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Was wondering if anyone has the barrel for this cap I could buy?  Recognising that it’s a bit of a generic question and there’s probably variances in thread fit, I thought I’d ask anyway just in case! Or maybe someone had this pen and the barrel is numbered? 



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This will fit a 142 vs 144 barrel. The "correct" barrel with be marked 142/## or 144/##, with some debate about the last two numbers for this.


How long is the cap, and how wide?  I can compare to my 142 adn 144 pens in this series to tell you which you need.


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Thanks so much Greenie. Cap is 61.2mm length and 12.5mm outer diameter. I measure internal diameter at 10.7 but that’s a difficult one to get accurately with these callipers. 





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Greenie - you are quite brilliant.  I have a 142/50 in jade green, and indeed this cap fits.  So, its a 142/xx 144/xx I'm after, unless there would be a model designation specific for that many cap bands!

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The 142 is more common.  #2 nib, not a #4 nib.  There seems to be some randomness to the codes for the banding. hard to say if too many barrels were switched over the years, or if the factory just didn't bother to keep them straight since the barrels are all plain BHR with no bands, no chasing.


That being said, I have this banding pattern in a 144 and also the ring top. Both are "/31".  I think you are asking WAAAYYY to much to hope for a correct model number on the barrel. But you can find plain black 142 pens in BHR.


Now for the bad news.  In my collection, the ring tops and 144 size are BHR. But the 142 pens seem to be black celluloid. Finding a black 142 in celluloid will be a challenge. Probably best to find a pen from the same series of black with the multiple gold bands that has a bad cap, missing bands, etc. 


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