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Found 17 results

  1. A Smug Dill

    Sheen from TWSBI Blue-Black ink

    From the album: Shades of colour

    © A Smug Dill

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  2. From the album: Ink performance testing

    After a long soak:

    © A Smug Dill

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  3. From the album: Ink performance testing

    Lamy Benitoite was also included at the end, because there seems to be some uncertainty and conjecture online as to whether it has any iron-gall content.

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. From the album: Japanese pens

    This Platinum Balance pen, with a gold-plated steel nib, held Rohrer & Klingner Salix for ten or eleven weeks. At no point did the nib hard-start, despite the known shortcoming that the cap seal performance on the Platinum Balance is nowhere near as good as on cheaper Platinum models equipped with Slip & Seal inner caps. However, by the end of said period, less than 10% of the initially full fill of ink remained in the converter, even though the pen was only used moderately lightly for writing in the meantime.

    © A Smug Dill

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  5. A Smug Dill

    Hero 232 - A Lazy Review

    When it comes to cheap inks — both in terms of price per retail bottle and price per unit volume — from brands a fountain pen user outside of their countries of origin probably has heard of, it's hard to go past Hero inks. They even manage to "tick the box" when it comes to being primarily a manufacturer of fountain pens that also sell inks; some users seem to trust that inks would be safer to use if those are made by a "fountain pen brand". Out of the Hero inks, Hero 232 (iron-gall) blue-black and Hero 234 (carbon) black are probably the most well-known in the Western world. Now, of course some people think iron-gall or carbon/pigment inks implies high-maintenance and/or "damaging" to pens, and paradoxically trust inks of that type even less when they're cheap (and, well, Chinese). However, when I saw I could get some 56–60ml bottles of those Hero inks at prices per bottle of less than US$4 for Hero 232 and less than US$2 for Hero 234, I couldn't resist and wanted to satisfy my curiosity... by ordering a combined total of a dozen bottles — because the minimum shipping charges eclipse the bottle prices, but I found one seller on AliExpress with one (out of many listed) delivery method that carried a fixed charge for up to 11 bottles. (Just in case that didn't make sense, I paid for two lots of shipping charges — one per ink colour — even though they were from the same seller and in the same shopping basket. The total of twelve (4+8) was chosen because of my assumptions on the few sensible/viable options the seller had for packaging the items. Of course, my assumptions were subsequently proven wrong!) That was before COVID-19 turned the whole world upside down big time. Long story short, months went by and there was no sign of my order ever going to actually be delivered even though it was purportedly sent (in two separate shipments, with distinct tracking IDs, dispatched on the same day, so I didn't get "dudded" into paying two lots of shipping charges per se). The period of inactivity was so long that the tracking IDs disappeared, and were invalidated in Australia Post's system that once had visibility of them. AliExpress gave me a full refund for the order, including the shipping charges. Then, some weeks later, some of the bottles showed up. Not eight, not four, but nine in total over two packages, with no sign of tampering, or having been opened by Customs for inspection and packaged, etc. Given I'd already received a full refund, I didn't pursue why three bottles were missing and probably never sent in the first place. So, for readers who demand to know whether a reviewer got received the products being reviewed at no out-of-pocket expense on his/her part, I got my Hero 232 ink effectively 'free'. Not that it's any of their business; the colour, water resistance, etc. of an ink wouldn't differ on account of commercial circumstances. Now, onto the lazy review: Ink flow or 'wetness': All I can say is it's 'wetter' than Diamine Registrar's Ink, and it seems to flow fine in the EF-nibbed Faber-Castell pen I used when in normal orientation (as opposed to reverse-writing). Without filling the same pen with different blue-black iron-gall inks, I can't really tell you whether it's 'wetter' or 'drier' than Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black ink, for example. Drying time: Longer than I expected from an iron-gall ink. Feathering: None that I could see. Show-through: None that I could see. Bleed-through: None that I could see. N.B. I pressed really hard on the pen to get the broader lines onto the page, and every stroke is clearly visible from the verso side because I put deep creases in the paper with the nib doing so. Even so, there is no apparent feathering, show-through or bleed-through. Shading: Moderate within the first hours of laying ink onto the page, but I don't know whether it'll hold true in a day or a week after the iron-gall component 'cures'. Water resistance: Excellent, even after just a minute or two of getting onto the page, and notwithstanding that Rhodia Dotpad paper is somewhat coated (which really makes a difference to the apparent water resistance of such inks as Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz). How much would I trust this ink not to 'eat' my pens? I see no indication that would lead me to suspect this ink would be any more unsafe than say Diamine Registrar's Ink, ESSRI, or KWZ Ink IG Blue-Black. How expensive a pen would I fill this ink with, then? My gold-nibbed Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red Vintage, for one; but then it's no secret that I regard that pen with disdain, and I see it analogously to someone unrefined but was born with a good family name, albeit the family has been two or three generations into its spectacular decline in achievement and community standing. I can still trust it's hardy and of good stock, and the pen and nib's material should stand up to the ink just fine, even if Parker can't make a fine, precise nib these days if it must to save its life.
  6. From the album: Ink performance testing

