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Why I Am Here, Or Just Another Tragic Story...

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It's funny. One of my other favorites is a M200 Red Demonstrator. It has an EF nib which, used straight, produces a line too wide for me. But used turning it a little bit clockwise, it produces lines with texture and personality, and it is a delight to write with it (in some situations, of course).


Now that I must admit I have at least partly a collector's soul, you will know more about my pens. Of course I will keep you and all the friends here posted. This site is really great!

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¡Happy ending! I sent the Sheaffer pen with its new nib to Mike Masuyama, and he did a great job. He corrected the slight skipping problem, and grounded the nib so as to be able to produce a 0.2 mm line stroke. I am very happy with the result. This pen/nib is slightly more wet and not as smooth than the original: without being scratchy at all, it certainly has a smaller writing surface, which allows to feel the response of the paper. Or so I explain to myself. This is not unpleasant at all. On the main issue, the nib is now finer than the original, which is absolutely fine for me. All in all, this new pen/nib writes beautifully and is a proud successor to the original one.

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