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Found 8 results

  1. Save 35% off MSRP on Pelikan Extra-Fine (EF) Nib Fountain Pens in Stock at Paper, Ink Pen with discount code extrafine MSRP Regular Price extrafine PriceStresemann M805: $850.00 $680.00 $550.80 M805 & M800: $760.00 $608.00 $492.48 M600: $555.00 $444.00 $359.64 M405: $495.00 $396.00 $320.76 M400: $500.00 $400.00 $324.00 Through Sunday September 9th save on any of our Pelikan Fountain pens in stock with an extra-fine nib. California Resident? We pay your sales tax! Discount is taken during checkout. Please remember to use the discount code: extrafine Stresemann M805: MSRP $850.00 Regular $680.00 extrafine Discount $550.80 M805: MSRP $760.00 Regular $608.00 extrafine Discount $492.48 M800: MSRP $760.00 Regular $608.00 extrafine Discount $492.48M600: MSRP $555.00 Regular $444.00 extrafine Discount $359.64M405: MSRP $495.00 Regular $396.00 extrafine Discount $320.76M400: MSRP $500.00 Regular $400.00 extrafine Discount $324.00 Thanks for looking in. Discount ends at 11:59 pm PDT, Sunday September 9, 2018. Paper, Ink, Pen is an authorized USA dealer of Pelikan fountain pens located in California, USA.
  2. Hi all, Backstory: I've recently changed job location and gave away the pens I had to my colleagues. Now I need another pen at my new location and thought it a good idea to try a fountain pen in the lab. But which one?!? Needs: - The pen really needs to have an extra fine nib and be able to take some pressure. - Preferably by a C/C filler.... never thought that I'd say that, but the contained environment that I work in means that things go into the lab... and not out. A cart filling pen is just going to make things a whole lot easier. - The pen needs to be cheap too, no higher than £20, what's that... $25 or so. I'm normally careful with my pens but damage to the nib and barrel is quite possible and my budget is shockingly low at the moment. - A demonstrator would be good, or any other barrel colour that would show up contamination... Any brands that would meet these needs? The obvious choice would be for a Lamy Vista, but I'm open to suggestions! Thanks for the help, Badger
  3. dothgrin

