expressive incorporates all of the qualities one might desire for a pen which is a great writer out of the box, highly responsive to the writing idiosyncrasies of each user. Today The Expressive was inked in Montblanc Royal Blue. The ink shades with striking effect, laying down crisp strokes of varying width achieving a pleasing overall result. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend The Expressive. Montblanc and Fritz Schimpf have utilized their substantial experience to create a lovely writing tool. Technical questions are best addressed to the Fritz Schimpf Web site. What I might offer are the following images, including both sketching and handwriting samples. For those who regularly write East Asian characters, The Expressive is particularly well-suited for producing swift strokes. It’s a joy to use when writing characters. In presenting this information and the images, I’d like to express my gratitude for those whose care and attention to detail made possible The Expressive. Tom Kellie Carefully Packed Initial Unpacking The Expressive Arrives Holding The Expressive Collaboration Pen The Expressive Revealed The Expressive The Expressive Nib Inked in Fritzrot The Expressive Nib Detail Engraved Nib Nib Feed The Expressive At Work Character Pen On Green Glass Writer's Refreshment Inked in Royal Blue Powerful Name for a Splendid Nib Fritz Schimpf
  4. We, Fritz Schimpf, have shared our passion for the art of writing since 1880. One of our main distinctive points is that we are always trying to offer our clients the best fitting writing instrument for their type of handwriting and hand size. Especially fountain pens and their ability to have a positive influence on the handwriting as well as the writing comfort they offer are our favorite writing instruments. While the existing variety of different forms and sizes of pens nearly always makes it possible to find a fitting pen for each client, the variety in nibs has decreased over the last years. Due to our experience with clients we have wanted to bring back part of the variety in nibs thus enabling us to offer the perfect nib for every client. Thanks to the cooperation with Montblanc we have managed to widen the offer with an exclusive collaboration. The Montblanc x Fritz Schimpf Sonderedition Italic 100 is based on the Montblanc Meisterstück LeGrand Platinum Line fountain pen (146P). The nib, the heart of the fountain pen, is a 14-K gold nib with a special cut we defined together with the excellent nib masters at Montblanc. This special cut enables the nib to offer different stroke widths. Nibs like that are called Italic nibs. Over 50 years have passed since the last time Montblanc had an Italic nib in its assortment. Due to the different widths, Italic nibs enhance the individual characteristics of each handwriting and create a unique and distinctive typeface. Thanks to the chosen width, the vertical stroke is around 0,7 mm, the horizontal stroke is around 0,3 mm the Montblanc x Fritz Schimpf Sonderedition Italic 100 fountain pens are ideal for small and medium handwriting. In order to get the maximum stroke difference effect it might be necessary to adapt the way one holds the fountain pen. Please have a look at the different writing samples which have been written with Fritzrot (our special ink) on our DIN A5 correspondence paper. The Montblanc x Fritz Schimpf Sonderedition Italic 100 fountain pen is recognizable by the engravings on both sides of the nib (Italic 100 and Fritz Schimpf). Once one gets accustomed to the nib the writing properties are fascinating. The Italic 100 fountain pen seduces the writer to playfully form letters, perceive their form, change it and rediscover the own handwriting anew. We are expecting the arrival of the Montblanc x Fritz Schimpf Sonderedition Italic 100 fountain pens by mid October 2017. They will be available exclusively at our shop and are limited to 100 pieces. Should you wish any further information or to pre-order please send us an email to service@fritz-schimpf.de.
