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Inkshift - Robert Oster 1980 Opal Green To Honey Bee


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InkShift - Robert Oster 1980 Opal Green to Honey Bee

Just for the fun of it, I decided to do a project exploring what happens when you move progressively from one ink colour to another. For now, I'm restricting myself to inks from the same manufacturer - mainly to avoid nasty chemical surprises. My hope is that some of these "inkshifts" result in interesting colours that I can use to write/draw with. And besides... it's just fun to watch one ink colour morph into another one.

Opal Green and Honey Bee are two inks from the Robert Oster 1980 series that I didn't like too much. Opal Green is just not my type of colour, and Honey Bee is too light to write with. Both are great for drawing, but for writing they didn't strike a chord with me. That makes them ideal candidates for an InkShift. You never know whether some interesting mixes turn up.



In the span between the two starting inks, some interesting grass-green colours can be found. I personally like the mix with 1 part Opal Green and 1.5 parts Honey Bee... quite a nice one. One word of warning: Honey Bee is a chameleon ink: yellow under artificial light, sepia with daylight (and under the scanner). The same can be said for the "Honey Bee"-leaning mixes: under artificial light you get yellow-green colours, in daylight (and with the scanner) these look more like moss-green.

I really enjoy these ink morphing experiments, the results are often surprising and a lot more interesting than the original inks. Loads of fun!


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Fascinating! I might like the murkier colors, but the difference in the two images makes me unsure - and I won't be buying Opal Green to experiment anyway! :lol:


Thanks for more fun mixing!

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