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What is your favorite far East pen?


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It was my Sailor pro-gear HM. Now without question my new Sailor King of Pen Pro-Gear Black Rhodium, Medium nib.

Without question the single most impressive pen I have had the pleasure to use.

This is the only pen I would consider saving like crazy and buying another to have in reserve in case its production ever stopped.

I was a little bit of an MB fan, I've had a 146 and 149 for years-now redundant since finding Sailor and their outstanding nibs. I am not putting down MB, I buy for performance not name.

The MB's are nice, the Sailor KOP pro gear is world class. I consider the KOP to be made of better materials and has amazing fit and finish.



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Since I only own a Sailor Professional Gear and a VP, I suppose I can't choose between the two. The other pen would have it's feelings hurt.

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One! Just one?! Are you crazed!


Like a few others here, I will ask a bunch of qualifying questions and sneak in, one by one, my absolutely cannot do without pen.


Does it have to be off the shelf?


If so, then it's a Sailor 1911M with an extra fine nib. This baby was so perfect I decided there had to be something, anything, wrong with this pen, so I gave it the Timex/Flourish test. It stood up to every penmanshiply torture I could devise for it, with class and deportment.


Can it be off the shelf and modified?


It's definately a Namiki Falcon modified by Mr. Mottishaw for roundhand scripts.


Or maybe you'll accept custom made, for my hand only?


Yup, Nakaya. Black Piccolo on the first and third weeks of the month and a Heki Tamenuri Writer, with a clip, on the second and fourth weeks of the month. (Did ya see how I snuck in a twofer?)


Perhaps I am allowed two off the shelf pens from which I can create a modern franken-pen?


Then I would most definitely have to say a Pilot Custom 743's purloined size #15 extra fine Falcon nib reattached to the body of the Pilot Custom 842 creating a flexy nib monster with the guts to write all week! Oh and of course I also get a Pilot 743 with a #15 fine nib out of the deal to boot. (See that? I just snuck in a fourfer whilst adhering to the original question, "What is your favorite far East pen?" )


Can I have daily favorites?


Monday: Nakaya Heki Tamenuri, xf with extra flex for mini roundhand scripts and daily musings of a perplexing and mysterious nature. everyone definitely needs a meditative pen like this one on the first day of the week to prepare them for the days ahead.


Tuesday: Pilot Custom 743 with #15 Falcon nib for normal sized scripts and drawing, lots of drawing, and some day dreaming. Maybe a romantic letter or two from my boudoir to my paramours's's's's.


Wednesday: Pilot Custom 842 with #15 Falcon nib, Frankie-Pen! More scripts and even more drawing from which I see books delving into matters so misunderstood that all fears concerning them will be lifted forever, screen plays about infatuations with contemptuous objects which end terribly for all involved, recipes so divine even the gods cannot taste them without feeling the ecstasy of all the other gods, important contracts resolving things secretive and forbidden, tons of signed checks for large amounts (All signed over to me, of course.), flying submersible astronomic boat designs, inventions of great import, architectural musings of an indiscrete nature, psychological case studies concerning things heretofore as yet undiscovered within the human psyche which pertain to nothing in particular, patterns for carvings with such detail you need only stare at a square inch to receive the wisdom of the ages, heraldic adherences during the court of Arthur the First in the style first set forth by an ancient Queen unknown, and reflections of uncharacteristic melodic compositions of sheer indulgence emerging copiously from within the deepest bowels of its most ponderous intent. With a single filling of its belly I feel this pen could solve many of the problems of the world today, when put to paper.


Thursday: Namiki Falcon xxf full flex flourish pen. My first true flex nib love of my life. And, just like a first love she is beautiful, temperamental, kind, perfection, so wonderful to hold, wise beyond her years, mischievous, cantankerous, elegant, fascinating to be around and a bit clingy.


Friday: Pilot Custom 74 xxf semi flexed up nib, perfect for super micro roundhand scripts. It's crazy ridiculous how small this pen can go, I bet I could draw a copy of the Sistine Chapel on a postage stamp with this nib.


Saturday: Nakaya Piccolo Black Urushi fine Mottishaw'dilecticated extra flex nib. This is what I call my dirge pen as I have lamented the passing of its nib recently due to a freak 16 hour long writing accident involving 127 sheets of paper a quarter bottle of Noodler's BulletProof Black a glaringly brilliant white desktop and a sudden onset of writer's cramp. Sniffle, sniffle, shed a tear. But fortunately good old Saint Nibs himself, John Mottishaw, at the height of the Christmas season, said into my very ear, the right one, not the wrong one, "Send it on in and I'll pimp out that write better than any Nakaya's been pimped out before and it'll be home for Christmas." I heard Christmas carols resounding within my head and George Bailey crying out Merry Christmas you old savings and loan, and Merry Christmas you old Nakaya Piccolo. I swear I heard Jimmy Stuart say those very words, I swear. Sadly, the Nakaya's flight got cancelled due to extreme weather conditions and it's arrival upon my desk is eagerly anticipated at any moment.


Sunday: Sailor 1911 fine nib clear demonstrator with rhodium trim, the pen of the angels, and just for the lord's day too. Only my most comely and proper script could come from the halo of ink that flows from the nib of this pen. This baby's got wings that go stratosphere with every fill up. When I use it I feel truly blessed. Don't forget, depending on the ink you use, Demonstrators are also the mood rings into the soul of the writer, so keep yours clean and pure on this holy day. By the way what mood are you and your demonstrator pen in?





Definitely, a sunday pen. But you could use yours any day.


Come on. I need another day or thirty one. Hmmmm. Shall we go on to my list of daily favorite far east pens for each day of the month? I'll do it. You know I will.

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Pilot 78G, of which I have 2. Both with Fine nibs.


Still looking to acquire a Sailor 1911, a Pilot Prera and a Pilot Custom 742... and then I'll get back to this thread when I decide again at a later time.

"Luxe, calme et volupte"

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