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Marvicide / Barbicide In Ultrasonic Bath

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I finally invested in one of the lesser-priced ultrasonic cleaners offered on Amazon. I have been happily cleaning eyeglasses, pens, and anything else within reach that needs to be cleaned. Since it is stainless inside, I put some Marvicide in there and cleaned a few DE razors. I let them soak for 15 minutes and then ran them through the three minute cycle twice. PEN RELATED QUESTION: is Marvicide or its more popular cousin, Barbicide, safe for fountain pens? It is diluted according to package directions. I thought it better to be safe than sorry. Thanks,


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As always, Your Mileage May Vary! I am not suggesting the use of these disinfectants for your most treasured pens, or expensive pens, or celluloid, casein, piston fillers with cork, etc.


I tried it out today. I have two circa 2006 Wality piston fillers. One has a few combs broken off of the feed, and the other has a nib with a gouge / knick/ cosmetic defect. They both have steel nibs. I put them in the ultrasonic filled with Mar-V-Cide for the three minute cycle with the pistons filled with solvent. Afterward, I was able to pull the friction fit feeds and nibs, completely disassemble the rest, and run them all through again.


I was amazed. I cleaned these by flushing until the water ran clear before I put them in a box many years ago, thinking they were clean. There was enough Vert Olive in one to discolor the water completely. The other one had remnants of PR Plum to add to the mix.


After rinsing with water and air drying, I made one decent looking pen, and kept the rest for my parts drawer. The piston is greased and operating smoothly. I am going to use this pen when traveling just in case it doesn't come back home with me.


So encouraged, I decided to run an oversize Wality eyedropper pen though. I didn't disassemble the section this time. I am pleased with the results. In fact, instead of putting the eyedropper pen away, I have decided to use it for ink samples since I can get it so clean between fills.


Best regards,


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