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Pen Makers Who Will Take Commissions


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I'm looking for someone in the 'States who can make me a replacement section for a pen out of ebonite.


If you can offer this service please PM me.



I'd rather spend my money on pens instead of shoes and handbags.


>>> My Blog <<<


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A word about me


I started making pens in 1998 as Christmas gifts. Gradually as my skills and interest in the craft grew, I sold kit pens on eBay. Today I make and sell only custom pens, about 75 to 100 a year.


I have a special love for fountain pen design, in particular those made from resins like acrylic, ebonite, cebloplast, and celluloid. I create custom fountain pens in the traditional forms, as well as some bold contemporary designs.


For more information


Please visit my member profile here on FPN.

Please visit my galleries (


To discuss a commission


Visit my profile and send me an email message


Below: Smokey Pear Stount





Below: Blue Streaks





Below: Tiger Eye





Below: Mandarin Yellow





Below: Dolcevita





Below: Big Red





Below: Basic Black Ebonite




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I can say his pens are even more beautiful in person!


Agreed! thumbup.gif


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I can say his pens are even more beautiful in person!


Agreed! thumbup.gif

+1 :thumbup:

(owner of "Big Red")

This post contains 100% recycled electrons


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I'm from the US and live in Houston, Texas.I started making pens as a hobby several years ago. I primarily enjoyed showing them on the forum and giving them as gifts. A few people recently offered to buy some of my pens and I sold them..was a great feeling. I enjoy making custom fountain pens out of Italian resins, Mazzuccelli cebloplast,ebonite, mosaic acrylics and other materials.

Below are a few of the pens I've made. If you are interested..look at my member profile and send a message.


My gallery can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wizard0705pics/sets/










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I don't have a fancy business name because I've never gotten into the "selling pens" scene. It's always been just a hobby for me. But I'm based in the Salt Lake area in Utah, US. If anyone wants me to make them a pen, I'd be happy to.


General Location: Utah, Salt Lake City area.

Type of work: Kit, Modified kit. Will be looking into doing custom work soon. Sounds like fun :D

Range of writing instruments: Fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens

Range of materials worked: Wood, acryllic, cellulose, all those "fake" plasticky blanks, really. I prefer wood.

Gallery address/Home page: Don't have one

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Im located USA, Southeast Texas

1. Kit and Modified Kit

2. Fountain, Roller ball, Ball point

3. Wood, acrylic, Antler, Snakeskin, Cactus, Ebonite, Labels & other various materials

4. www.texaspenworks.com.com

5. Converter, Universal cartridge. Schaeffer & Schmidt rollerball, Cross and Parker ballpoint.


Thank you for your consideration




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Thank you for your Consideration




Located in South Carolina USA.

Custom Handcrafted Kittless Fountain Pens and Rollerballs with a specialty in vintage materials such as Mazzucchelli Cebloplast and custom metal work

Special order available for any kit pen you desire

Filling systems available: Cartridge / Converter / Eye Dropper / Button Filler / Bulb Filler

Please visit our website: www.serenityelite.com


Make a Statement with a Handcrafted Pen / Writing Instrument
There are no second chances to make a first impression. Our handcrafted pens are designed to reflect each individual’s personality. The type of pen that you use is your own statement to the world. Each one is guaranteed to make a great impression on you and those around you. Whether it is for yourself, or a gift to another, make an impact by giving a custom pen as a gift for that special occasion.

Quality that Makes the Difference
Each of our writing instruments are handmade in our studio. Each pen is made from the best materials from around the world. Whether it is an exotic wood pen,or Vintage resin material, you can rest assured that we have carefully hand selected the materials to ensure you a quality product. We finish each pen by hand, with multiple layers of hand-rubbed finish to ensure a deep, rich finish that will last for years of continuous use. All of our pens are hand assembled and hand polished for a showroom finish. Backed by a 5 year warranty.








Custom Writing Instruments Made One at a Time....

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Well, I do pens, from kits, and sometimes with mods. I do deer antler pieces on caps, etc. But, I also do lots of bowls, hollow forms, ornaments, and just practical stuff that makes life more pleasant. Holler at my email if you have a particular desire. duffy.philip@(12) gmail.com. - - just erase the paren 12 on the email and you are 'good to go' Williamsburg, VA

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I guess I've never posted here for whatever reason, but I'm available too :)


I'm located in California, USA, but ship pens worldwide. I make custom fountain pens using JoWo nibs and feeds. I'll work in any common pen making material, but I pour my own resin, so most people seem to want that. Since I make the resin, you can start by picking whatever color or combination of colors you would like, and we'll go from there.


I make the following filling systems: Cartridge/Converter, Bulb Fillers, Button Fillers, Piston Fillers


Website: PensByLyleRoss


And some photos of my recent work:









http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/5515680_orig.jpg http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/2380072_orig.jpg?171 http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/3245613_orig.jpg?149






http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/1030864_orig.jpg?77 http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/4867024_orig.jpg



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just got a message about doing a sterling fountain w either a conway stewart italic or a flexi

------------ metals lab of chester hill studios ------------------------------

lately --------- very up lately its been earrings








stainless steel

----------------------------------and mixed metals ------patination is evident ---------pens are everywhere

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Hooligan Pen Company


Placentia, California


I'll ship anywhere


I do only custom work (no kits or modified kits)


Materials I use are: Acrylic, Alumilite, Ebonite, Wood, Metals, Bone, and Horn


I use Bock and Jowo Nibs


Thanks for lookingpost-108854-0-29315700-1395583228_thumb.jpgpost-108854-0-85793700-1395583270_thumb.jpgpost-108854-0-10106100-1395583348_thumb.jpg

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10 years making pens.


USA (Indianapolis, Indiana)


I make pens from kits or, I can modify kits. I can make custom pens with threads or, I can fabricate metal pen component with threads.


Materials I can make a pen from include but, are not limited to ....wood, acrylics, cebloplast, celluloids, Bakelite, ebonite, cast resins, aluminum and, brass. I can offer a range of plating for your machined brass components. Plating choices include, Chrome, Rhodium, Silver, Nickel, Gold,


For Fountain pens I prefer to use the Twist style piston fillers. Vacuum fillers are also available. Other type of fillers can be used as well.



You can see some of my work on my FaceBook page at:




Thank you for any consideration and, opportunity.


Chuck Hutchings

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I own the Grey/Green/Black granite and the blue and orange Gallatin. They are gorgeous pens, especially the Blue and Orange Gallatin which is not only a beautiful writer it's mesmerising. (No affiliation)


I guess I've never posted here for whatever reason, but I'm available too :) I'm located in California, USA, but ship pens worldwide.

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