    Platinum Preppy Ef

    I just picked up a Platinum Preppy EF from Goulet Pens...true to the conversation, the Preppy EF has been a pleasant surprise for a $5 fountain pen. It is actually a smoother nib than the fine, handles ink fairly well, and is comfortable to hold. I plan to pick a couple up. They are great for editing purposes. I am currently inked with Diamine Oxblood and plan to experiment with "drier" inks to see how they handle them.
  4. I am getting into fountain pens. Thus far I tried Lamy Safari, several Chinese Heros and a Pilot 78G + Pilot parallels. All was in search of extra fine pen. Just to be sure on what to expect, I'll probably order a Pilot Penmanship in extra fine. I'd like to ask your advice on the topic pens, even if subjective opinions. I want to get one more or less expensive pen, in 50-100$ range. (I understand this might be a little dumb.) And also, I might be comparing apples to oranges. But anyway, which pen should I choose, on one side some vintage Sheaffer (Triumph, Imperial, Targa), and a nice pen from one of the Japanese big three (Platinum 3776, Sailor 1911 comes to mind)? I included Japanese models because I need real extra fine. That should be enough, not an ultra extra fine. I am not using my EF Safari because it felt a little thick.... So, please share you advice. I think either Sheaffer or Japanese models will satisfy my EF need. But I need some personal sensual input from you. I can't unfortunately hold or try any of these pens. Returning is also kinda a problem. So I'm looking for something substantial, a little more heavier than Pilot 78G (it is my favourite), for something I can carry everyday. I don't know if I could explain my request. But I'm looking for you advice, even other manufacturers or models. Thank you!
  5. Dear Fountain Pen Network, [i've highlighted the very relevant passages for those who can't afford the time to read through all!] firstly, let me introduce myself and what I am exactly hoping to find here. I am a student from Germany, currently waiting for my study pass to study electrical engineering. Therefore I am searching for general advice on extra-fine nib fountain pens, companies who sell those and of course, availability. During my Abitur (probably high-school in US), I was using a simple Lamy Safari with a fine nib, which did not exactly fit my handwriting very well. It is still too big for my taste and I've sometimes heard complaints not about the style, but the tininess of my writing. As I was attempting to fix this issue, I stopped writing script-style and started with the usual "block"-style. Furthermore, I tried to use a different angle on the tip of the pen so that the width further decreased. Western nib sizes could not offer me the width japanese companies have in their products, if you happen to know specialty nibs for a reasonable price which fit on fountain pens from western countries, please contact me! ; ) Ok so I've decided to do some research on fountain pens and came to the conclusion that the european market simply is not suited for those products (at least in Germany), neither Sailor nor Premium sell their products and even Pilot only has a very few products available. I've found those products on the internet, those best describe what I am exactly searching for. Beside the Pilot VP, they offer the normal kind of fountain pen (classy design). Pilot Custom Heritage 912, estimated price incl. shipping cost and tax: 180€ ($245) Sailor Professional Gear Silver, estimated price incl. shipping cost and tax: 175€ ($238) Pilot Vanishing Point Fermo, estimated price incl. shipping cost and tax: 170€ ($231) Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo, estimated price incl. shipping cost and tax: 132€ ($180) Platinum 3776 #1 Black, estimated price incl. shipping cost and tax: 170€ ($231) all of those feature an extra-fine nib, which I am searching for. If you're curious about the prices: It's the cheapest I found them online. Bear in mind that those prices are calculated differently because tax is added up on top: (Price of product itself + shipping cost) * 1,19 * 1,135 1,19 = 19% VAT; 1,135 = 13,5% customs duty The customs duty is only added if the package (product + shipping cost) cost above 150€ ($202), otherwise "only" 19% is added. All of the fountain pens recommended must therefore be at a maximum price of 150€ ($202), including shipping cost to Europe. As one can see, it is very pricy for me to buy those fountain pens, so I am eager to find one that best suits my purpose which is everyday writing. Feel free to suggest pens which don't appear on this list, in terms of style I would rather like a decent pen in black, silver or dark blue with silver accents. I don't really like gold much, but if the price is right, I may take a look at those, too. Another thing I would like to adress is that I don't know if the Vanishing Point suit me since I am not using the common tripod-grip, my thumb is a lot higher, touching the point-finger between the first and second joint. I am not sure whether I can change that without putting hours in it, I've tried it and unless I am writing very slow, the handwriting does not look good (still readable though). In the next week I can probably test if the clip is a problem for me or not and I am a bit worried about the placement of the nib, too. Regarding the Pilot Custom Heritage 912: I would like to know if someone has experience with the PO-nib, especially in comparison to the EF nib. Sorry for the wall of text guys, but at this price, I have to be very precise at what I am searching for. This is my first post here and I hope that I'm in the right forum section for this kind of threads. If you've came down here, thank you for your time to read through the whole thing! Yours sincerely, R201
  6. I have some FP experience and am considering getting some Serwex pens (http://goo.gl/Qfp9rY). I'm rather attracted by the decent reviews, nice nibs, and cheap shipping, as well as the price. Currently I have an Ahab and a Preppy. My Preppy's nib is rather stubborn (perhaps randomly so), so I'm looking for a Preppy replacement. My ink is Noodler's Polar Blue, which tends to bleed, so I'd like a really fine nib (student = cheap paper). I'm considering a Serwex 77B or 962. I'm also slowly getting better at my italic hand, so I really want a stub as well. Do any of you have experience with these pens? Do you have any advice or recommendations?
  7. Hello all, For Christmas this year, my wife surprised me with a really lovely little Platinum 3776 Sai Demonstrator pen with a Fine-Medium nib. I was writing with it a bit, and while I love it, I'm tempted to have the nib modified by John Mottishaw. I haven't decided if I want to go with a fine stub or an added flex mod so I'd like to see some examples of his work if you guys have them handy. The Nibs.com site mentions that the Platinum 14K nibs are especially well-suited to nib modifications so I'd like to have this guy made special... I do have a Pendleton Point Fine Stub on a TWSBI 540 that is just about perfect in terms of a special writing instrument so I'm tempted to go in that direction with the Sai. Something stubby enough to give me some variation without requiring 3" gothic letters. Then again, I've been getting more and more interested in light line variation from semi-flex nibs (Pilot Justus, Falcon, etc.) so I'm wondering if the Sai might be better suited to that treatment. Things I don't like: XXXF Nibs: Too fine for me for anything but drawingBroad Nibs: Too broad for my smallish handwritingWide Stubs: Again, too broad for my smallish handwriting (ie: 0.6 ,1.1, 1.5, 1.9, etc.)Thoughts or ideas? Examples of such things would be excellent. Even if it's not a 3776 (although I'm particularly interested in seeing what he can do with these since that's what I have). Blessings, Matthew Edit: I should add that while the pen writes wonderfully, it writes just like a lot of my other pens so that's why I was thinking of having something special done to it... No other reason, really.
  8. Hi, So... since this is my first post, let me tell you guys a little about myself. Last summer, I was at Waterloo University for a camp, and, as an impulse purchase, I bought a Pilot HiTech-C 03. I loved the fine point, and got myself completely enamoured with pens and paper. I promised myself that, at least, I would never get into fountain pens, for they were too fussy, but...well, I'm here. For my first fountain pen, I've been looking into a cheap fountain pen, with a super fine point, and a really durable body that can last me years-something practical for school that I can replace my HiTech-C with. The Pilot Penmanship is the only pen that I found that with the thin tip I want, but I'm not a fan of the body. I was thinking of replacing it with the body of the Metropolitan, but the two pens with a better converter would set me back around $30-40, and at that price point, I'm not sure if I should just get a different pen. The only way that I would spring for this arrangement is if the nib of the Penmanship was super smooth (taking account that it's extra-fine) and if the body of the Metropolitan will last me at least 10 years. What do you guys think? Does the Penmanship/Metropolitan combo satisfy my needs, or should I consider a different pen?

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