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Found 11 results

  1. Does anyone know of a site that lists the difference Waterman Pen models and their years of production? I'm particularly interested in the pens since the 1980s such as the Phileas, Kultur, Laureat, Expert (I,II,III), Carene, Hemisphere, etc. I can't seem to find a good source for when the regular Phileas started and ended production versus when the Kultur started and ended production. Their are also others that are more rare like the Maestro and the Master that sometimes get confused with the Laureat. Thanks Jim Bunch
  2. prinselijkcoder

    Replacing A Waterman Laureat Nib Feed

    Hello everyone, I'm exactly sure where to put this, but repair seems most apt to me. I'm fairly new to FPs, having bought a Pilot Metropolitan F about a year ago, and have especially started using them in the past few months. Apart from my Metro, I have a Waterman Laureat Mk1 M, which was given to me by my mother. She got it in the 90s, and I don't think she really used it more than a few years after that. I'm pretty sure she never even bought more than one bottle of ink. Considering that, it's been sitting in storage for at least a year, if I remember correctly it was not entirely clean either. So, the nib has what I assume is some corrosion on the nib. Overall though, it wrote perfectly fine over the past year, I never even took the nib out, just flushed it with water and soaked it awhile. That is, until I recently purchased a set of random ink samples from Goulet Pens. I got a couple shimmering inks, which is exactly what I didn't want, since the Waterman is only a medium and I tend to only use it once or twice a week. But, I was going to write a letter to a friend, and thought I'd just put the ink in to write it, then clear it out immediately. I used De Atramentis Indian Blue-Copper. Well, I wrote all of one line of carefully constructed greetings, slowly tilting, rolling and flipping the pen all the while before the nib was entirely gunked up. The copper was pooling on top of the nib channel and all underneath it as well, it pretty much entirely stopped writing. Well, I can't give up immediately, so I figured I would take out the nib and feed, clear it up, and try once carefully once more. Maybe the sample, or what I had syringed of it, had an inordinate amount of copper, and there'd be less now. I took it out, wiped the nib and feed off and rinsed it a bit, but didn't entirely 100% clean it since I was going to use the same ink. (Sorry for the bad quality pic, but you get the idea.) Yep. I didn't realise I needed to put it back in in a particular orientation, and in the attempt, after quite awhile, managed to snap the front of the feed off. Not my proudest moment by far. I doubt I can economically (at least relative to the price of another Laureat) or with a good chance of success repair it. It's a fairly clean break, but also a very small surface area to work with. I'm not sure I can glue it (I assume) back together, have it set properly and not just snap again. So, I assume I could buy another and just replace the feed. But, I was also curious if anyone knows of another feed or even entire front end of a pen that can work with the Laureat body and nib. I already contacted Waterman and as expected they stated they were unable to provide any replacement parts. That's about it I think. Just looking for some informed opinions on if I have any alternatives to trying to snag a duplicate, which I'm not even sure how pricey that could end up being. Of course, if anyone here just happened to have a feed or pen, I'd be happy to buy it. Though it didn't get used much, this pen has some history with my mother and I'd hate for it to just become a useless decoration in a box. Thanks for reading. Any input is appreciated, including the scolding I'd expect. I deserve it...
  3. One of my first pens is a Waterman Lauréat, and while I managed not to destroy its nib it did gush ink, so that every time I tried to use it there were big drops of ink in the cap; it was a shame as the nib is quite smooth. After years of trying I finally got a donor pen and after trying all section / feed / nib / converter / cap permutations it's finally working as it should, also thanks to Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu Gaki; there is some ink on the nib but no more gushing. I always intended to use Vert Empire, Lie de Thé or Mandarin but they didn't like this pen. If someone told me the ink could make this much difference I wouldn't have believed it, but hey, it does, and I like the combination of stodgy pen / wild ink. Anyone else have a similar situation? We might need a database of pens and inks that get along, although except for Rouge Hematite (a.k.a. SuperGunker, on a Lamy Vista) and Platinum Cool (not very cool, that it starts when it wants, now with Mandarin) my other 19 pens / inks haven't been this troublesome .
  4. jws437

