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Here is my list of Esterbrook patents. The link goes to a European database site. Click on Original Document for the full patent description. Enjoy!

Please make corrections or additions.



Patent No 1800425 Pen 1931


Patent No 1832077 Pen 1931


Patent No 1847163 Penholder 1932


Patent No 1896152 Fountain Pen 1933


Patent No 1918239 Fountain pen 1933


Patent No 1939649 Fountain pen 1933


Patent No 1939753 Fountain pen 1933


Patent No 1975775 Pen and pencil clip 1934


Patent No 1999177 Fountain pen 1935


Patent No 2037699 Pen and method of making the same 1936


Patent No 2156302 Blank for and method of manufacturing steel pens 1939


Patent No 2159002 Manufacture of metal stock 1939


Patent No 2159003 Manufacture of writing pens 1939


Patent No 2168311 Blank for and method of making writing pens 1939


Patent No 2218536 Fountain pen 1940


Patent No 2228250 Manufacture of writing pens 1941


Patent No 2292381 Fountain pen feed 1942


Patent No 2304832 Ink feeding means for writing pens 1942


Patent No 2320369 Manufacture of metal writing pens 1943


Patent No 2367539 Pen and reservoir attachment therefor 1945


Patent No 2367540 Pen and fountain attachment therefor 1945


Patent No 2390541 Writing implement 1945


Patent No 2430023 Writing implement 1947


Patent No 2500833 Fountain pen 1950


Patent No 2513380 Writing instrument 1950


Patent No 2601846 Writing pen assembly 1952


Patent No 2621629 Inkwell 1952


Patent No 2631569 Fountain pen with positioning means for the ink sac thereof 1953


Patent No 2678635 Writing equipment 1954


Patent No 2681276 Pen nib alloy


Patent No 2758568 Ink wells 1956


Patent No 3040708 Fountain pens 1962


Patent No 3041693 Clip mountings for fountain pens 1962








Also here is a Conway Stewart patent for the button filler of the Esterbrook relief 2-S Patent No GB297194 Improvements in or relating to fountain pens 1928-09-20

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Looks like a good list Antonios, Unfortunately the espacenet site is down for maintenance right now. I'll cross reference with my list in the morning. Love those early 30's patents for the V-clips. :)




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I just looked now and the site was busy. But all that is too cool! Thanks. :)

How can you tell when you're out of invisible ink?

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Thank you for so generously sharing this information. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your contributions.


I find this a very useful resource. I was pleased to see that the #444 ("hockey puck") inkwell base was one of the patents on your list. I enjoyed seeing a cross-section of its structure.




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Patent help sought here


I recently acquired this neat un branded telescoping Sterling Silver pen

On it the is a makers mark of a Shield with an " F : in it

in addition to a Patent date of : May 30, 1916


I have not had any luck ascertaining potential makers of this fine pen

Could any one advise how to find what Pen maker got a Patent award on this date


The design looks a little like US Fountain Pen Company but .... please help




Tom Heath


Peace be with you . Hug your loved ones today

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Patent #1,185,388 Harry P Fairchild, "Extension Fountain Pen" assigned to Fermene G Fairchild, May 30, 1916

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Thank you Dan I appreciate your help with this one.


The thanks should go to George Kovalenko. All I did was to take a minute or two to look up the date in his book Fountain Pen Patents 2. A wonderful resource.

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Or if you would like to know what exactly is patented : check here

Ik ontken het grote belang van de computer niet, maar vind het van een stuitende domheid om iets wat al millennia zijn belang heeft bewezen daarom overboord te willen gooien (Ann De Craemer)

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      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
    • A Smug Dill
      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
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      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
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      Alas, one cannot know “good” without some idea of “bad” against which to contrast; and, as one of my former bosses (back when I was in my twenties) used to say, “on the scale of good to bad…”, it's a spectrum, not a dichotomy. Whereas subjectively acceptable (or tolerable) and unacceptable may well be a dichotomy to someone, and finding whether the threshold or cusp between them lies takes experiencing many degrees of less-than-ideal, especially if the decision is somehow influenced by factors o
    • adamselene
      I got my first real fountain pen on my 60th birthday and many hundreds of pens later I’ve often thought of what I should’ve known in the beginning. I have many pens, the majority of which have some objectionable feature. If they are too delicate, or can’t be posted, or they are too precious to face losing , still they are users, but only in very limited environments..  I have a big disliking for pens that have the cap jump into the air and fly off. I object to Pens that dry out, or leave blobs o
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