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Hey there! This is my very first ink review so it's very possible that I have left out stuff. Suggestions for future reviews are very welcome!


The ink I will be reviewing today is the Diamine Marine. It has been well documented, but it is such a bright, happy blue with such beautiful shading that I couldn't resist adding another to the list.




Coming from the Namiki Falcon onto Rhodia, Marine is a beautifully shading ink. The colour ranges from a light turquoise to a pretty dark teal. Dry time on Rhodia is fairly extended with the ink completely drying only around the 25- 30 second mark. However, writing with a pen that has a more controlled flow yeilds a dry time of around 15- 20 seconds.


The ink is not very saturated and there was no bleedthrough (and only minor showthrough) on the back of the paper after the third pass. Water resistance is negligible.




Lubrication and flow are very good, as with all Diamine inks I have used. There are no start up issues even if I do leave my pen uncapped for up to fifteen minutes. I've mis-written one of the cons(oops!): it does feather on copy paper, but only very little and there is no bleedthrough.




The ink is comparable to Diamine Soft Mint, but it is more blue-ish.




Shading from a flex pen! :puddle:




Oh, on a final note, my 30ml bottle of Marine isn't the plastic I've seen in other places, but a rather more attractive glass one. Just thought it worth mentioning; hope you liked the review :)


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Oh, on a final note, my 30ml bottle of Marine isn't the plastic I've seen in other places, but a rather more attractive glass one. Just thought it worth mentioning; hope you liked the review :)



Pics ?? :lol: :lol:

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While I enjoy your review just looking at this photos made me clench my teeth and turn my eyes. But don't judge me. Even Satan himself would turn his eyes from Diamine Marine with shriek od pain. I believe it's one of my two most hated inks ever made (both made by Diamine, congratulation guys : Marine and Soft Mint hunt me in nightmares).

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A very nice review, thank you for posting!

...............      .................    

This post made with recycled electrons.

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I have this ink, and love it. It is extremely well behaved, and very smooth to write with. It never gives me any trouble. I love the shading, and the color I find it quite lovely. It can also sit in a pen, and immediately write. Clean up is a breeze.

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Helen, what's your reaction to Sheaffer turquoise? I like it.

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I really like the Sheaffer Skrip Turquoise. Well behaved ink, and have had no problems using it in any of my pens. Use it with my Black n' Red Notebooks, Rhodia Notebooks & 24 lb. weight paper with no problems. It was Inkstainedruth who introduced me to some vintage Skrip Turquoise, and now I have (3) brands of Turquoise.

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Excellent review, nicely detailed with great photos. The best part is vis' response. :0

It's hard work to tell which is Old Harry when everybody's got boots on.

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Pics ?? :lol: :lol:


There you go! It certainly isn't the most attractive, but I like it better than the plastic ones.








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To everyone else, thank you so much for all your kind words :)

They were very encouraging, this being my first stab at something of this sort.


Visvamitra, I laughed for a good ten minutes at your reply :lticaptd: Considering it had Marine and Soft Mint, this review must have been a nightmare for you.

I do understand your anguish though, the sight of hot pinks like Hope Pink and Cerise make me shudder.

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Loved the review but I find myself torn about the color. The color I find very appealing-for some reason I feel drawn to aqua and teal colors-Chesterfield Antique Mariner is an absolute fave of mine. But I was always a basic black and blue person. So for me it is the exploration and discovery aspects in the wonderful world of colors that makes this all so amazing. Maybe it's just me? Great job.

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Excellent review, nicely detailed with great photos. The best part is vis' response. :0




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