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AURORA Optima Vintage VS Modern


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Sanpei, thanks for the great write-up; thank you also for the beautiful Aurora 88 you sold me and which arrived to USA w/o problem. :thumbup:

"All is ephemeral - fame and the famous as well."




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I'll add my vote of thanks for the great write-up and hope we'll see many more. Also, I'll add to the previous post by saying the 3 Aurora 88s (vintage) from sanpei are fabulous examples of a great pen! I highly recommend him as both a knowledgeable Aurora collector and as a very reliable source of great vintage Italian pens. (The usual disclaimer: I am in no way related to or affiliated with him--just a very satisfied customer.)

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sanpei, you have such an enviable collection! There are only a few folks around here about whom I'd say that.


My first Optima is on its way to me from Canada! A modern celluloid one to boot. :D My first modern Aurora, even though I've been using two modern 14k Aurora nib units in other pens. Couldn't take it any longer. :)

WTB: Lamy 27 w/ OB/OBB nibs; Pelikan 100 B nib

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What can I say...these pens smack me down!!!


I admit that I fall in love with the clip of the new model..but those vintage celluloids...simply stunning!!


I like traslucens materials!


Thank you for sharing..lucky man :thumbup:




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Where do you find these? Ebay never has them, none of the vintage dealers have them


'Cause I got them all! :lol:

Do you have vintage AURORA or WILLIAMSON,

italian WWII militaria for sale or trade? Please contact me.


Looking for 1950'S AURORA 88?

Other vintage italian pens?



http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a624/z900it/zona900eb_zpsc3413dc2.jpgHere's the Answer! www.zona900.com

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