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Found 7 results

  1. When I'm out, I keep most pens in a case in my bag. Sometimes that bag gets tossed onto a couch. Other pens handle that, but the Moonman will burp ink into the cap. I know to warm a pen in my hand nib up (I have sac fillers and they're less burpy than this pen.) When the M2 is half full, it burps ink into the cap while sitting on the desk and then the pen spits while writing. Before I bought the M2, I'd read posts that this pen didn't burp despite being an eyedropper. I want to like this pen. But the burping...
  2. I have at least a dozen vintage pens that annoyingly get little use because of burping problems and I cannot for the life of me get to the bottom of why it happens. One of them is my beloved sf32. It's in near mint condition, which is part of why I really don't want to give up on it. I've tried at least a dozen different inks in it, set and reset the nib and feed in different ways and recently installed a new sac. None of it has helped at all. The pen still burps. I think I've asked this question a few times here on FPN in other sub-forums, but get the same answer - air is getting in, must be the sac or nib and feed set up, but I think I've exhausted all possibilities. I have two other Swans, including another sf32, also in great condition, they never need attention and work flawlessly. I'm beginning to wonder if some vintage pens are just duds and burping is the unexplainable, unfixible symptom of what is plain and simple, a bad pen. Is there something I could have possibly missed? Are there some vintage pens that were simply born never to write without vomiting the contents of their bladders all over you?
  3. Hey all, (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place) I love Diamine Majestic Blue: not so much the sheen, but the juicy tone. However, I'm getting serious burping/blobbing issues with a TWSBI Vac700 (my daily). I'm pretty sure it's the ink & pen combination, as haven't had burping in that pen with Havasu Turqoise or Burnt Sienna, but I'm not completely sure. Even uncapping it is asking for trouble at the moment! Could be to do with warming in my hands, but again, I haven't had this with other colours. I've definitely noticed this ink is *very* wet in this pen: I can barely make out the feed fins, or whatever they're called and it practically flies out when writing. Can I just check if anyone else has had similar issues, or if there are any tips. Would love to use the combination if possible. Is it just this ink, or have I done something to the pen somehow? I'm nearly finished the reservoir, so can try testing with another colour and/or re-assembling the pen. For science! Thanks in advance, Evy [edited for clarity]
  4. Would really appreciate ideas, insights and suggestion to identify and resolve the following issue as inexpensively as possible. Here's is the story... Last week I traded several modern pens for a beautiful Waterman Emblem (the model right after the Hundred Year pen early 40's). Great looking, smooth writing with a bit of flex to it. It was restored several years ago by a well respected nibmeister. To bring it home, I put it in a small vintage Waterman pen box and drove home - minimal moving or shaking. When I took it out to show a neighbor "bloop", a drop or two of ink falls out of the cap. I recap it, take it into my home and lay it horizontally on my desk. I figure it may have been shaken it up a little on the way home. Cleaned out the cap and there is a small amount of ink on the nib (creep), so I wipe that off too. Now,when the pen is stored vertically - nib pointing up - just the barest of ink (condensation?) in the cap. Stored vertically with the nib pointing down a drop or two of ink in the cap after 1 hour or so. I changed the ink to Pilot Blue (not Iroshizuku) because I have used it before, it's pH neutral and I like the color. Same situation remains with the "leaking". Then, yesterday, I am writing a few lines and it burps. Bladder is almost full. It happens again after a longer period of writing (maybe a paragraph or two). It writes fine with no skipping or starting issues. So, what's the problem here? I spoke with the person I traded with and he has had no such issues with the pen since he bought. (It's an indoor pen, only used by him in his office and never been an everyday carry pen. BTW, I totally trust this person! I go to a repair & restore resource - “Da Book” to troubleshoot the problems and here is what it says about – "Sources of Ink Drops on Paper or Build Up on Nib": Air leak in system: ? - unknown, where, and why now suddenly Check cap air holes: they are both (2) clear/fine (Removal of cap causes slight suction: not that I can tell (not with two functional air holes) Pen exposed to heat source – inc. body heat: N/A it happens when I leave upright in a pen holder Poor nib/feed adjustment: ? Pen has been subject to shaking or vibration: N/A as ink drains ink the cap even while stationary Are the nib & feed cleaned of excess ink after filling? Problem continues after refilling (twice) and careful wiping Air pressure change (flying or fast elevator): N/A To large ink sac: This restorer doesn't make those mistakes and it never happened to previous owner Pen nearly empty – may flow heavier: Plenty of ink when the pen was emptied and flushed (2x) for refilling Defective nib feed: ? High capacity feed: ? This pen was used on a somewhat regular basis, so I am curious as to the source of the leak? I have emptied (2x) it and found (plenty of ink in the pen) flushed and refilled the pen twice with different inks Waterman Blue and Pilot Blue. Stored capped and nib up – no ink in the cap after and hour or two Stored capped and nib down – several small drops of ink in the cap after and hour or two (doesn't seem to have much more with more time) Changed ink to Waterman Blue and then Pilot blue ink. So that's my story and I am open to any help from the knowledgeable members of the Waterman, or any other forum. Thanks.
  5. comixfan

    Lamy Safari Burping Ink--Any Tips?

    I've got a new Lamy Safari w/ F nib and it's practically unusable due to the fact that it simply gushes ink every 20 seconds or so. It will appear to be writing normally, but after a few lines will just burp a dallop of ink. Does anyone have any tips for how to fix this? I didn't think Safaris needed any kind of nib or feed adjustment right out of the box. Thanks in advance!
  6. shawng

    Ahab Eye Dropper

    I've had a Noodler's ahab for the last couple months, and I've loved every part of it. Converted to an eyedropper the Ahab can hold 6mL of ink!!! and I've tried to do this a couple times, with little success. Every time I think I've successfully done it, to either one of my ahabs, it suffers from severe burping and and leaking from the feed, and often ending up with a cap filled with ink. Is there anyway to alleviate this problem? Thanks
  7. Uncial

    Burping Prera

    I use my Pilot Prera as an eyedropper. It's the green demonstrator that I fill with Kobe no.19 and I think it looks quite cool. I even like the white, semi-opaque cap that others despise. It's a decent little cheapy and I've had fun with it for a while, but lately it has been burping; burping a lot. I suspect it has something to do with the way the cap is held in place. Has anyone else found this, and might there be a solution?

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