    Replacement Nib For Laureat

    Hi thanks to FPN, I found out that my Laureat's nib is compatible with some other products. Now, I have to choose which nibs I will replace and I want FPN's suggestions. The nibs I can get is, Harmonie nibs for 35$, and Expert 2 nibs for 45$. I think this is quite expensive, but I couldn't figure out other compatible nibs (if someone could give me a site that sells any other compatible nibs at a cheaper price, that would be great.) I really liked my laureat nib which was smooth and flawless to write, so I want my replacement nibs to be just as good as the original one. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  5. ThreadorYarn

    Converter For Laureat

    Is there a converter that fits the Laureat fountain pen? I've seen a couple of Waterman brand converters, but I can't get a definite yes or no if it'll work. Thanks
  6. amk

    My Lady Frankenpen

    TLDR: Waterman Lady pens have the same section threads as Laureat rollerballs I really like the modern Waterman Lady pens - I have a Lady Agathe, and a Lady Elsa, both made from vintage materials - and so when at a weekend sale I saw the characteristic little vignette painting on the lid of a royal blue Lady Anastasia peeping out of a box, I grabbed it. Alas, I got less than I'd bargained for: the lid, with a section jammed into it (and no way to safely remove it on the spot to see whether there was a nib, what size, material and condition)... no barrel. Well, it wasn't expensive. So I took the risk, bought it, and took it home, and eventually got it open, to find a perfect gold-plated steel F nib, that writes quite nicely. Still, there's not a lot you can do with just a section. So I had a look around my other Waterman pens. Surely, I thought, Waterman would use common threads on some of their pens. After all, we know that very many of their modern pens have interchangeable nibs. Bingo! The Laureat *rollerball* in gunmetal has the same section threads. I now have a Frankenpen. http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t411/amk-fpn/P1120347.jpg It's a bit messed up as a design, but it works! I also managed to get myself a red Apostrophe... which means I've only got the black one to hunt down now and I'll have all four colours.
  7. sjsoldo

    Nib For Laureat

    I know the Laureat is not the elite of Fountain Pens, but they write well and are fairly well made. Problem is that I have a few of them with nibs that need to be replaced. Don't write well anymore, and I doubt they are repairable. My fault, I dropped them. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? used to get parts from Lewertowski, but he closed up. Waterman does not sell these either.
  8. I have a c.1987 Waterman Laureat I'd like to rehabilitate and return to service. Do these pens take standard international converters? When I look up "Waterman converter" I find two different part numbers, 56010 and 56010W. Is there a difference? Thank you, Robert
  9. Hi all: My old Waterman Laureat writes very smoothly, I guess it would be called a wet nib, for which I'm grateful... However every time I open it there's a lot of ink on the nib, some on the section and some even inside the cap. I switched from J. Herbin Vert Empire to Iroshizuku Yama Guri to see if it was somehow ink related, but it's the same. I had Pelikan Königsblau for some time before that, and it was worse. I left it at home on purpose so there would be no weather or transportation issues. This is what it looks like (please excuse the phone photo). So is it leaking? Can it be fixed?
  10. Hello everyone I have just registered this site hoping that I could have my problem solved,hopefully. I have a laureat fountain pen(I think it is newer version) that has a broken nib. Because it was a gift from my father, I have been trying to finda replacement nib but so far no good. Is there any site or person who sells them? I do not have much money so I just want the nibs . If you guys know any sites or if you are willing to sell me one please reply so that we can talk about it. Sorry if my english sounds strange( i am a foreigner) and thank you in advance.
  11. esteroids

    What Do I Call These Laureats?

    I'm thinking about letting go of this Laureat fp/bp set, but hesitate because I've never bothered to figure out what the color or model series is called. Kirkel has them pictured, but no name. I've seen them only one other place - a French sales catalog - where they were identified as South Seas Marble. I have a similar one in red (fountain pen only). Translucent section and blind cap, chrome trim, compass rose on caps. Does anyone know who they are? Are they rare? Are they collectible or just another of the many nice Laureat colors? Thanks, Craig

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