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What Pencil Are You Using Today?


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13 hours ago, lectraplayer said:

I swear. People will steal anything that isn't nailed down. :3

That said, stolen writing implements are probably about as common as rocks in the river.


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My go to is GraphGear 1000. I ended up giving 5 away to coworkers after finding a good deal from a office depot going out of business. 

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I accidentally posted about a pen here. I do need to try the Levenger True Writer Starry Night mechanical pencil. 

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Haven't posted here in, oh, about three years, although I do visit from time to time to read things.  On a whim, since I use a lot of pencils, thought I'd post in this thread.


For drawing, mostly a vintage Eagle 314 draughting pencil.  That's about a two inch stub in the extender.  Almost time to break out another one.  I have about three dozen unused ones, which should last me quite a while.  They're getting too expensive to buy more unless I get lucky at a yard sale.


For writing, mostly the old Parker 0.9 mm pencil you see, although I also have this little no name 1.1 mm one.



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"So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do."


- Benjamin Franklin

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I often get mechanical pencils when I buy fountain pen lots from eBay.  Normally, I group them together and re-sell them.   I do like the Sheaffer "Pearlies" and my husband does too, so they go straight to his desk.  However, this is what I got today and I like it enough to keep!  Is this common?  I've never seen one before.

That's a picture of the Sheaffer Pen Co. headquarters in Fort Madison, Iowa!pencil.thumb.jpg.bce2d1e4fd04109088dfef7e3693da80.jpg

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On 5/10/2024 at 8:57 PM, ParramattaPaul said:

Did you not have access to the 'U.S. Government' stamped dual end mechanical pencils I know are/were issued to FAA air traffic controllers?  The one I . . . um . . . procured worked well.

I did, but the lead was too thick. On some of the charts we used, that lead would give a line about 5 miles wide. Still liked the 0.5s.  I did have a couple of the red/black mechanical pencils the maintainers used. One of them had blue and red lead for when we reconstructed a mission. Had a piece of blue electrical tape on it to let me know it was blue lead. Still have them around here someplace. 

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1 hour ago, psimpson130 said:

On some of the charts we used, that lead would give a line about 5 miles wide.

Not your typical low altitude sectional or high-altitude charts then?

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