  5. Two Pelikan Fritz Schimpf Italic Grind Nibs & Seven Inks In the first days of June, 2019 I finalized a third order of paper, inks and fountain pens from Fritz Schimpf in Tübingen, Germany. The first two shipments were of such outstanding quality that it seemed best to brighten my writing desk with more high quality goods. The order consisted of two pads of the superlative Fritz Schimpf A5 writing paper, as it’s become my paper of choice for most writing. Seven more L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio inks were ordered, including one “Mystery” ink, as I requested Fritz Schimpf to surprise me with an ink of their choice in addition to half a dozen others which I’d specified. The smaller M205 sized Pelikan fountain pens are ideal for my sketching, note-taking and writing needs, despite my 191 cm height and fairly large hands with long fingers. There are large fountain pens aplenty on my writing desk, therefore smaller models are both needed and welcome. Decades of using diminutive research tools have adapted my hands to using smaller precision instruments. Accordingly, the Pelikan Classic M215 Rings model appealed to me as I liked the blue ink window, the small size and the understated design. After learning that a BB nib was available, it was an easy decision to place the order. As with prior orders I requested a Fritz Schimpf Italic Grind, as that custom refinement results in a stellar writing tool. There were no smaller models available with a Pelikan IB nib, although several larger Pelikans offered that size. I’ve consciously avoided larger Pelikans, as my writing desk is amply supplied with large fountain pens. Hence the M800 and M1000 models had no special appeal for me. However, before concluding the order, it became clear that an IB nib was available for the Pelikan Souverän M800 Special Edition Stone Garden fountain pen. Several months before, Fritz Schimpf had supplied me with a Pelikan Souverän M400 Special Edition Tortoiseshell Brown IB with a Fritz Schimpf Italic Grind. It was such an outstanding writer that I was eager to add another such customized Pelikan IB nib to my writing desk. Despite considerable hesitation about the pen size, the Pelikan Souverän M800 Special Edition Stone Garden with an IB Italic Grind Nib was added to the order. I have utmost confidence in Fritz Schimpf’s service, integrity and discretion. There have been a number of factors complicating shipments to me, all of which were handled with patience and grace. Their sensitivity to my local situation, as well as the attention given to my writing interests, has intensified my confidence in their service and product lines. A number of awkward realities delayed the arrival of the shipment, none of which had any connection to Fritz Schimpf. After more than four months, when the package reached my hands, I felt a mixture of relief and joy. Everything arrived as specified, in perfect condition, thanks to the careful wrapping. A personal note was included which was particularly meaningful. The inks and paper are exactly what I’d hoped for, with a quality which brings considerable pleasure in sketching or writing. The M800 Stone Garden pen was larger than anticipated, but fully comfortable in my hands. The IB nib with the Fritz Schimpf Italic Grind is a dazzling writer which exceeds my expectations. The M215 Rings BB nib Italic Grind included a wonderful surprise. The left side of the nib is engraved with “FS Italic”, which adds to its value to me. I’m stunned at how crisply the BB nib writes — lovely! Following are images of the shipment, the goods, and handwriting samples from both Pelikan fountain pens. There are also images and a handwriting sample from the L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio ink listed as “Mystery” on the invoice. Fritz Schimpf’s choice was Heure dorée. It writes very well for me from a B nib with an Italic Grind. I love the color which is wholly unlike my other inks. As I often photograph landscapes in the “golden hour” before sunset, the name Heure dorée is especially meaningful. It’s hoped that these images may bring pleasure to anyone interested in these pens or inks. Tom K. Fritz Schimpf Shipment #3 Seven French Inks by L’Artisan Pastellier Ink Bottle Circle Stationery Smaller Outer Box Smaller Inner Box Tied With a Bow Pelikan Classic M215 Rings BB Black With Rings FS Italic BB FS Italic Pelikan M215 Rings BB Ink Window **************************** Larger Outer Box Larger Inner Box Tied With a Seal Well-Protected Pelikan Souverän M800 Special Edition Stone Garden IB Stone Garden IB IB Nib Italic Grind ****************************** Fritz Schimpf's Selection Heure dorée Two Fritz Schimpf Italic Grind Pelikan Nibs
  6. Tom Kellie

    Two Pelikan Pens In Two Shipments

