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Rollerball History?

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I know the history of the fountain pen. The history of the ballpoint pen is fairly easy to find. I'm curious, what is the history of development for the rollerball pen as we know it today? If there is a thread or link, please advise. If someone just knows the history, I am interested to learn more. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.




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If I'm correct rolelrballs were created to provide the smoothness of FP with advantages of BP. Rollerballs used to leak often, because they used ink rather than that "grease" used by ballpoints. Only after a while, the manufacturing processes were improved, and points in rollerballs were manufactured more accurately - and therefore ceased to leak - ballpoints do not have to be manuufactured as accurately due to higher viscosity of ink they use.


I think I saw an article somewhere, and this is what I vaguely remember (it may be incorrect - it's a really vague . If I'll find that article, I'll post it here.





EDIT: I found an article about the history of rollerball - not what I've been looking for, but still something ;-) Unluckily it's in polish, so I'll translate it. Original article: http://www.efco.pl/piora-kulkowe.php


"Rollerball pen was designed in 1888 and patented by John J. Loud. The aim of the design was a tool, that could write on rough surfaces. However it was not successful until 1945, when it first appeared on the market. Improvements were patented, like one made by Edward Lambert, which was improved version of Loud's patent and it allowed writing on linen and wood, especially with large letters. However, ink of appropriate viscosity was still unavailable. Following ideas were closer and closer to achieve satisfying results - a writing instrument that could write for extended periods of time without refills. Another factor in the success of the rollerball was the ball itself. In 1950 an ad of rollerball pen by Reynolds sounded more or less: "Rollerball by Reynolds, writes without an end, stop, goes on for kilometers. Only Parker managed to follow the market needs, introducing in 1954 pen Jotter, and in 1957 Ball T1, with ball made of volfram carbide."


That's it - not an exact translation, but I think you get the idea ;-) (sorry, have to study for my exams, so I can't really spend time translating that with any more accuracy ;-) ).


When I'll have some more time I can follow the subject more closely, but not today, sorry ;-)




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Adam, this thread may have been years old, but my daughter and I were just discussing the history of the rollerball (and my age). Thank you for taking the time to translate.

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Roller Ball pen company launches first pen in 1963. Now roller ball provides two types of pens: liquid ink pens & gel ink pens. Roller ball pens are a best pen for smooth writing.






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