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Found 20 results

  1. Might anyone be able to identify the manufacturer and/or brand of this vintage nib? It is a “donor” nib that was fitted on one of my pens by Guillaume Chappuis of watchandwrite.com. Guillaume believes it’s of Italian origin but does not know more. It is one of my favourite writers, with quite a bit of flex and a medium fine tip that gives just the right amount of feedback. Thank you.
  2. Might anyone be able to identify the manufacturer and/or brand of this vintage nib? It is a “donor” nib that was fitted on one of my pens by Guillaume Chappuis of watchandwrite.com. Guillaume believes it’s of Italian origin but does not know more. It is one of my favourite writers, with quite a bit of flex and a medium fine tip that gives just the right amount of feedback. Thank you.
  3. Not typical video for me (not urushi this time). With help from my girlfriend - a small shootout of flexible nibs. Enjoy
  4. Bristol24

    Skyline Flow Characteristics

    The one Eversharp Skyline that I own has a wonderful flexible nib. While I would not call it a "wet noodle," I would say that it is "flexible" and certainly not "semi-flexible." Earlier I posted a question regarding ink flow in the Skyline. In my opinion, the flow from this pen is quite wet. Originally I thought this might be due to the fact that the vent or breather tube was loose inside the sac. I have now removed the sac and repaired the fit of the vent tube. Now, with the new sac installed, the pen fills more completely but writes pretty much the same. It is a wet writer. Granted,
  5. Hello everyone. In the past I had made a publication that was to make a decision to get my first vintage flexible fountain pen and finally I could own one of these beauties.It is a moore safety pen in black hard rubber with a very good ink capacity since this is a long but slender pen.The pen feels quite comfortable and light in my hand is a pretty beautiful pen that always impresses people when they see a retractable nib of my moore.The 14k gold nib is small but has a good flexibility as the seller told me on his website that he lists it as a nib superflex. The 14k nib is an extra fine poin
  6. I keep on seeing adverts on Facebook for what they call an Executive Flexible Nib Fountain Pen. Has anyone seen these adverts and if so are the pens any good?
  7. Just got my first ever Esterbrook pen. Been reading a lot about the myriad variations of their nibs and how easy it is to replace/ switch them. So after spotting this pen on a local classified ad with the flexible fine 9128 nib, I just couldn't help but jump right into it. The pen body is in a perfect shape with no dents, scratches or any other cosmetically-related issue. The cap is marked by an odd pattern (a press is my closest guess) and has minor rust just where the clip meets the cap body. But the seller kindly offered me another cap in a better condition for free, so on that front am a
  8. Hi, I've recently got into fountain pens and just bought a cheep one to see if I could write with them. I am just wondering as I like to do copperplate what would be the best pen to get? I am looking for a fountain pen rather than a dip and my price range is under £200 ($260 ish). Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello all, I'll start this post - or thought excersize - with a question: - Do you feel that current fountain pen industry is slowly moving toward re-introduction of proper flexible nibs? It occurred to me, while watching fp reviews online, reading etc - that in each one of them there is at least one segment dedicated to "line variation" (ex. Stephen Brown, Matt ...etc) or "Flexibility". Also, a lot of excitement is raised around any pen/nib claimed to have "that vintage flex feel". As my comment on one Aurora 88 review by sbrebrown on YouTube states: "Maybe I am an idealist with unreal
  10. So, I bought this in an online auction a couple weeks ago. Knew it wasn't mint, but upon receiving and inspecting realized quickly that it was on the lower end of user grade instead of "Good" as described. I had intended to flip it, but now am unsure whether that's worthwhile. So the question: To what grade could professional restoration return this pen? I have about $175 in it at the moment, but really have no idea what it's worth in this state and whether restoration would increase it's worth enough to consider selling it. It's a pleasant pen, and the nib is really a lovely writer, but I h
  11. I bought this pen off of Ebay. It had a very reasonable price attached to it so I went for it because the nib was described as flexible. I cannot find anything about the pen. It is marked Eastern on the clip and Frawley Pen on the nib. When I searched Frawley I found something about an ink manufacturer that became paper mate but nothing on Fountain Pens. If any of you know anything about this pen, its manufacturer, etc I will be very appreciative. I would really like to find another pen that looks a little better from the same manufacturer. I dont really care for the looks on this pen but
  12. I think this is a very rare find. Did not see any review for it here on FPN, so here it is. I think this is full hard rubber, can somebody confirm this. Also it is made for export, not sure if in Germany or Denmark, since it has the Masterpiece title on cap, not Meisterstuck. Maybe somebody has a better idea of year of production? Appearance and size: 10/10 Yay, my favorite size pen. The MB 146 size is the most comfortable for me. As You can see from side by side picture with a 2015 MB 146, this pen is a little longer, wider and has a bigger nib. But it is clearly more comfortable to hold in
  13. This one doesn't have any review here, so here it is. Appearance and size: 8/10 Errm, a Sheaffer PFM clone from Omas???? Only with Omas nib and piston filler. This is how it looks like to me. According to a catalog I downloaded from a FPN member here, it was on the first pages of the catalogue, does this mean it was top of the line? Seems a little bigger than a Pelikan 400, so size is OK. Construction: 10/10 Quite balanced pen, well constructed. Can be used posted or unposted. But why the Sheaffer lookalike (getting obsessed it seems). Filling: 10/10 Piston filler, works nice
  14. After using a stub nib for the better part of a couple of months, I've became truly in love with line-width variation and the fact that these nibs work well with the shading that I so love in my inks. However the stub nibs directionality (upward/ downward strokes) doesn't seem to work that well with my left hand and the odd way in which I hold my pens. As such, I'm really interested in trying flexible nibs which offer the line variation am going after, but without the directionality limitations. However, I see that those nibs are far more common with vintage pens than with current ones. So a
  15. Uncial

