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Fpn Pen: Status Update, May 15



Dearest Members and Visitors of the Fountain Pen Nuthouse,As indicated, we would try and solve all outstanding issues with regard to the FPN pens the past week, in order to be able to go ahead with the creation of a web store for our FPN LE 2011 editions. We have not succeeded completely in this endeavour, but there are some interesting developments which you will all likely want to hear about.First of all, all the good news.a) Shipping to US, Canada (!) and the countries of the EU will be €10, IOW, as indicated before, but with the addition of Canada.:D Shipping to all other countries will be arranged from a centralized shipping point, in order to make it cheaper than the earlier indicated € 35.c) Shipments for orders with more than 1 item can and will be combined if at all possible, and will cost the same as shipping a single item, at least for the USA, Canada and the EU.d) VAT issues have been resolved, VAT will only be raised for those countries in the EU which charge VAT, at the VAT percentage prevailing in the particular country where the shipment is sent to.e) It has been confirmed that we indeed wil be able to produce the Passaporto with Chrome trim and F or M stainless steel nib, and the Passaporto with gold coloured Chrome trim and gold coloured stainless steel nib, be it the latter only with a (gold coloured) M nib. f) It also has been confirmed that both the Modello T with Mother-of-Pearl and with Azurite clip jewel can be produced, at no extra cost.g) Because silver trim, vermeil trim, and 14K rhodinated and 18K duotone nibs on Etrurias are general stock items, we will also be able to avail ourselves of different combinations of these. There will be 6 variants, 3 each of both Azzurite and Blue celluloid, in silver trim and 14K nib, silver trim and 18K nib, and vermeil trim and 18K nib! We did hit a few small snags as well:a) We don't know the shipping costs to other countries but USA, Canada and the EU yet, but give us a few days and we should - this needs to be organized still due to the new options we have now. Combined shipping will also have to be worked out for all other countries.:D To prevent extra retooling and manufacturing costs, we will have the Etrurias only done as Piston Fillers, the majority of votes, and no longer as cartridge/converter fillers. However, since we will have 6 options now, in total, we do think this is only a minor issue.c) The store only accepts US $ pricing, so we will have a US $ price listed. However, the € price will be mentioned in the description, excluding VAT (which will be added automatically if applicable), and please, do pay in Euros - there will be a 3% discount for paying in euros, which is what it will cost us for the conversion if you pay in US $. d) We need new pricing due to the variety of options we have now, but unfortunately the people we are communicating with are currently in the US for an exhibition and for meetings with the US representative, and only return back to Italy on Thursday. This means effectively that the store can only open at the earliest next Sunday. We will keep you posted however.Finally, for those of you interested, we received measurements for the Modello T, which are harder to come by than for any of the other pens:· length closed: 145 mm· length opened: 130 mm· length posted: 169 mm· barrel thickness: 12 mm · section thickness: from 12 to 10 mm · weight of cap: 10.8 gr· weight of the pen itself: 22.7 gr including cap We are getting more excited by the day!Warm regards,The FPN Admin Team


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Wim,Thanks for the answers. I did vote for both the Passaporto and the Modelo T. I voted for the chrome finish on both. On the Modelo T. I voted for the azzurite gem. I wish I could afford the Etruria though because I love the celluloid version but that's just out of my price range. I'm stretching by budget to get the two pens. LOL! B)Oh well...Now I just have to make up my mind on what size nib to get on the Passaporto and the Modelo T. I'm used to using Watermans with medium nibs. I've never had any pens with fine nibs. Maybe I should try fine nibs? I'm not sure. Does anyone have any opinions on whether or not I should try fine nibs?Thanks :bunny01:
Do note that the Modello T will be available only with T-flex Titanium nib; the other options not only prove to be too costly, but also require an order of a minimum of 100 pens for a single size/type nib. We don't get there by a long shot, unfortunately.For the Passaporto you can order either an F or an M nib in the Chrome finish, and for the Gold Coloured version there can only be an M nib.HTH, warm regards, Wim
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OK, so I'm assuming that the T-flex nib for the Modello T is a fine point?If I'm used to Waterman medium points, would the fine point on the Passaporto feel too fine for me? I know it's a matter of preference, but it might be nice to have a pen that I can use to write small letters.

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Hi simcha,As far as I understand, the T-Flex nib allows you to write from F to B depending on pressure exerted. If you are used to Waterman M points, generally speaking, Stipula M nibs are the same width. That means that you should be able to write small letters with an F-nibbed Passaporto, but just as well with a T-Flex nib.Personally, I use mostly M nibs and 0.9 and 1.1 italics. In my daily writers I also have a few Waterman Ms, and occasionally also Stipula F nibs, so from my experience I would say, since I can write tiny letters with Stip F nibs, that yes, you could. :DWarm regards, Wim

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Pricing on Modelo T?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Please..............I want it for Father's Day (Titanium Goodness >= Music Nib Goodness)

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We are still waiting. The Stipula representatives we are dealing with were returning home on Thursday from the US, but that may well have been after the close of business in the US. I am hoping for Monday now.You can however take the price indication for the 200 production run plus about 2 % or thereabouts, just to be in the clear.As to Father's Day, I do not think the manufacturing run wil have taken place yet by that time, unless everybody pays in very, very quickly when the web shop opens, and Stipula has a spare slot for a production run this size.Warm regards, Wim

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