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Platinum Curidas LE Matte: a smooth and silky Curidas redux


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Platinum Curidas LE Matte Black circa 2023


Here is a lazy review to match a lazy redux.


The new 2023 Platinum Curidas is a ... wait for it... Curidas in a new suit or dress, if you prefer. 


If you liked the previous PMMA clear crystal pen housing that unique quick push to deploy smooth writing experience, you'll probably like this one too!


Past review still holds sans broken feed QC issues.


So now that we got that out of the way, a Curidas is a Curidas is a Curidas




What's different?



Body: You like the feel of matte slick smooth rubber? Hard to describe but definitely preferred over the clear plastic shell. Feels like seal-healing if I poked it with a pin. 



Length is the same (left to right: Procyon, Curidas LE, Curidas ye olde)



Any differences other than furniture?


Spring looks shinier maybe oxidation from age or new parts supplier? Note the nib unit with the converter is the new LE version loaded with Pilot Black



Clip: cannot confirm if it is plastic coated metal or just plastic, looks like is is removable but I keep mine on. 



Nibs: restricted to F or M but since it's a Curidas, swap with old clear versions for an EF. I chose Fine and it also writes smoothly in reverse. NO CRACKED FEED !

I think Platinum is probably hyper vigilant with quality control given the previous incidents with feeds.



Is it worth it? 

Since it is 2023, here's what large language model Bardy Bard has to say about...


Prompt: What's new with Platinum Curidas?


(human edits)


Platinum Curidas is a retractable fountain pen that was first released in 2020. (TRUE!) It has been well-received by fountain pen enthusiasts (EH?), and in 2023, Platinum released three new matte finishes for the Curidas: Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Red. (Yep!) These new pens are sold as a set that includes the pen, a converter, a cartridge of ink, and a bottle of Platinum Aurora Blue Mix-Free Ink. (too lazy to shoot these accessories, think pen + extras = the $96 USD asking price)

In addition to the new matte finishes, Platinum has also made some minor improvements to the Curidas. (darn straight!) The clip is now slightly larger and more comfortable to use (uh, you'll need a micrometer to see a difference), and the inner cap has been redesigned to prevent ink from leaking. (I can't see it)

The Platinum Curidas is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and stylish retractable fountain pen. (YES!) The new matte finishes offer a more modern look, and the minor improvements make the pen even more comfortable to use. (smooth and silky, is it worth the extra? only if you like the original Curidas)

Here is a summary of the new features of the Platinum Curidas:

  • Three new matte finishes: Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Red
  • Larger and more comfortable clip (no clip difference)
  • Redesigned inner cap to prevent ink leakage (unable to dissect)

The Platinum Curidas is a limited edition pen, so if you're interested in getting one, I recommend acting soon. (AI is becoming sentient or this large language model probably been scraping again)


Finally this PSA from Luxury Brands via PenChalet: Keep the spring on!

Lest be bent or lost




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Coming up on two years of ownership of my Curidas, I have to say that for me the pen is a success.  I have a smoke grey transparent EF nib that I bought for $50 as a customer return from a vendor at the San Francisco Pen Show.  As delivered the nib was not seated properly and would not write, but it was not difficult to tweak it back into shape.


I have found the Curidas makes a perfect pairing with my bullet journal, for those quick "jot this one thing down" opportunities.  The EF nib writes very crisply and allows me to write in a small dot grid.   And though I have a converter, I've not yet used it in this pen.  Instead I've been using it with Platinum Blue-Black cartridges.  They work really well in this pen, and the combination can write on even the crappiest papers, including newsprint.


The Curidas has a very functional aesthetic, and is very girthy, but if those things don't bother you and you want a retractable FP that means business, I can recommend it at discount.  At the $50 I paid I would easily recommend it, but I think the current $90 MSRP for the boxed set is a bit overpriced.


Edited to add:  For me, I can leave my (original generation) pen for about a week and it starts right up, but past that point I start to run into nib dryout issues.  For me that's perfectly acceptable, especially for a pen that sees daily use paired with a journal.

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On 6/21/2023 at 7:49 AM, peroride said:

The clip is now slightly larger and more comfortable to use


the inner cap has been redesigned to prevent ink from leaking


Is that true, or just AI nonsense?  A web search found no mention of any redesign.

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