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Berlin Pen-shops

Mr Ink

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I was in Berlin earlier this summer and have some recommendations - I guess the locals have many more to add, since Berlin is fountain pen heaven. It is a lovely and extremely interesting city!


Papeterie on Uhlandstrasse, close to Kurfürstendamm/Uhlandstrasse U-bahn is a lovely penshop with a very, very wide range of pens and stationery. Their staff is extremely helpful and kind. It is a traditional penshop and their website is not representative (they only have their address on it) with regards to quality etc. I'd say that this is one of the top-3 penshops I've visited. I really like the staff there. They are very helpful even if you are not buying anything. I really like this friendly shop!


Zeichen Center Ebeling - Pelikan pens sold somewhat cheaper than MSRP. Wide variety of ink. On the map it looks like it is situated a bit off, but it is easy to reach by U-bahn. You see their prices at their website. Worth a visit if you're looking for ink and/or Pelikans.


Galeria Kaufhof. Wide range of Pelikans/MB/Lamy. They still had the famous M605 in blue/silver for only 99 € when I was there in June. Not as high brow as KaDeWe, more relaxed.


KaDeWe Here you find all the high brow pens. Both a MB shop at the ground floor and a big pen department (where they also sell MBs - among a husge variety of other pens) on one of the upper floors. High brow and expensive, but displays a huge amount of pens. Well worth a visit just to look at the pens.


Wish you a pleasant trip!

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I want to underscore the recommendation to visit Papeterie at Uhlandstrasse 28, which is just south of Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg. I travel to Berlin each summer, and this store is a treat. The staff, especially Ninon, will go out of their way to serve you. While not huge, the store is jammed with pens, inks, nibs, leather goods and every variety of notebook and notepad imaginable. Pen enthusiasts will relish the pleasure of test driving the full range of oblique and italic nibs that are often denied to U.S. consumers. I was able to purchase Lamy Z50 oblique nibs at Papeterie for my Safaris that have displaced my italics as my go-to nibs. This is my favorite writing store anywhere and I will visit again when returning to Berlin.


Just a few blocks from the Papeterie is the pen department in KaDeWe, which is also a treasure for pen enthusiasts. Every major European manufacturer was on display with staff and facilities to test drive many pens, nibs and inks. While this store did not strike me as a particularly friendly or welcoming place, the in-store displays of fine writing goods was extensive.


I also visited Philographos on Knesebeckstrasse. This store was oriented toward university student art and writing supplies, and was less impressive as a pen shop. Prices were quite good however, and there was a full array of inks and papers.


Fountain pens are so much more integrated into the everyday life of people in Germany. Display cases of Lamy Safaris, ABC and Al-Star's and ink can be found in school supply stores and corner shops -- even in gift shops in the Berlin Airport.

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I'm headed to Berlin on Sept. 15, and I'd like to pick up one or two vintage MBs (1950s to 70s). Would Papeterie have a vintage section? Or are there other shops that anyone would recommend?



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What about paper?

How easy is it to find Rhodia in Berlin ?

Not hard at all. Galeria usually has it (the Accessories/Stationery section). That's where I got mine last time.

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I second that Rhodia is easy to find. Many 'Schreibwarenladen' (indie ,semi indie stationary shops) carry Rhodia, and even more often Clairefontaine exercise books of different rulings and sizes that are geared toward students. The A5 sized exercise books are made of excellent Clairefontaine paper.


I went slightly nuts at the Galeria Kaufhof, because the KaDeWe will charge more at times for very basic things. I stocked up on pen cases/holders that can be had for far better prices, and plenty of pocket sized Clairefontaine notebooks. The small Webbie is unfortunately not much better prized than here in the US! (At least considering the exchange rate of last July)

But Clairefontaine also makes excellent Webbie sized notebooks which are also made of very fountain pen friendly paper.


International cartridges can be had pretty much at every super market, very affordable.


The Galeria Kaufhof has a good selection at nice executive style Rhodia meeting books etc! They have their own little corner there, you will. Clairefontaine is well represented at the major department stores. Galeria Kaufhof also has a pretty wide selection of the Online fountain pen brand; great knock around pens.


My mum had surprised me with beautiful Clairefontaine pencil case etc, she mentioned that the Dussmann Kulturkaufhaus has plenty of Rhodia.


I bought plenty of Clairefontaine exercise and travel books (the 'Life' one) at the Rathaus Center Pankow. Aforementioned Rathaus Center Mall made me a very happy camper with paper, Cuban cigars and excellent Cuban Rum (different store, same mall), of course all consumed over there. Yum.


Have a good trip. Oh- and blotting paper is available at great prices in blocks, for practically nothing.

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