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I recently bought a myPaperclip notebook in the A4 size and the paper is amazingly smooth. It is however pretty expensive and comes in at around ₹280 for 240 plain pages. I have, in the past used the bilt matrix 5 subject books and they're nice too. The bilt executive bond paper is however the cheapest good paper option that I know of.

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Hi, try the Italian brand fabriano available through flipkart.





Its absolute value for money product. Try it. You won't regret it.

Its my daily driver for cursive handwriting exercise.




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I am currently using following notebooks :


1. myPAPERCLIP executive series : These notebooks are thread sewn soft bound. They have 80gsm paper. They are available in ruled, grid patterns. Unruled notebooks are also available. The paper is very fountain pen friendly, it is cream coloured, smooth(has no texture). However, quality of the paper is inconsistent. Some papers(in the same notebook) are ink-resistive while some are absorbent and may lead to feathering or bleed-through even with finer nibs.


Cost : 245/-


2. Bilt matrix spiral bound : This notebook has 70gsm paper. The paper is fountain pen friendly. It is moderately ink-resistant. However, it is a little toothy/textured for my liking.


Coat :195/-


3. Anupam plush : Anupam is a local brand. They produce good quality journals and diaries. Paper quality (gsm) is unknown. But they have FP friendly paper. It is cream-coloured paper and smoother than bilt. I haven't noticed any bleed-through or feathering so far.


Cost : 395/-


4. JK cedar 100gsm : I bought a ream of 500 sheets and got some of them spiral bound. This may be the best paper I've used so far. As I don't use unruled paper, I'm planning to print and get them hard-bound.

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I am moving back to India in a few months and had been wondering what to switch to from Rhodia. Thanks for all the excellent suggestions. Are these papers all very FP friendly ?

Dear arunmadhav,


You do not have the need to give up on Rhodia.


You can still continue to use them. Rhodia pads and notebooks are now available in India.


You can either contact the importer or directly or buy them on Flipkart.com or Amazon.in


Best Regards,


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I like Shipra's A4 Premium Paper Square Book. 50 Sheets. Code No. SS-202. Cannot find it online. At my local stationer, I tell them for the 'architect notebook' and that's how they get it. The grid format can be very handy.

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I recently picked up a few Rubberband notebooks from Mumbai airport. These are the small size twin pack books. They are super for fountain pens as the ink doesn't leak to the other side.

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I use rubberband notebooks at office daily, but I would not call it fountain pen friendly paper. Almost all the Krishna inks feather.


Fabriano is much better option.

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