    ※ Two Pelikan Pens In Two Shipments From Fritz Schimpf ※ ~ In the closing months of 2019, there were productive discussions with Fritz Schimpf stationers, in Tübingen, Germany, about possible future acquisitions. Fritz Schimpf is celebrating their 140th anniversary in 2020. It’s located in a historic university town in Baden-Württemberg, which is in the Swabian heartland of southwestern Germany. Throughout 2019 my writing desk was enriched by Pelikan fountains, inks from both Fritz Schimpf itself and L’Artisan Pastellier, as well as the superb Fritz Schimpf Feinpost writing paper. Accordingly, in late November, 2019 an order was placed for a variety of writing tools. It was shipped to a trusted friend and former student, now working in neighboring Hong Kong. Events cascaded such that the shipment was delayed, for which Fritz Schimpf was not at all responsible. The border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen was effectively sealed, severely impacting trans-border shipments. Another, follow-up order was placed in early 2020, as a token of support for Fritz Schimpf and as an expression of hope that circumstances might become more favorable. As it turned out, both shipments were safely stored for well over half a year in the Hong Kong residence of my friend. Thanks to the good offices of one of my students, who owns and operates several large-scale import-export companies, the shipments were brought across the border in late August, 2020. After several weeks of protracted wrangling with the customs officials, they were released and delivered to me this past weekend. Everything was in excellent condition, despite the months of storage. After handling the contents, it was certain that the precious cargo was well worth the long wait. Profuse appreciation is due to Fritz Schimpf, to my patient friend in Hong Kong, and to my generous student. ********************************** There are several Montblanc inks, including a second bottle of Swan Illusion. I’d requested Modena Red, but as it was unavailable at the time of shipping, Fritz Schimpf thoughtfully added a bottle of Corn Poppy. Two inks released by Fritz Schimpf in 2020 to celebrate their 140th anniversary are welcome additions to my writing desk. Crafted by Didier of L’Artisan Pastellier, niebla [ misty violet ] and gelassenheit [ relaxed purple ] are both outstanding. Writing with niebla is a particularly satisfying experience as it’s an exquisite ink. Four more hues of L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio ink were added to the many bottles already on hand. I’m a regular user of the Callifolio line of inks. Finally there are one dozen bottle of Encre Parfumée, scented ink, also from L’Artisan Pastellier. The refined fragrance in each bottle is a welcome olfactory treat. *********************************** As ever the superlative Fritz Schimpf Feinpost paper is the bedrock of the shipments. For my sketching and writing, it’s the finest quality paper that I’ve had the pleasure to use. There were two Pelikan fountain pens, for both of which an EF nib was specified. At the time of ordering, it was clear that my work would require regular use of EF nibs. A Pelikan Classic M200 Black fountain pen with a gold-plated steel EF nib is a particularly engaging writer. The line it produces is close to that of an EEF nib. A Pelikan Classic Special Edition Pastel Green fountain pen with a bi-color gold EF nib is a smooth writer. The pen’s color is ideal for use outdoors for field notes or sketching. Following is an image series showing the arrival and unpacking of the two shipments, as well as writing samples from the two Pelikan pens, inked with the 2020 Fritz Schimpf inks. There is no urgency needed for attaining a high quality writing experience. These shipments arriving in mid-September bring immense pleasure in the waning weeks of Summer. I hope that these images may be of interest to others. Tom K. Delivery of Two Shipments Two Shipments, Two Boxes Carefully Packed Initial Unpacking Windfall Two Shipments On a Table Bringing Home Two Shipments Feinpost Writing Paper Wrapped Pelikan Pen Boxes Wrapped Montblanc Inks Bottled Inks Montblanc Ink Quartet 2020 Fritz Schimpf Inks Encre Parfumée L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Quartet Gift Box Nestling See-Through Pelikan Classic M200 Black EF Gold-plated Steel EF Nib Treasure Within Green! It Might As Well Be Spring For All To See Gleaming and Uninked Pelikan Classic M200 Special Edition Pastel Green EF Bi-color Gold EF Nib
  7. Montblanc Great Characters John F. Kennedy Special Edition Fountain Pen in Navy Blue: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” - John F. Kennedy I recently acquired this beautiful pen from the Fritz Schimpf online store. The pen arrived packaged extremely well. It took awhile to arrive likely due to delays caused by Covid-19. I have using this pen almost non-stop since it arrived a month ago. My review below, deviates somewhat from the standard review. I do give a final review at the end. The pen comes in a large, navy blue box, along with a very informative book about John F. Kennedy and the specific details of the pen which commemorate his life, with warranty certification on the back page. The pen comes in two color variations – Navy Blue and Burgundy precious resin. The Navy Blue was manufactured first and comes with platinum detailing which perfectly accent the deep blue. The pen is crowned with the Montblanc snowflake logo. As is typical, Montblanc recently announced they would no longer be making the Navy Blue color variation. John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was the youngest man elected to that office, at the age of 43. He came from a wealthy and powerful family, but forged his own way. He was not a great student, but graduated from Harvard University. The Burgundy color represents this achievement. After graduating, John entered the U.S. Navy, which the Navy Blue commemorates, and was stationed in the South Pacific during World War II. Although seriously injured, John survived the war but his older brother Joseph did not. The 3 rings on the cap of the pen commemorate the 3 brothers – John, Robert and Joseph. John’s initials are engraved in the clip. JFK’s dream was to put a man on the moon. The “moon lander” is engraved in the nib, which commemorates that final descent upon the surface of the moon. Summary: 1. Appearance & Design: 10 Strong, clear navy blue resin finished with brilliant platinum accents. Well-proportioned with attention to detail. 