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Found 7 results

  1. Just got a lovely 144G with long ink window and F nib. It had a new cork seal and filling wonderfully... any harm in using it as an EDC (no pocket only purse) and no direct sunlight?
  2. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out the general date of manufacture for this Montblanc 234-1/2 https://dl.dropboxus...65/IMG_0657.jpg https://dl.dropboxus...65/IMG_0658.jpg https://dl.dropboxus...65/IMG_0660.jpg https://dl.dropboxus...65/IMG_0661.jpg
  3. Jonknott

    Fake Or Real Montblanc?

    Hello I have recently purchased a fountain pen at an estate sale. There was a box of pens for sale and as I was sifting through them when a familiar symbol caught my eye. It was of course Montblanc six sided white star. I quickly asked the seller how much he was selling the pens for, and he said three dollars. Real or not I was willing to pay three bucks for a fountain pen. I've been into fountian pens for about two years now, and when it came to purchasing expensive pens I generally purchased Visconti Pens, hence that is where a good chunk of my knowledge lies when it comes to high end pens. I can tell a fake Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 from a real one, but when the model of pen moves away from there so called flagship pens my knowledge unfortunately diminishes. After some research I've come to believe this is a real Montblanc and the seller was not aware what he had, although several aspects of the pen are throwing up some major red flags. The center band is not ornate as I have seen on many Montblanc pens, it's a German iridium point nib, and the sections material feels a little on the cheap side. I've have uploaded some pictures of the pen below, any insight on the pen being real or not would be much appreciated. As well as if it is a genuine Montblanc what model it is. Thank you
  4. Maison Blanc

    Help To Identify

    Apologies if I have posted in the wrong spot. Looked at a few sources here but could not find this one. My photo is not great but I can take other ones if required. The nib only has 585 stamped on it. Appreciate your thoughts on vintage or other details from the experts here. The gold piece has montblanc stamped on it. On the underside there is a small sticker that says Germany on it. Many thanks Armando
  5. rennfahrer

    New To Me: Montblanc 234 1/2

    Hello all: I would like to thank fellow FPNer Soot for this wonderful 234 1/2. This is my favorite vintage Montblanc. This one has some scratches on the barrel and an oxidized hard rubber end on the cap (what the technical term?) but the steel alloy nib demonstrates great flex and is a smooth writer. It is no showcase pen, but I prefer the honest patina.
  6. In anticipation of the DC show, I'm looking forward to finally getting to try and hold some vintage Montblanc, and hopefully buying one. But as a relative FP newbie, I know I'm going to be overwhelmed by the offerings and thought I would get a head start by asking for advice on which pens I should direct my attention to in terms of period and model. My point of reference is the only MB I own, a 147 from the mid-90's. I've been incredibly happy with this pen, and consider it second to none, very close to perfect--it has more 'character' than any of my other modern fountain pens (Pelikan, Delta, Lamy). As an EF nib, there is feedback, but I think I would like a tad more 'give' in the nib; not a lot, but some. I'm considering a 146, but there are days I also find the size of the 147 large to use, and would welcome a thinner or smaller pen. The wing-tip nib 1xx seems to be more affordable but I'm not a fan of them aesthetically and like the full-size nib, so I'm wondering which models would fit some of these criteria and be reasonably priced, if any (in about $300 range?) Anyway, sorry for the very specific question, but I don't know if I'll be able to try every single pen at the show or ask a lot of questions, so any advice is most welcome...
  7. This got a bit long winded sorry... Introduction: I wanted find a better pen, a pen I could love as much as my P51s. I have been collecting fountain pens on and off since I was 16 and I have had a few modern Montblancs: couple 144s including a solitaire with the Barley pattern, as well as a 146 from the 90s. They are nice pens and while they had some character none of them became “must-haves” in my collection. I wanted something better and with the help of this forum I purchased a Montblanc 146 from the early 50s. Appearance and Design: As an owner of a modern 146 the first thing I noticed was that this pen is a bit shorter than a modern 146. I would not consider it to be oversized in any way; it is very comfortable, slightly shorter and thicker than a Parker 51. The proportions of this pen are nicer to my eye than that of the longer skinnier modern 146. The rings are a closer together and the branding is crisper and deeper than what you find on the modern version. The design is a clean and quiet classic. I can’t really fault it for anything. 10/10 Construction & Quality: The pen is very well made. The trim, even though 60 years old, looks nicer and more substantial than the trim on a modern 146. It is still a plastic pen but it has a great shine to it. This pen has a celluloid body that is supposedly stronger than the injection molded resin pens. It also has a two stage filing system that is a beautiful piece of engineering, likely discontinued to save costs. 8/10 Weight & Dimensions: This pen is not particularly heavy which is great for long writing sessions. As I mentioned above it is shorter than a new 146. The grip is slightly thicker than a standard P51. The one thing I don’t like about this pen is that posting the cap is a bit difficult. It will post straight if you give it a bit of pressure otherwise it will sit crooked which I find to be a bit annoying as I don’t like posting a cap with any force (this is not an issue I have with modern 144s and 146s). I have smaller hands and writing with the cap not posted is perfectly comfortable for me. 9/10 Nib & Performance: I bought this pen because it was supposed to have a superb nib. It has a fine two-tone 14C nib, which is larger and shapelier than its modern counterpart. The pen also features the flat ebonite “ski-slope” style feed. The nib is smooth with some flex and offers more feedback than the modern MBs I have used. The line is relatively wet with some noticeable line variation. I have left this pen with the cap off for over 30 minutes a couple times now and it has always started without skipping. This nib functions nearly as well as my P51 with the added benefit of some flex. 10/10 Filing System & Maintenance: This pen uses a two-stage piston filling system. I found it a bit strange to use at first, not understanding its design as the transition from the first to the second stage felt a bit jarring. Member fountainbel has provided a drawing here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?/topic/211729-vintage-mb-telescopic-pistons/page__p__2207740&do=findComment&comment=2207740 The piston uses cork, which still works without issue in my pen but I would imagine this is not as durable as a synthetic. This pen also features a pinstriped ink view window like the modern version. 7/10 Cost & Value: I have seen prices for early 50’s 146s in black celluloid range from $500-$900. I purchased mine for about $600. I was too impatient to wait around for a cheaper one to come up for sale. For a second hand 146 this pen is not cheap; a modern 146 can be had for around $200. Can you find a pen as good as this for less money? Yes, I think you can. I have Parker 51s and Conway Stewarts that cost under $100 that are just as nice to write with, the fit and finish doesn’t compare but the performance is near equal. 6/10 Conclusion: I have tried to be as objective as possible but let’s face it, this isn’t some white good like a toaster, it’s a vintage fountain pen, it has character and I love it. This pen was made when a Montblanc was a Montblanc. I use it as a daily writer and I will likely buy another when the right deal comes along. Final score

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