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Hi folks,


I have decided to finally post a review and not just spy around :)


Diamine Steel Blue is easily one of my favourite Diamine colours, it's that happy-teal-colour family which we cannot get enough of :blush: I took couple of notebooks and written a page to demonstrate what the ink looks like on each paper.


Please do let me know if there are any other papers you'd like to see...so far we have Leuchtturm, Rhodia White & Ivory and Tomoe River.




Mishka (^_~)






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I love the colour and I did get good sheen on Tomoe from it when it was in a very wet pen. I just can't remember what the pen was now.

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Thank you for this surprising review! I thought steel would look blue but now I am astonished that it is - some call it teal some turquoise - I would tend to call it eau de Nil.

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One of the first bottles of ink I bought. I love the teal colour of this ink. I found it indistinguishable to Diamine Marine for some reason, and people go nuts over that colour (e.g. Brian Goulet).


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Great flow, it bleeds through lesser papers, it's got great saturation and a interesting hue.

But it's a stainer,be warned.


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