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Found 16 results

  1. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2023 OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  2. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2023 OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  3. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2023 OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  4. I have this Sheaffer Flat Top Lady with features that are difficult to explain. The pen is 4.5" long and marked "Lady" on the nib. The single tone nib and pinned lever are early 1930s Flat Top features while the humped flat ball clip suggest 1934 or later. The third line of the barrel imprint has the common "DEC 10.12-JAN. 27-OCT. 20 - NOV. 24" patent dates. The feed is flat serrated, with broad and widely spaced notches. There is no white dot on this pen. Is this a correct cap and barrel combination? The absence of the white dot seems odd.
  5. i am having a bit of a trouble dissasembling the whole feed.. nib... section can't find any place that i could open it so i can clean the inside if anyone can please help me that would be helpful
  6. Neville

    Parker 17 Lady, Loose Cap

    Hello FPN members. I'm new so please excuse me if this topic has already been dealt with. I have three Parker 17 Lady fountain pens all of which have the same problem - the cap will not stay on when I have the pen in my shirt or jacket pocket. I keep buying another with the hope that it will be better, but no luck. I have also had to replace several shirts and jackets. On the latest one, which is also my favourite - green with gold trim, I have been able to extract the metal insert inside the cap (I think it's called the clutch), spread it out a bit and re-insert it. The lower edge of the insert is now about 3mm from the lower edge of the cap - previously it was much further in. The cap appears to grip the pen more firmly but I find myself checking it every 30 minutes or so. How exactly should the insert be fitted and am I addressing the problem correctly? All tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Neville
  7. RedRinger

    Ouch! Clipped Clipless...

    This just...made me cross my legs and squirm. I had to share the laugh. Someone selling a Lady Sheaffer that has had a clip forced onto it. Talk about finish-ruining. Also, it's in just the orientation to beg for a capful of ink when removing it from the pocket for use! https://www.ebay.com/itm/392257655364 Cheers! Matt
  8. Hi Sheaffer's lovers, I recently noted a marked difference in style (and apparent quality) between two Lady Sheaffer's that I own, the number VI Paisley Periwinkle model. Attached are some photos in which I tried to give the best sense of the differences. One pen is slightly duller, and the pattern seems to be composed of "wave" forms with pointed crests and round troughs; the other pen seems to be brighter, but of less accurate milling perhaps, with more symmetric "sine wave" forms composing the pattern. The nibs also seem to have some *very* subtle differences; the nib on the left belongs to the pen of ostensibly lower quality, and the one on the right to the pen of higher quality. The nib on the right has an extra set of lines on either side of the registered trademark symbol, and the entire hallmark is shifted upward, with the slit a bit shorter than the one of the left. Would anyone care to indulge my obsessive attention to detail? My overall impression is that the slightly duller pen is of higher quality. I wonder if this represented an improvement, or a decline in manufacture over the run of this model? (sorry I haven't cleaned up the nibs yet; that gunk really is all just ink) Cheers! Matt
  9. Hello, I'm new to this forum. As a small introduction, I become a pen enthusiast around Jun 2017. I started with the Pelikan 100N. I have a total of 10 different pens.Yesterday I bought a very interesting pen with a 14ct nib in the original box.This is the least fountain pen I had in my hands....9,3 cm.I was surprised by the way the ink is filled.In my opinion, only pipette can be filled ... so I tried it.Can someone tell me about this penThanks in advance
  10. Hello, The pen below is a slender type, bears the 875 price code, but doesn't seem to fall into either Short or Standard length category. It measures: 12,9 cm capped 11,7 cm uncapped 5,85 cm - cap length 38mm - clip length It actually looks like the cap and the barrel are not really the original set. Was there any irregular length 73 Lifetime pen or it's just a mixture of two different models? Or maybe the expression "the right size for the Milady's handbag" didn't mean the same all the time? And would a First Lady/Lady Sheaffer cap on a Sovereign barrel be enough to justify the size of the capped pen or it should be, say, First Lady cap on the later Vigilant barrel? Is the end of the barrel - as per the 1941 Repairmen manual - the New Style Tapered end? What do you think? Maybe someone can actually check which swap among Slender pens could give a 12,9 cm specimen? Thanks in advance for any answers, hints or ideas, Regards, Maciek http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l347/Yaner70/s03_zpskzomitdj.jpg http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l347/Yaner70/s04_zpsw4ktywm2.jpg http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l347/Yaner70/s06_zps9kccarz7.jpg
  11. Can you help me to identify the attached pen. It is a Pilot, and according to its shape and nib it is a Deluxe. On the nib it is indicated H278, so it was made in 1978. On the label with Japanese characters states “Lady”. So I assume that it must be a Pilot Delux Lady from 1978. But, it is not the classical Deluxe. Just look at the three rings on the end of the section. I have never seen this design before. Anyone has seen already this model? Thank you in advance. ​The only way I can show the pen is by this links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-dUZZYVRwR1RtWC03Z1hKMHNKSUZSUGlHVGRr/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-ZzczdmYzbWtDYWNVdlNfbDY4YXVJemdSU0hj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-dnBOUTE5amZOTlE4eUp6MXY1QnpWby1xSE5V/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-OGk1SU54YU9qRExGNEhYcTNxRUNNQWNRN1dj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-Y25uN3pKTG1yLTlqVUhZV1h1R0R4T0llYnl3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TmX2hzZFK-Ym1jdzRvWFozaElpX3NIajVIejBEY3ozU0lJ/view?usp=sharing
  12. amk

