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Great work, though the link seems to be broken and needs to be update if possible. I managed by googling "penshops info" and it is the first search result.

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Taking a look at the website, the shop just north of Indianapolis and the one in Columbus, OH are both permanently closed

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Apologies for creating more work for somebody, but here is what I did today:


Tried the link to the list of pen shops shown in the original post of this (pinned) thread.... it gives a 404 site unobtainable error. That is because the original URL was an http://..... site, but the current pen shops index site is an https://..... site. The OP in this thread needs editing, plus any other references to the old URL.


Did not see my local pen shop on the map. ( The Writing Desk, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. ) So I added that shop to the directory (as a guest), copying and pasting from the shop's website. Hit Save..... And the shop's listing duly appeared on screen, but with a USA address in the information! I have no way to edit that glitch.


Tried a search in the directory by the shop name, and found "The Writing Desk" shop had already been entered, in 2009, but with no location or contact information. No evidence seen of any of the information that I had just entered, and no pin appearing on the map view.


So that's a bit of a mess 🤔.



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Мне нравится эта идея. Я только что добавил наш интернет-магазин. Спасибо!


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If anyone knows how to contact the administrator of the pen shop directory, please do so as it had been trashed with questionable non pen related content. Also, as indicated previously some of the entries are out of date due to the deaths of some of the proprietors and subsequent store closings.

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