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Hi there,


I've been following the great discussions on here for a while but never posted before. A v.brief intro....I'm an amateur / relatively new collector of pens with a small collection of Mont Blanc, Waterman and vintage Parkers. I recently purchased my first Pelikan last week and that is the impetus for this post! It was bought from ebay from what appears to be a reputable and credible seller with no red flags. Solds as a mint/unused M650 - black barrel, silver/Vermeil cap. The pen arrived and condition was as described and all looked in order BUT it has a 14K monotone nib. My understanding was that all M650s were fitted with 2-tone 18K nibs? This has clearly got me concerned that this is a 'frankenstein' - either the nib has been changed, or possibly the barrel is that of an M600 (or even M400....would that fit the cap?). The alternative is of course that it is a fake, but I don't believe that to be the case. I'm still in the window of opportunity for returning the pen, but love the model and still hopeful there's a reassuring explanation!


I'd be hugely grateful for any help, info. or advice.


Very best,



ps. Can post a picture later if that's helpful....

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My understanding is also that the M650 was fitted with a two-toned 18C-750 nib. It would not be an M400 barrel mated to an M600 cap because that would not be compatible after 1997 and though these pens are on the cusp of that date, they have the post-'97 trim. Even an M450 had a two-toned nib if I recall correctly. It does sound as if the nib may have been swapped out but, depending on the price that you paid, it may be worth keeping the pen and sourcing an appropriate nib if it's important to you. I've never owned one so others may be able to chime in with more first hand knowledge about the M650 nib.


Here is a link to everything I know about that model; http://wp.me/P4XMw3-kS

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Brilliant. Thanks so much for the very useful response Sargetalon and the excellent link. I love the vermeil cap and feel it really adds something elegant to the pen so would've been willing to overlook the nib as you suggest BUT I probably paid a little over the odds for the pen in the first place so given this I think I'm going to be forced to return it. The search for my first pelikan continues! I also have my eye on the Wall St. so perhaps that was my destiny. Thanks again for your help.

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