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Found 9 results

  1. From the album: ~Nothing to see here, move along

    Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies states, on its online ‘shop’ web page, “Posting & Packing included in price” for each of the items listed. In reply to: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/365663-which-black-inks-are-fade-proof-and-are-easy-on-fountain-pens-of-fine-nib/?#comment-4524589

    © Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies

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  2. birchtine

    Best Dry Inks?

    I'm a fan of 'dry' (less lubricated) inks and over the last two years used exclusively the Diamine Registrar's/ESSRI, Salix and Pelikan 4001 blue black. Are there other similarly dry inks available? I would like to try something new, new colours and I'm not particularly concerned about permanency or its lack anymore.
  3. From the album: ~Nothing to see here, move along

    The prices for a 110ml bottle of Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink, inclusive of delivery within the UK and abroad, as of February 2021. I don't see any difference for whether the customer is ordering from Australia, Barbados, Canada, Djibouti, Mexico or USA; and there appears to be no discount for ordering multiple bottles at once, so I may as well just buy a bottle at a time instead of stocking up.

    © Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies

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  4. Hi, some of my favorite inks are iron gall. So I took some of these to see what happens when I mix them. :-) The inks: ESSRI, blue-black IG Gutenberg G10 Urkundentinte "Schwarz" black IG Platinum Classic Forest Black, green IG Platinum Classic Sepia Black, brown IG 1. I wanted to make Forest Black darker and less yellowish: My favorite: 75% Forest / 25% ESSRI (darker but not a cold green) 2.: Forest Black mixed with G10: Favorite: 67% Forest / 33% G10 (a "Moddergrün" = murky green, like Diamine Safari but darker) 3.: Forest Black with G10 and ESSRI: Favorite: 40% Forest / 40% G10 / 20% ESSRI (subtle gray-green) 4.: G10 mixed with ESSRI to remove the aubergine tint: Favorite: 75% G10 / 25% ESSRI 5.: Sepia Black and ESSRI: Favorite: 50% Sepia Black / 50% ESSRI (nice dark gray-black) Nib used: Swan B-stub; paper: Clairefontaine 90g/m3 Photos were taken 10 days after writing. No mixture developed a sediment in these ten days. Best Jens
  5. Essri doesn't offer huge variety of products. Basically you can get two inks: blue-black and black that contain iron-gall and are fully waterproof. There's long conversation about this ink under Sandy1's excellent and in-depth review of this ink and you should definitely read it. To my big surprise it seems that ESSRI has a huge following, mainly because of the unpredictability of the resultant color when it dries. Depending on the pen - paper - nib combination you use writing can have nice shade of blue or look nearly black. It's fully wateroproof and shouldn't fade with time even if you post it in the window. Personally I can't understand all the hype about this ink. I've received 8 ml of Essri and tried it in few pens. The ink is dry and writing with it is unpleasant. It doesn't offere reasonable lubrication. The color is dull. My biggest criticism isn't the dryness though (although for me it's deal breaker) but the fact Essri tends to clog pens. I've tried it in four pens and with time it's clogged every one of them (between 2 - 7 days of not using the pen). I say no to Essri. I believe at the moment you can easily buy well behaved inks with similar properties. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Tomoe River, FPR Dilhi, M Leuchtturm 1917, Waterman Phileas, M Kokuyo Campus, Kaweco Skyline, M
  6. Hello all, Everyone's experiences and apprehensions with iron gall inks seem to be all over the place. The take home message is usually something along the lines of "if you exercise proper pen hygiene and use modern iron gall inks formulated for fountain pens, you shouldn't have an issue". I've followed this and nope, haven't had an issue yet. What I do get apprehensive about is the reasoning behind the iron gall cleaning routine. It seems you don't want the ink sitting in the pen for very long but the issue arises if you want to dedicate IG ink to a pen. For example what if one were to use IG inks in a steel nibbed pen with proper hygiene (rinsing, thorough cleaning bi-weekly at best, etc) but kept refilling the pen with IG ink? Wouldn't the contact time with the steel eventually corrode the nib? That's my question -- about the hardiness of steel when exposed to IG ink with proper pen maintenance. Anyone have positive/negative stories to share? This includes IG ink experiences of all kind with any nib/pen material but i'd especially love to hear from folks that have been using an IG ink in a particular pen for a long time (e.g., >=1 year). How does your pen fare under these conditions? Best, sleepy P.S: Currently using ESSRI in a lamy 2k and am loving it. A left-handed overwriters dream!
  7. Diamine Registrar's is my go-to ink for work, because it doesn't feather/bleeds through even the cheapest papier. It's quite expensive though, and I've bought some Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars, which is three times less expensive (factoring in shipping costs). After a workday of using both inks, the differences I've noticed : 1. The colour is virtually undistinguishable. 2. ESSRI is less dry than Diamine, so it's the ink of choice for drier pens. 3. ESSRI does feather slightly and does bleed through slightly, whereas Diamine almost never does. See the comparison here : Recto : http://i.imgur.com/gZ5LGby.jpg, Verso : http://i.imgur.com/3PWCJwE.jpg The first two lines are written with ESSRI, and the rest with Diamine.
  8. In my quest to replace the dearly departed iron gall Montblanc Midnight Blue, I bought a bottle of Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars’ Ink. As a usual matter, I ran Midnight Blue from my daily writer, a ‘60s (resin) 149, and never had problems with clogging or staining. I’ve tested ESSRI with dip pens, I like what it can do, and I want it to be my new Midnight Blue. However, I’m a bit concerned about clogging and staining, taking into account the normal extra maintenance recommended when dealing with iron gall ink. I must confess, ESSRI’s low price and frowzy packaging do not inspire confidence. How about it -- does anybody have successes, failures, clogs, or stains to report as a result of using ESSRI in a Montblanc piston-filler?
  9. SketchHood

    Essri Brief Written Review

    Hi, This is my first post, I know ESSRI has already been covered to death but I'm really enjoying the ink and figured I'd at least give something back to the community. http://i.imgur.com/pAenEcK.jpg

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