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Found 10 results

  1. Mercian

    Waterman Havana owned by Mercian.jpeg

    From the album: Some of Mercian’s inks

    A photograph of a writing sample made with my Waterman Havana. I bought this bottle some time between 1999 and 2004. I strongly suspect the date to be near the end of that period, but cannot remember for certain. I perceive this ink to be ‘maroon’ in colour, rather than ‘brown’. This is particularly evident in the sentence at the bottom of the paper, which was written with a Parker 45 with a steel ‘M’ nib. But it can also be seen in the curve of the ‘D’ in the word ‘BROADER’ in the phrase “BROADER (& WETTER)” that I wrote with a Parker Vector fitted with an italic nib. I do perceive the first sentence that I wrote with the Vector as being more ‘brown’ than the writing that was done with less ink (with the finer nib), but in my ‘normal’ pens (which have ‘F’ or ‘M’ nibs) I always perceive this ink to be ‘maroon’, not ‘brown’.
  2. A Smug Dill

    Sailor Manyo Ume - A Lazy Review

    Wetness: I'd say moderate. Bleed-through: None that I could see. Feathering: None that I could see. Shading: Plenty, even along very thin lines of ink. Sheen: None that I could see. Water resistance: Very good. Legible grey marks remain after prolonged soaking. The colour that gets lifted off the page upon contact with water can end up making the general area quite pink, but the grey marks will stand out against it. The red that washes off Sailor Manyo Ume isn't quite as staining as the blue in Sailor Manyo Chigaya. Overall: I like it as a sheen-free alternative to Sailor Shikiori yodaki and okuyama.
  3. A Smug Dill

    Diamine Oxblood

    Another quickie ink review, on one type of paper only, while I'm testing my (Extra) Fine-nibbed pens and trying to figure out what I want to do with my full ink reviews... Flow: Well/'wet' enough, such that writing produced with the Platinum DP-1000AN with EF nib does not appear dry, and the differences in colour intensity from the various EF nibs I used are not as pronounced as with other inks. Feathering: Effectively none on the Rhodia paper I used, even though the nib on the Sailor 11-0073-120 desk pen is so rough it tore through the coating on the surface of the paper, and got some fibres caught up between the tines a few times: Bleedthrough: Effectively none on the Rhodia paper I used. Drying time: Quick. After 10 seconds, smearing from rubbing with a dry fingertip was negligible. Water resistance: Not much. Shading: Not a whole lot from EF nibs, which is another testament to the ink being 'wet'. Sheen: There is a much darker outline visible when excess ink dries on the page, but not so different in hue than the ink itself that I'd call it sheen.
  4. Something very strange has happened to my my Kwz Ink Maroon. As far as I know there were two versions of this ink and mine is the second release. I really liked it but haven't used it very much. A couple of days ago I inked up a pen with it and it was writing a little deeper on the brown tone than I remember, but still very much maroon in colour. A day later, the colour has changed to a rather dull rusty brown. This isn't an iron gal ink. I wondered if my ink logs of it were the same and checked and they were still a nice maroon colour. I thought that maybe there had been a contamination of inks from the last fill so I filled a new pen with it and tested a dip nib on different papers - same effect; after about 24 hours it dries to a dull brownish rust colour. The ink is still in it's box, so it hasn;t been left exposed to bright sunlight. There's no SITBI and the ink smells fine and looks maroon in the bottle. I think I've ruled out everything which leaves the ink dyes as the only possible issue. Anyone else experienced this?
  5. gylyf

    Kwz Maroon #1

    Yet another wonderful ink from Konrad: Close-ups: Like many of Konrad's inks, this one doesn't sheen so much as glow: Swatch: On Rhodia:
  6. Clumsy_Penman

    Kwz Ink - Maroon

    Hi, I have just posted on my blog a short review of KWZ - Maroon, which was reviewed here, but I decided to share a little my pictorial contribution to the topic. So, here it is. KWZ maroon is a nice and rewarding ink. As most KWZ inks it performs really well. The flow is pretty good and in general I have not found much problems with feathering, bleeding through and all this horrible thing which may happen on the paper. It may do a bit on very cheap and absorbing copy paper, but Rhodia, ClaireFontaine, Midori...these are all fine. Even on more generic but decent quality paper it performs very good. The colour is deep dark red with hints of magenta/purple and pink hues, which make Maroon very appealing. Is not chestnutty brown as name would suggest, KWZ maroon is definitely reddish. It reminds dark red Bordeaux wine. Is somehow close to popular some time ago Diamine Oxblood, except the purple tones. Wet looks very juicy and rich. Diluted areas show more red colours, whereas when it dries the purple tones plays larger role. This is visible on writing samples. KWZ Maroon shades a little, however due to its saturation , shading is not that pronounced. Purple and magenta tones are apparent much more on lighter strokes. On ivory toned paper KWZ maroon looks more brown. There is a little bit of sheen, visible on smooth paper. The only cons which may concern some people is characteristic to KWZ inks smell produced by one of the chemicals used in production, which the best to my knowledge will be replaced in the future and inks would be reformulated. We'll see. Additionally, is not water resistant, which depending what you do with ink may be beneficial. Otherwise KWZ Maroon is a good ink with solid colour and really good performance. For my full review please check my blog. Here are some wet, semi-dry and dry test samples as well as some writing. http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-1-3.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-22.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-5-2.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-71.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-41.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-27.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-72.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-62.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-79.jpg
  7. gylyf

    Kobe #27 Kounan Maroon

    I don't think having both this one and Oku-yama is necessary, but if Oku-yama is a little too red/pink for you, then this one might be worth a look: Nice sheen: Comparison with Oku-yama (Oku-yama on the left, Kounan Maroon on the right): And again:
  8. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Maroon

    I'm currently reviewing some of my favourite Diamine inks. This is Diamine Maroon. This ink is neither waterproof nor archivalBearing in mind the paper I use is very smooth, and I write with a stub nib, this ink took 13-15 secs to dry.It flows quite well and lubricates the nib quite well. No start-up problems noticed.It is currently available in 30ml plastic bottles and 80ml glass bottles.Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.It's reasonably priced.
  9. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_1920.jpghttp://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inked_Today/slides/20141025_005303.jpg
  10. Hello My latest purchase is winging its way to me from Italy and (being mad as a bullfrog), I like to match my inks to my pens. I know it's difficult judging pen (or ink) colours online, but I am considering Sailor Grenade or Diamine Merlot. The pen is described in various places as maroon, aubergine or purple. Which isn't remotely helpful. Anyone any thoughts on the two inks above or any other suggestions? Thanks! Jon

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