    My Lady Frankenpen

    TLDR: Waterman Lady pens have the same section threads as Laureat rollerballs I really like the modern Waterman Lady pens - I have a Lady Agathe, and a Lady Elsa, both made from vintage materials - and so when at a weekend sale I saw the characteristic little vignette painting on the lid of a royal blue Lady Anastasia peeping out of a box, I grabbed it. Alas, I got less than I'd bargained for: the lid, with a section jammed into it (and no way to safely remove it on the spot to see whether there was a nib, what size, material and condition)... no barrel. Well, it wasn't expensive. So I took the risk, bought it, and took it home, and eventually got it open, to find a perfect gold-plated steel F nib, that writes quite nicely. Still, there's not a lot you can do with just a section. So I had a look around my other Waterman pens. Surely, I thought, Waterman would use common threads on some of their pens. After all, we know that very many of their modern pens have interchangeable nibs. Bingo! The Laureat *rollerball* in gunmetal has the same section threads. I now have a Frankenpen. http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t411/amk-fpn/P1120347.jpg It's a bit messed up as a design, but it works! I also managed to get myself a red Apostrophe... which means I've only got the black one to hunt down now and I'll have all four colours.
  13. http://parkerpens.net/classic.html This site says "in 1975 the Parker Lady was launched. Ladies pens were usually smaller but the Parker Lady was of the same size and design as the International Classic, save the finish.........By 1981 the model name Parker Lady was dropped." On eBay almost every classic (or 75 classic or international classic - take your pick) is listed as Lady. Does anyone know which finishes were the real Lady finishes between 1975 and 1981? Picutres?
  14. I'd like to get an elegant looking and very reasonable priced FP for my wife. She currently has a Jinhao 950, that she immediately wanted when she saw me browsing it on ebay, I also like how Pelican M400 (white tortoise) looks like, but that too is around 300€. Based on those examples, perhaps someone could give me some suggestions (you can suggest an accompanying ink too) of pens in 5-100$ range. It does not have be new, either. Thanks,
  15. esteroids

    How Big Is Your Concord?

    I was asked about ink for a little Concord (I use international shorts) and I realized I hadn't had my gold set out in a long time. The Lady version really is petite - 124 mm capped, 9 mm diameter. The standard size isn't large - 134 mm x 11 mm. On the left is the set: On the right is the little Concord surrounded by full size pens:
  16. Left FPN

    Salespersons 1990 Catalogue

    I have this catalogue loaded in my cloud for a while if anyone is interested. https://www.btcloud.bt.com/?shareObject=3054c89f-6828-02ae-f576-88cc2dd0a8f9 Only a thought but maybe if you download it, a small donation to the FPN funds could be made...they do a very good job.

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