    I couldn't stand how woolly and blobby some of the lines written with the tester pens look, especially in the actual testing pad and notebook (not Rhodia Dotpad) I'm using for the year-long experiment, and so I reground the nibs on all of the pens. Note: Colour correction — which usually makes the image darker overall — in GIMP was not applied after the scan, but I have included the reference colour patches from the same scan. I wanted to show you how dark Diamine Registrar's Ink looks to the scanner, without any doubt as to whether I artificially darkened it or increased the contrast.

    © A Smug Dill

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  7. From the album: ~Nothing to see here, move along

    The prices for a 110ml bottle of Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink, inclusive of delivery within the UK and abroad, as of February 2021. I don't see any difference for whether the customer is ordering from Australia, Barbados, Canada, Djibouti, Mexico or USA; and there appears to be no discount for ordering multiple bottles at once, so I may as well just buy a bottle at a time instead of stocking up.

    © Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies

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  8. From the album: Ink performance testing

    The ‘before’ scan for the test sheet here: All written with Daiso Air-Seal fountain pens like this one:

    © A Smug Dill

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  9. From the album: Ink performance testing

    © A Smug Dill

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  10. Dip n Scratch

    Looking For Ig Blue/black In The Uk

    I am in the UK and I was looking for a blue/black that would be getting towards darkness. Well it would be with the iron-gall content... Alright. So Rohrer & Klinger's Salix and there's Diamine Registrar's ink. Both of these I have used. I have also used Hero B/B cartridges. I suspect this to be the same as Hero 232 bottled ink. Furthermore I believe that Hero ink also has IG content. The problem is getting the Hero ink. Amazon UK doesn't have it. It is available on ebay, but I have only found it from a Aussie seller & the shipping is wince-inducing for this Yorkshireman. The three named inks all have different qualities & exhibit different shades, as far as I can see. I have not had samples of all three at the same time, so I can write using the same nib. I think it important to see how they look when using a medium and a EF nib, the sorts that I would usually be using.
  11. After reading Richard Binders' article on inks http://www.richardspens.com/?page=ref/care/inks.htm and after having some troubles with some of my pens using trashing ink I would like to know if there is a listing of inks or at least colors that should be avoided in high end pens, especially vintage models with steel nibs like for example a MB 138.
  12. amberleadavis

    Informal Review - Essri

    http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_215.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_214.jpg
  13. Hello! Here today with a quick overview of an ink mix I prepared yesterday morning. On the R&K website they say that their inks can be mixed without any negative consequences (except for sepia), so I decided to give it a try with some Salix that I already had and some Verdura that I ordered a sample of just for this experiment. They were mixed approximately 1:1, and the resulting color is a dark teal (ish). I did not do any color adjusting, but the scan appears pretty true to reality on my screen. Also, forgive my bad handwriting - my new VP is being a pain in the butt and skipping on a lot of my downstrokes, which makes me fear that it has a case of baby bottom… Anyway, I of course had to do a soak test as well. I only let the page “cure” for a few hours, so I don’t know if the IG component would have darkened more if I left it overnight. Still, what is left is readable, though not preferable: All in all, I really enjoy this color and I like that if it gets wet, it’s not a total loss. This is my big reason for wanting water-resistant ink - so that if it gets spilled on all my writing doesn’t disappear, not because I enjoy writing in the rain. :-P Btw, the paper used for the writing sample is Staples 24lb bright white inkjet paper and all inks were bought with my own money and all opinions expressed above are my own.

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