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Conid Disassemble Tools


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I already have a conid kingsize and i think the time has come to add two more conids to my collection. A minimalistica (the clear demonstrator version with a double broad rhodinated gold nib), and a regular stealth (with a double broad black titanium nib... especially this one... well, it was love at first sight :)


I have a quick question: I already have the tools for the disassembly of the kingsize. Are they compatible with the minimalistica and regular models, or do I need new ones?


Thanks, and if someone has an experience with these double broad nibs (springiness, smoothness, etc), I 'd be glad to hear it (my kingsize is equipped with a broad titanium and a broad gold nib but those are number 8).


Thanks again.

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Hi raster,

Glad reading you"re happy with your Bulkfillers!

You can use your Kingsize tool also for the Regular, Minimalistica, Giraffe and Slimline.

The Kingsize tool features on one side the "filler removal tool" and on the other side the "filling knob removal tool"

On all other versions you only need the "filler removal tool"

As far as I know the Kingsize tool is actually standard for all Bulkfiller versions

Best regards,


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