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Sevilla - Papelería Ferrer


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I found a pen shop in Seville.


Haven’t been able to look for pen shops this trip, usually a vacation trip activity.  But this trip is different.  Looking for an apartment in Spain, and too many family members going in different directions. To “help”.


I’m more like a scurrying mouse than a guy herding cats, but both concepts apply.  


Anyway, i got lost and found what looks to be a great store, but it was closed on Sunday




So I tried to make it by 8:30 PM today, Monday.  But a certain map app took me in the wrong direction.  But I vowed to find the place again, and arrived to find it closed at 9:30 pm.


So I was peering throught the heavily shuttered window, and saw Platinum, Sailor, Pels, and many more.  Then  I spied a glimpse of a guy way back behind a lot of stuff way in the back.


So out came that cursed product of the Apple tree, but changed to a source of hope from its prior tangled ball of wool-ness.  He answered the phone and explained he was CLOSED, but I told him to look out the door.


And he opened up for me!


 I had a good time seeing some fabulous stuff, then his wife called him to get home so I bought a converter for the cheap gp nib Inoxcrom I got 5 cities ago in a used goods shop in Barcelona, and will try to be on time tomorrow.


i just learned more about Ferrer Papelería from A traveller from Bath, writing on https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g187443-d16814412-Reviews-Papeleria_Ferrer-Seville_Province_of_Seville_Andalucia.html


Four generations have traded from this establishment, the concept of which dates as far back as 1856. This shop, in the same location for almost 200 years, has been selling quills, fountain pens, all kinds of papers, sealing wax (the real stuff – not like the candle wax imitation only available in Britain) note books, pencils, school materials and, for the collector, decorative implements 1870 style hydrometers sand clocks, terrestrial globes and quill sets. These and many more, a real treasure trove for the antiquarian, historian and calligrapher …”


I showed him my two Nemosyne stubs, and gave him the web address for this place,


I have vowed to not buy pens of great import and cost, but my Birthdat was yesterday, and Father’s day is 5 days away.


We’ll see tomorrow…7F983C76-D751-4E7E-8476-536EFE82F6E6.thumb.jpeg.3fa8f022ef90be1a0eaecdab5d94c73b.jpeg









Trip Advisor gives the address, phone, and complicated opening times





“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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My only conflict of interest was the EXCELLENT TREATMENT.



“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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Its a wonderful shop. One of those places in which the longer you stay the more you see. 'Crammed' doesn't quite describe it. On up from there is a Corte de englis store. Its like a luxury goods jumble sale with added elbows, but worth a visit to see the Montblanc stand and other fountain pens too. Down the other way beside the tram line is a wonderful old hat shop. The owner will look at you as if you're scum but gets very chatty when you show interest. Down that side of the magnificent cathedral the bar beside the churros seller will provide a full glass of Brugal golden rum for the princely sum of €2. Nice way to pass an evening in a very beautiful city.

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