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Iroshizuku Co-Razy View Group Review!

Lou Erickson

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Iroshizuku Co-Razy View Group Review!

Pilot’s Iroshizuku inks are beautiful but expensive, and therefore somewhat unknown. Let’s try them out together, so we can see what results others get, and talk about them together!

It’s more fun to do things with other people, so this is a chance to try something at the same time other people are, and to discuss it together.

This is not a group buy! This is a group of people doing something similar together. If you want the ink to try, you’ve got to find it yourself. Naturally, we can do that together, too.

What Will Happen

Each month there will be one Iroshizuku color picked, and we’ll discuss it and collect reviews of that one color in a thread for that color over in the Ink Reviews forum.

Personally, I will keep at least one pen inked with that color for the entire month, and will have several scans to share. I’ll also make a point to post a sampler sheet with a variety of nib widths.

The next month’s ink will be listed a week or two early so that you can find your bottle, or order a bottle or a sample of the color to try, if you wish to do so.

How To Join

You are welcome to participate in any month you like. If you have a bottle and want to share a writing sample, great! If you are intrigued by the color and want to order a sample or even a whole bottle, you’re welcome to do that too.

If you think a color is ugly, you can skip that month. If you are busy, skip that month. It’s okay!

There are several ways you can participate!

Working Together

Let’s go Co-Razy! :) Things are more fun when people do them together, so I’m going to encourage everyone to try and write half a review! Well, a half-width review, anyway.

Amberlea has been doing the Co-Razy Views (CRV) for a while, and it is interesting to see how different people’s pens and handwriting look together. Like this! It lets you really compare them and get a feel for how the ink may behave in ways you might not see.

If you have time to write twice, and want to have a penpal, you can write a letter. Write your letter using half the width of the page. Extra bonus coolness if you include the things Amberlea suggests discussing! Scan and post it in the review thread as normal. Then, mail it to me. PM me for my address.

I don’t have time to reply to all of them - I wish I could! - so I’ll be mailing you someone else’s review. If there’s an odd number, I’ll write the remaining one.

When someone’s letter comes, you write a reply on the second half of the page, next to the original person’s review. Talk back, agree, disagree, doodle, say whatever. Then scan it in and add it to that month’s scans and comparisons thread.

On your reply you’re welcome to use the month’s color in your pen and hand, or to use a similar color so people can see how they compare to one another. Both are interesting and valuable!

Solo Contributions

If you don’t have time to mess about with the mail, but you have or get the month’s color, feel free to and add scans of your use of that ink. Please let us know what paper and pen you’re using.

The side-by-side Co-Razy Views are always interesting, so if you want to do one on your own, that’s great too. Compare the month’s ink against a different ink you have, or to show how it looks in two different pens! You don’t have to mail things anywhere to do a comparison!

For the same extra coolness, consider including all the things Amberlea discusses in her review thread.


If you have the ink, or have tried the ink in the past, and would like to share your experiences, please chime in on the thread. Scans or photos are great, but not everyone has the time or equipment to make that happen. That’s no problem! Let us know what you think. Ask people questions, too!

The Ink Schedule

Here’s the schedule for what ink will be the focus of each month!






October 2014




Dark Blue

November 2014





December 2014



Deep Sea

Dark Blue

January 2015



Winter Persimmon


February 2015



Old Man Winter


March 2015



Dew on Pine Tree

Dark Green

April 2015




Pink Red

May 2015





June 2015



Japanese Beautyberry


July 2015





August 2015



Morning Glory

Dark Blue

September 2015



Autumn Shower


October 2015



Autumn Leaves


November 2015



Wild Chestnut


December 2015



Deep Cerulean Blue

Dark Blue

January 2016



Bamboo Charcoal


February 2016



Sky Blue

Light Blue

March 2016



Bamboo Forest

Yellow Green

April 2016




Medium Blue

May 2016



Forest Green


June 2016



Crimson Glory Vine


July 2016



Asiatic Dayflower


August 2016





September 2016



Rice Ear

Tan/Light Brown

Thanks To

Many thanks to Amberlea for being inspiring and encouraging, and co-ordinating with the moderators of the other forums to make sure these go to the right forum.

More thanks to Amberlea for her jumping in and helping with eye-catching titles.

Thanks, too, to the enthusiastic people who helped me be sure this would be interesting and fun. Let's do it!


Ask away!


