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Cross Black


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Manufacturer: Cross
Series, colour: Black
Pen: Waterman Hemisphere „F”
Paper: Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2)

Flow rate: good
Lubrication: good
Bleed through: possible point
Shading: unnoticeable
Feathering: unnoticeable
Saturation: very good

A drop of ink smeared with a nib

The ink smudged with a cotton pad


Water resistance

Ink drying time

Ink drops on a handkerchief


Sample text in an Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2)

Sample text in an Oxford notebook A5 (90 g / m2)

Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook No 16 (90 g / m2)

Sample letters in a Clairefontaine (gramatura 120 g / m2)

Palette of shades




If you have interesting inks and you want to give a sample for testing - welcome.
We can exchange a color sample.


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Thanks for sharing this; I like Cross Black. 👍


- Sean :)



"Every one therefore that shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father Who is in Heaven." - MT. 10:32

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Cross use to brand their name to Pelikan 4001 inks, legally.


I am not into black inks. When i came back to fountain pens about when I retired, I'd ran out and bought Pelikan 4001 inks I'd bought in the States as a lad in the late '50's-early '60's, because they were cheaper than Parker or Shaffer inks.

I ran out and bought a 4001 Black and the Blue ink first thing in I needed inks to feed my starving pens.

I bought Royal Blue ...a couple of times.

4001 Black is a very good black ink..........unless using PP paper and a EF nib (some find it too gray....when it's not the ink but the paper.

It was rated just behind Aurora black for decades.

I still have a 1/2 bottle of 12 year old 4001 Black................still very black enough for me, should the urge ever hit me.

Now Noodlers makes a number of black hole inks; darker than Aurora or 4001 Black Pelikan/Cross.

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Cross use to brand their name to Pelikan 4001 inks, legally.


The correct term in this case is used to brand their name to Pelikan 4001 inks. They even had the Pelikan bottles.


But for quite some time they have a new manufacturer.

The bottles are a unique (square) shape and it says "made in China" on the bottles.

The price is significantly higher than before, they now want to be more high-end than budget.


I got myself a bottle of blue-black ink because they claim it to be document proof according to ISO standards.

The colour is rather dark violet than blue-black, but it writes well and it does not dry out in the pen,

even when I don't use it frequently.

I like it because of these qualities, not so much because of the colour.

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