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Conid Avda Micro-Review

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A micro review of just received Conid AVDA.


Nice jotting pad. Was not expecting this.





Compared to Fred's pen.





And again. Bock Pd nib.





And here it is compared to an IPA.






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Wait, is that a vintage sheaffer triumph nib mated to a custom conid body?


Is the filler a piston? how expensive was it?


I think I'd prefer it if the body tapered into the nib, it looks a little unbalanced the way it is.

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Wait, is that a vintage sheaffer triumph nib mated to a custom conid body?


Is the filler a piston? how expensive was it?


I think I'd prefer it if the body tapered into the nib, it looks a little unbalanced the way it is.

Looks like an AVDA PHI minimalistica. https://www.conidpen.com/story/avda/

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Two of my favorite pens of the moment; Conid and Faggionato.


Great Taste. Off topic, but I got the black/tan version of yours. I was too slow on the draw to get the blue/Yellow.


How do you like the Conid with no ink level indication? Both of mine have the combo body with a demo/Delrin body.

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mauckcg, it is indeed a AVDA PHI minimalistica with a Sheaffer large triumph lifetime nib.


honeybadgers, it uses the standard Conid bulkfiller mechanism, which is their least expensive model. I surgically removed two triumph nibs from their pen sections and hand fitted them to Bock 250 nib housings, then sealed them. Both nibs, a smaller xf and the larger med had gaps between the end of the nib and the housing so I added an o-ring to the larger nib in order to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. I am a fan of the Sheaffer Triumph nib and feed design so I spent a couple of hours doing the work. And they seem to work very well in large volume vac fillers, which is what they were designed for. The stock conid nib is quite nice too, but I like the conical triumph nibs more. It was definitely unbalanced when leaning against the glass of beer. It kept falling over before I could snap the pic.


doug c, Fred's pen is striking and loud. He was a nice guy and I thought this model in particular deserved something special so I installed one of Bock's palladium nibs rather than keep the more mundane gold nib. I don't use it a work anymore because it cannot be replaced. I am OK with not having ink windows. Usually the ink flow changes when its about to run dry so I know when to fill it up. I chose the AVDA because of the seamless taper. Some of my favorite pens (Sheaffer triumph lever fill, Parker 51, WS601, Pelikan P1, L2k, Aurora 88) all have this type pen body and I just get along with it better than designs with stepped sections. I think the cap o-ring could have a slightly smaller ID. That would allow the cap to go a bit deeper with less force.


michael r, I thought so too. I was not expecting anyone to comment on the post since it was just a fun tongue in cheek post and not meant to be serious.


I would have rather had a smoother transition from the pen body to the nib, but its not so bad that I can't live with it. I was more worried about too much ink flow, but its right in the middle of the range. I use various types of paper at work so I prefer feeds that are slightly drier. Reverse writing is a dry xf, which works for small annotations and lower quality paper.


Here are some better pics that hopefully display the body/nib transition.












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A beautiful and personalized pen! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing...and love the pics too!

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I just received a Minimalistica. How hard is yours to open? Mine takes some force to open and close which isn't what i expected.

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mauckcg, There is a trick to capping and uncapping. Rotate and push or pull at the same time. With some practice you will figure out how hard to push the cap on while rotating slightly. Rotating makes it easier to go on and off. I do not cap mine with a lot of force. It is not necessary.

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