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Ink Made From Smog!

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I just saw a newspaper article about a startup in India that has invented a device to make ink from vehicle smog :o


The inventer noticed that the soot from diesel cars was turning his clothes black, and thought that he could clean the city's air by making that smog in to ink.

He and his team at Graviky Labs then went about building a device that will capture particulates from vehicle exhaust. These are then processed to remove toxins such as heavy metals, and the recovered-and-cleaned carbon soot then turned in to ink for use by artists.

They have partnered with Tiger Beer to market the invention & raise investment to get the inks to market - and smog removed from our cities' air.


So far, they are showing spray cans and marker pens, and refill bottles for them.

I hope that they will start making carbon-black ink for fountain pens.






The second website is hosted by Tiger Beer, so requires you to enter your country of residence & date of birth to prove that you are of legal drinking age.

Foul in clear conditions, but handsome in the fog.


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Uhm, how toxic is that ink? I mean, the smoke out a car exaust is not just carbon powder.

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Uhm, how toxic is that ink? I mean, the smoke out a car exaust is not just carbon powder.


"Soot collected by KAALINK undergoes various proprietary processes to remove heavy metals and carcinogens. The end product is purified carbon based pigment"


Looks like the end result is perfectly safe, albeit, economically questionable.

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It's the oldest form of ink: just about all ancient inks had a component of soot. Cosmetics, too.

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April's fool joke?

In reality processing the soot of car fumes may well need such investments that the price of the ink bottle will be tenfold the price of current ink bottles on the market.

Unless charcoal was used, but that would be, when presented as reused car soot ink, mildly spoken, cheating.

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      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
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      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
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      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
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