2. Construction & Quality: 10 Everything about this pen exudes a high quality of construction and beauty. 3. Weight and Dimensions: 10 This is a pen with some weight to it but is very nicely balanced. The cap, however, does not post. Weight: 56.81 g Length: 14.5 cm Length, uncapped: 12.5 cm 4. Nib and Performance: 10 The nib is a BB (double broad), and is exquisite! It is very smooth and is moderately wet. It wrote perfectly out of the box. I have not written through 3 fills of ink and it is performs flawlessly. 5. Filling System and Maintenance: 10 This is a piston filler and performs fantastic. As mentioned above I have filled this pen 3 times (with typical flushing in between): the first time with Waterman Serenity Blue (my standard for new pens), the second time with Montblanc JFK navy blue ink, and this third time with Sailor Manyo Sumire. The pen cleans nicely between fills and the piston works well. 6. Cost & Value: 10 The Navy Blue color is no longer shown on Montblanc’s website. The retail price of the burgundy color is $1,035.00. For the quality of this pen, I think this is a reasonable price. The attention to detail and overall balance exceed the other Montblancs that I have had. 7. Conclusion: 60 out of 60 = A perfect 10!* This pen has great meaning to me. It is a reminder of a very special time in the life of my family. As a result, I saved and purchased this pen for reasons that revolve around my father mainly. My father also served in the Navy in the South Pacific (as well as in Europe) during WWII. And he worked in the space program as a director throughout the 1960’s and early 1970’s, which included all the Apollo missions to the moon. My father-in-law worked as a director at NASA during this time. So this pen has special meaning to me, especially the blue color variation. I had heard that Montblanc has stopped making the navy blue color. So, when I approached Sebastian at Fritz Schimpf, I did not expect that he would be able to find one for me. But Montblanc has just a few left, and he was able to get one and have BB nib put on it directly from the factory. What was really great is that Fritz Schimpf sold it to me for a great price! They also included a bottle of Montblanc JFK ink as well as Fritz Schimpf Fritzrot – both are fantastic inks. The JFK is a bit dry but has is a great color with a reddish-coppery sheen. The Fritzrot is a luscious burgundy red - like a great pinot noir - and is moderately wet. On top of all of this, Sebastian monitored the entire shipping process from the store to my home. He would email me with updates each week, and when it appeared to be lost, he was able to track it down and move it on to me. But, he informed me that if the shipping company could not find, he would order a new one with a new nib and send it out overnight. What customer service! I can not say enough good things about Fritz Schimpf! In conclusion, this is an exquisite pen – truly a grail pen for me! Yes, it has special meaning, but the pen itself far exceeds my expectations and is superior to any other pen I own. IMHO, Montblanc has created a masterpiece here. *For those that know me, I am a bit of a perfectionist and rarely give high marks. So, for me to rate a pen this high is very unusual. While I wish that the cap would post, I knew that it did not when I purchased the pen – the website was very clear about this. So I could not take a point off for that. Disclaimers: I am not affiliated with Fritz Schimpf. I purchased the pen from them, but all opinions are my own. While I love this pen, any opinion I may hold of John F. Kennedy as a politician or any decision he made, is not given, included nor intended in this review.
  8. Tom Kellie

    Pelikan Trio

    Pelikan Trio ~ In December, 2018 a two-part plan for ordering paper, inks, etuis, and Pelikan fountain pens gradually came together. The underlying idea was to place a smaller test order with Fritz Schimpf stationery in Tübingen, Germany, before following up with a larger order. Circumstances are such that such “foreign” goods as fountain pens receive less-than-friendly treatment when arriving in the area where I work and live. Mindful of the potential delays and obstruction, Fritz Schimpf very graciously worked with me to prepare a shipment with minimal potential issues. Nevertheless, that shipment, including a Pelikan Classic M120 Iconic Blue B with a Fritz Schimpf Italic Broad Grind, was help up for a time due to administrative interference. After the first shipment arrived, I was so delighted with the goods received that the second follow-up order was placed with several extra items added beyond what I'd originally anticipated. The Fritz Schimpf Feinpost writing paper is