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Hi folks!


I am new to fountain pens and fine writing tools. I fell in love my simple Waterman Hemisphere' and I use my Waterman Expert Rollerball every day! I came into posession of a Parker Limited Edition Norman Rockwell pen and find that its too nice for me to use. I'm not really a collector so I'm looking to find out how to place it in a new home where it can really be appreciated. My gosh its gorgeous!


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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


The Rockwell is a great pen and I love to write with mine! You should ink it up and give it a go! If you decide to sell it, you might try eBay or the classifieds here on FPN after you are a Gold member. Again Welcome to the forum!


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Hi and welcome to FPN


Have a look around here on the forum.

We might inspire you to use the pen after all....








Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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Greetings from the west coast and a warm welcome to FPN. I hope you'll give your beautiful pen a try and see how you like it. If you love your Hemisphere, I'm sure you'll adore your Parker LE Norman Rockwell. Thanks for joining us; it's great to have you here.

"Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause." - Gandhi -

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Hello and welcome...I too have a Rockwell that set in my case because I thought it was too nice to use and I wanted to keep it mint...But, then one day I used it, enjoyed it, and don't regret it

Baton Rouge, LA

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  tbickiii's Vintage Fountain Pens

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Welcome to FPN! :W2FPN:

I am glad that you joined us today!

Please feel free to ask us anything about fountain pens and inks.

Please enjoy the forum,

-William S. Park

“My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane. - Graham Greene

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Welcome !


How did you come by the Parker ? Was it a gift ? Inheritance ? (Shoplift ?)

It is a "limited edition", so don't expect to replace it, should you change your mind, for anything near reasonable price.

If you would rather have the money, then sell itl. Expect about 50% of retail price.


Now, to the issue >>> WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU DON'T DESERVE IT ? Only a "collector" deserves a

beautiful pen ? Don't you believe it !


Enjoy your Waterman.

Auf freiem Grund mit freiem Volke stehn.
Zum Augenblicke dürft ich sagen:
Verweile doch, du bist so schön !

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A Limted Edtion Parker!!! You could give it away to some very nice aggie, that is a member of the FPN!!! But of course you would have to adopt said nice aggie!!! JUST KIDDY, OF COURSE!


Ink that precious FP up & give it a test " write " . You probably will change your mind.


Welcome to the Fourm of FP.





PS: I agree about enjoying those Watermans.

Edited by mr2txaggie

If your out-go is more than your income,


Then your up-keep.


May be your Down-falll!!!



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use my Waterman Expert Rollerball every day!

Ixnay on the rollerba'y.. JK I have a rollerball too:-) Edited by lahlahlaw


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Hello and welcome to the forums, Ltbest! :W2FPN: The picture of the pen you had posted looks amazing! Don't sell yourself short, and enjoy your limited edition fountain pen. It is so worth it. Have fun while you are here on the forums!

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Hello and welcome. I'm glad you joined us. Please make yourself right at home and don't hesitate to share your questions and opinions. I hope you enjoy your time with us.


I strongly encourage you to ink that Parker and give it a real work-out. I think you'll find you enjoy it. As to being worthy, you are as worthy as anyone else.



No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationery. -Anon.

A backward poet writes inverse. -Anon.

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