    Pilot 823 With Flex Mod

    Sorry if this has been done to death before, but I did a search and couldn't bring anything up on it. Has anyone tried the custom 823 with the flex mod? I've seen them for sale on ebay and they tend to be the same price as the normal ones. The mod looks like it is the same as that recommended for the Noodler's Ahab, done with a dremel. If anyone has tried it I would appreciate hearing of your experience and possibly some writing samples if possible.
  16. I saw a Waterman's 12 1/2 BCHR on Ebay with what appears to be a Toledo overlay (I have no affilication to seller, see link below). I have never seen any Toledo overlay pen in person and was wondering if this is a genuine example. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131289632586?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 Item # 131289632586 Thanks, Jesse
  17. thiagojp

    Duocraft Stub

    Hello FPN. This is my first review of a pen, so please bear with me. I just got this nice little pen on mail today after three months ( yep, that´s correct, unfortunately ) waiting for customs liberation... Gotta love them!! Anyway, I got so happy I decided to make a review. This is a pen I bought from a member ( wetnoodlepens ) here in FPN. First, the looks: Not much to say, black with holden accents. Rather small. Body says "Duocraft Brooklyn NY" Nib says "Warranted 14K 5" And thast´s about it. Nothing special, nothing ugly. But, man oh man, when I inked it and put it on paper... WOW!!!
  18. sseskin

    Danitrio Soft Nib?

    I am thinking of getting a Danitrio, and of course, can only do that by mail. can anyone tell me about their soft niibs? Can you compare it to, for example, a Namiki Pilot (though the Namiki body is much smaller)? or to an old Waterman? Or...or... Nibs.com says the Danitrio soft nibs don't work well and all need adjustment. Do you agree? Is flexing done easily (i.e., with a natural hand) or only under pressure? So many discussions and photos of flex nibs don't address this issue...never say how much pressure it took. And while I am at it--are the nib sizes similar to japanese or to European ni
  19. http://www.iguanasell-pics.com/photos/logos/fpn_logo_45_45.png See all our items @ FPN Pilot Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen with Flexible Nib - Burgundy 60673Brand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping CHARACTERISTICS: Brand Namiki Description Pilot Fountain pen Nib 14K/585 solid gold nib- rhodium treated flexible nib Finish Laquer and chrome trims Closure System Screw-on Filling System Vacuum converter / cartridge filling system Dimensions (capped/uncapped) 13,8 cm (5.4") /12,7cm (5") Line Pilot Falcon Reference 60673 Retail Price 315€ / $410 / £270 Speci
  20. First of all, I'm writing about this nib because it literally caused my jaw to drop when I came across it while sorting thru our latest batch of new old stock 1960s Eversharp Symphonys. Secondly, try to ignore the surroundings in the photo below. New old stock pens are not always pretty, and some are too far gone to be one of our "seconds" offerings. Sometimes you can only salvage the nib, but in this case ooh-la-la, it was quite a nib. http://www.peytonstreet.com/PSP/blog/sticker_flex_half_stub_500.jpg The name -- Flexible 1/2 Stub -- says it all, but before you get excited and say "wh

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