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Found 9 results

  1. In case the title gets truncated this is Sailor Ishida bungu Hakodate twilight vs Kingdom Note Garrulous lidthi vs Kingdom Note Entoloma virescens vs Bungbox Ozaemaki Ocean.
  2. Here is a review of one of the Sailor inks made for Ishida Bungu shop on Hokkaido, Japan. This one is called IAI135 "School Brown". I'm not certain of the reference to IAI135 whether it is an identifier of a particular school in Hakodate, or a class, or what. Perhaps someone from Japan can help educate us on its meaning. The ink is really great though. Similar to Sailor's Do-you, but not as dark, and somewhat cooler in hue. Some of the images seem to have captured the ink color too darkly. I've reviewed as usual on Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkjet, and Tomoe River papers. This image seemed to capture the brown hue best. Ink dropped on a damp paper towel shows brown with grey, green, and bits of orange. Most interesting. Not bad waterfastness. Note: the paper color is not pink, it's white. Ah, the joys of the iPhone.
  3. white_lotus

    Sailor Ishida Bungu Hakodate Yama

    I had written up this review a while back during my "Green Phase", but apparently never posted it, perhaps because I wasn't as complete as usual. This is definitely not in the category of murky, or muted, greens. This is a fairly bright, but somewhat chalky green, leaning heavily towards blue. It appeared in my review of four Sailor greens, and many commented on their dislike of the color. I don't think it's bad, but it's definitely outside the normal range. I'm sure other manufacturers have colors like this, but it's somewhat unusual in the Sailor range. The sun was shining quite brightly today and not sure I got the best pictures. But you should get the idea. The ink was fairly water resistant in the test compared to many others.
  4. white_lotus

    Sailor Ishida Bungu Hakodate Curry

    Here is a review of one of the rare Sailor inks for the Ishida Bungu shop on Hokkaido, Japan. The ink refers to a famous curry served up at a local curry house of long standing. The coloring of the ink is really great. Reviewed on Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, and Tomoe River papers. I seem to have lost my waterfastness test sheet, which it must surely be around somewhere, but not available when I want to photograph it. This ink is one of the most washed away by water that I've encountered in my tests. There was some bleed through here, but only where I had hammered the color on the previous side.
  5. This is another of the Sailor store exclusive inks. This ink is made especially for a small store on the northern island of Hokkaido. The inks for this store are all themed for special foods and places of Hokkaido. One of them is based on the Hakodate gagome seaweed. There are other seaweeds that are considered "better" and this seaweed was something of a castoff. It was a bothersome pest. Then a businessman and seaweed harvester decided he was going to do something about this seaweed and show how it could be used and eaten. And he harvested the seaweed, and through proper processing perfected it, and promoted it so that people were willing to try it. And he succeeded! So now this is the special seaweed of Hokkaido. This ink was sent to me as a sample gift from an FPN member. I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I worried that it would be too light as an ink. But that has not been a problem. This ink shades so very nicely. A really beautiful brownish-green. A soft muted color that is easy on the eyes. As always with Sailor, the inks are a bit wet, and rarely have any problems with hard starts, skipping, and the like. Because of the great distance of Hokkaido from the major cities, this ink is quite difficult to come by. And often more expensive as there is extra shipping involved. But there is something quite special here. I hope these pictures do justice to the ink. This image seems to show the ink towards the greenish side. Again shown towards the greenish side. And darker than in reality. The waterfastness test: If I can get images that show off the brownish side I'll post those as well.
  6. white_lotus

    Sailor Ishida Bungu Shibusumi Black

    This is one of Sailor's custom inks for a particular shop in Japan, in this case the Ishida Bungu shop on Hokkaido. According to google maps, it's a 7 hour journey by train from Tokyo. They have a small line of six inks focusing on the food, places, and colors of that area. I bought the full set. This is their custom black. Most people are thinking "Why spend extra money for a black ink? Are you crazy?" I think I am crazy lucky to have bought this ink, for it is special. It can be shady, and on the right paper it will sheen. I think it's a great soft black. Being based on a sumi color (as in hue) it is not a deep, soul-sucking black like Aurora black, but it's black enough to be readily seen as black without compromise. The ink drop shows there is a deep blue and a bit of yellow in the mix. The papers used were Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkject, and Tomoe River. None of the Ishida Bungu inks are listed as available on their web site as far as I can tell. I'm basing that on no "Buy" or "Add to Cart" button as there is no mention of them being out of stock per se, or when they'll be available again. Photos from the iPhone, so not the best. I made adjustments and you can get the feel I think for the ink. The picture for the Hammermill paper has way too much red in it overall.
  7. This is a series of ink reviews "blues reviews" covering nearly all the blue inks in my collection that I haven't yet reviewed. This ink is one of the custom inks Sailor creates for certain stores in Japan. This ink was created for the Ishida bungu shop on Hokkaido in northern Japan. I'm not sure if these inks are available any longer. Tested on Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkjet, and Tomoe River.
  8. Several folks have seen my reviews for some of the Sailor Japanese exclusive inks and wanted to see a comparison. In a four-way comparison there are Kingdom Note Tanna japonesis "Evening cicada" Bungbox 88 Green Tea Kobe #28 Suzuran Green Ishida bungu Hakodate yama "Hakodate mountain" The Kingdom Note ink is a nice olive green. The "88" has been seen before in comparison with BB Dandyism. Kobe #28 is a very good yellow-green. In these pics it appears darker than in actuality. The Ishida bungu is quite bright compared to the others, and appears like a blue-green, but I think it's a tint of that hue. Done on both Mohawk via Linen and Hammermill 28lb Inkjet paper. One will give a recipe for Provencal garlic soup, the other some Tibetan visionary mythology of the 15th century master Tangtong Gyalpo.
  9. Hi Everyone, After reading the many wonderful reviews that saskia_madding has been writing on the Sailor inks, I finally tried all of the Jentle line (except for Black and Doyou) and I of course got hooked! This brand really is amazing and now I’ve fallen in love with Epinard, Miruai, Shigure and Yama Dori! The only thing I am still searching for is one or two blues by Sailor. I don’t love cerulean blues so Souten wasn’t right for me and Nioi-Sumire was beautiful but not the shade I need at the moment. Although I loved the contrast of the red sheen and the blue ink of the basic Sailor Blue, this was the only ink from all of the Jentle line samples that I ordered that dried in my nib, and I had to use pen flush to get the dried sheen off after only a couple minutes of use, so it’s not a good match for my pen. I am looking for a bright true blue that doesn’t lean too much to green or purple and I love smooth inks with a great flow (Miruai blew me away from this point). After going through the extensive reviews of the Kobe, Bung Box and Ishida Bungu inks that once again I am so thankful to saskia_madding for posting, I’ve narrowed down the blues to: -Bung Box Sapphire -Kobe# 14 Maya Lapis -Kobe#37 Island Blue -Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight I’ve found a review from amberleadavis and a co-razy view from cyber6 of Kobe #37, so I’ve added those images to the comparison chart I’m compiling to help decide on the final blues. It’s been a rough week, so I am using it as an excuse to treat myself to 2 of the inks (I'll look for any excuse to get an inky treat haha) but I wanted to ask if anyone has writing samples and experience with these 4 inks that they could share in this post. Any information you could include about flow, smoothness, sheen (i love sheen lately!) and potential dry out or cleaning issues that would be very helpful! Thank you very much for your help!! Bahij

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