sufficiently fountain pen friendly that more was ordered to ensure an adequate supply. The four Fritz Schimpf inks are reliable for work purposes, therefore another set was ordered as back-up. A two-pen Pelikan black leather etui would facilitate bringing pens to classrooms, lecture halls or research laboratories. Three Pelikan pens were ordered with small size, specialized nibs, and comparatively understated overall appearance. • Pelikan Souverän M400 Special Edition Tortoiseshell Brown with an IB nib • Pelikan Special Edition Classic M200 Smoky Quartz with an EF nib • Pelikan Classic M205 Black with a Fritz Schimpf Italic Broad Grind Nib The second shipment was similarly held up for a couple of months, which was no fault whatsoever of Fritz Schimpf which provides exemplary service. Yesterday afternoon the box arrived, in which everything was in excellent shape, as a result of the high quality packing by Fritz Schimpf. The greatest surprise was the size of the three fountain pens, which were somewhat larger than I expected. All three nibs write very well, and the four inks from L’Artisan Pastellier exceed my expectations. Once again, I'm a highly satisfied customer of Fritz Schimpf and, by extension, Pelikan. These products meet my professional requirements with elegance. Tom K. Delayed Several Months Well Protected Initial Glimpse Diverse Order Unwrapped Ink Octet L’Artisan Pastellier Inks Two-Pen Etui Pelikan Box Opened Pelikan Special Edition Classic M200 Smoky Quartz EF Nib Pelikan EF Nib Pelikan Classic M205 Black B Nib with Fritz Schimpf Italic Broad Grind Fritz Schimpf Italic Broad Grind on a Pelikan B Nib Quality Presentation Pelikan Souverän M400 Special Edition Tortoiseshell Brown IB Nib Pelikan IB Nib Pelikan Trio Eight Ink Bottles Fritz Schimpf Italic Broad Grind Writing Sample Bleu Azur Pelikan IB Nib Writing Sample Ocanto Pelikan EF Nib Writing Sample Bleu Noir
  9. Pelikan Special Edition Classic M120 Iconic Blue B Nib ~ Nearly all of the fountain pens on my writing desk are Montblancs. A half dozen Parker 51s and several Lamys are also available for writing or sketching. Heretofore only two Pelikans were present — a 1960s 140 M and a 1950s 400 OF. Both are superb writers without any issues. My FPN friend Lam1 has cheerfully promoted Pelikan, keeping me aware of the beauty of both vintage and recent Pelikan fountain pens. Despite the Montblanc 149s I regularly use, I like smaller-scale fountain pens. I'm 191 cm, yet my large fingers easily hold diminutive pens. By chance I saw a photograph of a blue fountain pen about five months ago. After looking, it was identified as a Pelikan Special Edition Classic M120 Iconic Blue pen. After seeing it, my thoughts kept returning to it. Comparable to a school pen, the design, ink window, intense blue hue, and the nib decoration all appealed to me. The Fritz Schimpf stationery company in Tübingen, Germany had one in stock with a Breit ( nib, which was my preference. During the ordering process, it was suggested that Fritz Schimpf's nib grinder could take the B nib and give it an Italic character. I'd never ordered any such grind before, but trusted the advice given, so ordered it. I'm so glad that I did as the result is outstanding. As Fritz Schimpf is full-service, I also ordered five bottles of Fritz Schimpf's in-house ink, including two bottles of their Fritzrot Rusty Red. I also ordered a 3-pen Pelikan black leather etui and two pads of Fritz Schimpf writing paper for fountain pens, which is so good that I'll order more. There are substantial issues at present concerning the importation of “foreign” goods into the country where I work and live. Fritz Schimpf was sensitive to those potential problems, working closely with me and two other friends to make possible the shipment. The Pelikan Special Edition Classic M120 Iconic Blue pen with the Fritz Schimpf Italic B grind is a pleasant surprise. It's a bit larger than I expected. The piston knob is smooth, the overall handling is comfortable. The nib is everything that I'd hoped for and more. There's no skipping, it starts every time, the letters are crisp and even. For printing, cursive and sketching, it meets my modest requirements. I'll put it to work in classes next week. Inked with Fritz Schimpf Fritzrot Rusty Red ink, it's the sort of practical working tool which I appreciate. After such a positive experience, I'll continue adding small Pelikans from Fritz Schimpf to the little nest on my writing desk. Tom K. Personal Note Written with a Prototype Montblanc Expression Nib Bubble-wrapped Goods From Tübingen, Germany Pelikan Leder Etui Etui for Three Pens Presentation Box Dark Brown Ribbon Purchase Information Pelikan Special Edition Classic M120 Iconic Blue B Fritz Schimpf Italic B Grind M120 Pelikan M120 B Feed Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue
  10. Received a newsletter by email this morning from Fritz Schimpf promoting a special edition MB 146 with what appears to be an italic nib. Interesting writing samples. https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Schreibgeraete/Fuellhalter/Montblanc-x-Fritz-Schimpf-Sonderedition-Italic-100-Kolbenfuellhalter.html?utm_source=CleverReach&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter+Herbst%2FWinter+2017&utm_content=Mailing_10553580

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