Lou Erickson - Handwritten Blog Posts

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Iroshizuku Group Review Index

This is a list of all the threads for discussion of each month’s color. The threads can be found in the ”Ink Reviews” section of the forum. As the threads are created, they’ll be made into links in this post.

Iroshizuku - Tsukushi (Horsetail) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-07

Iroshizuku - Asa-gao (Morning Glory) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-08

Iroshizuku - Kiri-same - CRV - Group Review - 2015-09

Iroshizuku - Momiji (Autumn Leaves) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-10

Iroshizuku - Yama-guri (Wild Chestnut) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-11

Iroshizuku - Kon-peki (Deep Cerulean Blue) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-12

Iroshizuku - Take-sumi (Bamboo Charcoal) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-01

Iroshizuku - Ama-iro (Sky Blue) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-02

Iroshizuku - Chiku-rin (Bamboo Forest) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-03

Iroshizuku - Ajisai - CRV (Hydrangea) - Group Review - 2016-04

Iroshizuku - Shin-ryoku (Forest Green) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-05

Iroshizuku - Yama-budo (Crimson Glory Vine) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-06

Iroshizuku - Tsuyu-kusa (Asiatic Dayflower) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-07

Iroshizuku - Tsutsuji (Azalea) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-08

Iroshizuku - Ina-ho (Rice Ear) - CRV - Group Review - 2016-09

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Lou Erickson - Handwritten Blog Posts

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I already own most of the colors, only 5 are missing and 2 of those are on the way to me :). I will try to participate - but I have never written reviews before, I hope I can do it!

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Well, I can't help out for over a year, but I will if I can and don't forget :P


Never mind, I still have a Tsuki-yo sample

Edited by AHoppy
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Cool idea, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this project! I'll also try to join in on the months I have samples and bottles for!

So many inks, so little time...

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I'm so glad this is happening! I'll have to load up on samples. Generally, I am not the biggest fan of blue inks, so this will be a good project for broadening my horizons, at least a little. It'll be cool to see how different some of these inks look in different pens, on different paper, with different users.

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I'm still waiting for my Tsuki-yo to arrive, myself. I'm looking forward to going through all of them, as it gives me plenty of chances to use different pens with a predictable ink. Adds some structure to my ink selection for a while.


Looking forward to seeing what everyone adds!

Edited by Lou Erickson


Lou Erickson - Handwritten Blog Posts

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Just placed an order with Goulet for the first three colors!


I also ordered a medium sized, Side staplebound Rhodia notebook for ink sample testing. I've wanted to try Rhodia for a while, and for the price ($3.30), it seemed like the perfect book to use for ink samples.


Decided that I'd go with ink samples to start, figuring that if I like the sample, I can add bottles to the next order I place. Also, it seems that three months at a time makes sense for shipping cost savings.


And of course, any time I order anything from them, I always find a few extras, so really ordering every three months is better for my wallet!

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers ~ Voltaire

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Thank you for the kind words. I've already mailed a submission off to you to kick start the project. I love the P/I inks - I was sad for a while because they aren't waterproof, but I found that they often held up well to fade tests and that thrills me. I'm super excited to be part of this great community building project. Thank you.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Want to get a special letter / gift from me, then create a Ghostly Avatar

Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 366 Inks in 2016

Check out inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY

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An interesting idea, I have coincidentally ordered a Tsuki-Yo myself before reading this post. I shall be getting it in the mail but not really sure when. Will look forward to posting :)

Fountain pens are like weapons. They just make your pocket bleed so much.

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I have:










I could contribute something.

Imagination and memory are but one thing which for diverse reasons hath diverse names. -- T. Hobbes - Leviathan

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Hmmm.... I have Tsuki-yo, and I think I'd like to play along.


Do I have to mail or can I just scan?

Feel free to just scan if you're short on time. More contributions are better. Try a CRV with different pens or comparing the monthly ink to a similar ink you own.


Lou Erickson - Handwritten Blog Posts

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Scans are awesome additions, but the shared written letters are like little bundles of joy.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Want to get a special letter / gift from me, then create a Ghostly Avatar

Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 366 Inks in 2016

Check out inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY

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Anyone else in the UK/EU area taking part? Would be easier for postal timings to mail between ourselves I feel :) I'll also be scanning and uploading too.

"...using a fountain pen should feel like riding a unicorn through a field of cupcakes during a rainstorm of scotch while eating bacon" - Dan Smith

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on" - Billy Connolly

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I am so glad this idea got off the ground. :thumbup: Will try to join from October

I am no longer very active on FPN but feel free to message me. Or send me a postal letter!

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