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Sheaffer PFM III clip removal


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Is it possible to remove the clip from a pfm III.


The cap was cracked and I have repaired the crack using a solvent weld I found was recommended on here a few years  ago. Now I need to smooth the repair so its less visually ugly but it is very near to the clip so Id like to remove it as the plating is still in good condition.


Also the cap has been attacked by a previous restorer who drilled out the end of the inner cap, presumably to try and make the clip less wobbly or because it corroded badly. Im planning to fix that with the tip of an imperial I inner cap. Anyway, this cap has no imprints at all, not a trace was this from factory, possibly a defect? or did the previous owner also attack this part of the cap. The nib says made in USA and the AUS nib I have doesn't fit the barrel threads as well which supports this being a US pen. The trim ring is also good so it would have to have been protected to keep the plating in tact if they sanded the markings off. Secondly the micro surfaces scratches are very constant across the hole pen so I don't think they have been removed. Any thoughts on this would be interesting.


thanks for any help!

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