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Cross Classic Mechanical Pencil Jammed


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Hi, I got this Cross pen and pencil set years and years ago from Office Depot, it was the most expensive pen and pencil I ever bought, like $30 and I used it all the time. The pencil is a twist, and should take .7mm lead. I can't even remember when anymore, but at some point, the pencil just stopped working. No lead that I put in would function and I was too young to know how to take care of it (I would put lead in through the front if I was being lazy which I have since learned is actually terrible). Anyway, I have been trying to put lead inside, but there's something in there. I used a Pilot Lead Cleaner thingy and it went inside, didn't make contact with anything and didn't loosen up anything in there. I've put a wire in there and it hit against something which wouldn't budge. There doesn't seem to be a simple way to disassemble it, I've gently tugged and turned every bit of to see if I could get the guts out (I mean, I know I can take the back off and there's a little tube for lead there but that's where it's jammed, unfortunately, the little tube is too deep for me to get anything really in there, even light - I'm only guessing that it's jammed to be fair). I'm just sad because it's pretty, it's well-built, and would match perfectly with a couple of my fountain pens! If only I could get it working again. What can I do? Is there anything left that I could do, or is it dead? The set isn't really made anymore, I found one on Ebay fo $40 named Cross Classic Signature Pen & 0.7mm Pencil, and I won't pay $40 for the pencil since I don't care about ballpoints~

Anyhow, it wouldn't be the end of my life if I can't salvage it, I got a Pilot S20 that's really comfortable to write with.


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