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I think that this is the handwriting model that I was taught (very briefly!) in my first term of my first year at Middle School in England, in 1980. I don’t know that it is, but then I doubt that my former school, or the local education authority, still retains records of which handwriting model was being taught to children that long ago! 😁


The model was developed by Marion Richardson, and it appeared in her 1946 book Writing and Writing Patterns.



I never liked the model’s glyph for minuscule ‘z’ - the one in the model is too-similar to the glyph for the number ‘3’ in my opinion.

I have always tried to write my own minuscule ‘z’ like the one in this typeface; a glyph whose shape resembles that of a majuscule ‘N’ that has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise (and decreased in size).

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