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Cases From Single To Four Pens

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Received two cases from Ashish last week, surprised by the quick delivery from India to UK. Cases are very nice with lovely soft leather, and they seem fairly well well put together. The 4 pen case is nice and big, and happily accepts big pens like my MB Mark Twain or CP8. Not as swish as something by Montblanc etc, but considering the price an absolute bargain. Thanks Ashish!

- James

Montblanc "F. Scott Fitzgerald" (M), "Mark Twain" (F) & "William Faulkner" (B) Writers Editions - Classic Pens "CP8 Murelli" Flamme (1.0mm stub) - Visconti "Cosmopolitan" Vermeil Gold (1.3mm stub)

Caran D'Ache "Grand Canyon" & "Saffron" - Iroshizuku "Shin-ryoku", "Tsuki-yo" & "Yama-budo" - J. Herbin "1670" - Montblanc "Midnight Blue"

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Ashish, how long does it take to reach the US (normally)?


14 business days



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I see some cases say "large" and other's don't. Are there two different sizes?


My pens aren't very large- I would carry a Pelikan M400, Esterbrook Purse pen, Parker Vacumatic Junior, and Eversharp Skyline. Are my pens too small for these cases?


Hi, your pens would fit well in the pocket style cases (1, two, and three pen capacity), they would be small for the box style cases which hold pens upto 7" long and 0.8 inches diameter.





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English John

I have been using the 4 pen black case (with flaps) for a few weeks now.

Lovely leather, and protects the pens , and fits in my inside pocket of my coat...

what more can I say ?

Thank you !


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I've just received my 1-pen case, textured-skin... very pleased with it (although a bit too long for the pen I was thinking to use with, but I've change my mind and another one is there).



Thank you very much !!





Pelikan Graphos set (64 nibs, a few repeated, looking for 2 nibs). Pelikan caligraphy set.

1 Waterman, 1 Pelikan, 2 Tombow, 3 Kaweco, 1 Hardley-Davidson (needs restauration), and more unnamed... I wish I have Montblanc Humboldt & Chaplin Editions...


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I received my 3 cases. Very nice! thank you.

I wish I could work magic on vintage pens like PenFisher, "The Pen Whisperer"!


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Got my four pen case, it's a bit long for my pens, but very handsome. I use it every day.


Thank you Ashish!

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Hi: You appear to have many that recommend your products. I would like to obtain a few to try. I note the shipping is included in

the prices, is this correct for the U.S.A. buyers? I am going to PM you as well as post this so others may find this answer as well.

Do you take credit cards or only Paypal? What is the approximate time for receiving of the order from the time of the payment ?

Thank you very much and keep up the good works ! :happyberet:

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Received mine yesterday. I must say the leather is very soft and the stitching is flawless.

Nice job Ashish!

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Looking forward to receiving mine. Thanks.



Email me

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