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Clips for the new prototype...

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Hey Everyone.


The new prototype (I'm going to call it The Pearl), is about to be announced, but I'm in a quandry about clips.


First off, I think that the pen is fine without a clip, but I want to offer both.


I will also say that I'm not going to give my opinion quite yet.


But trust me, some of these I feel are downright awful, and some are pretty nice.


So do you want to help me design a pen?


Honesty is key here, no feelings will be hurt. And if nothing here tickles you, maybe you can describe what you envision.


First, I'll call this the "Arrow Clip". This doesn't fit perfect on this pen. The ring will be hidden on the real thing.




Next, let's call this the "Long Clip". Ignore the poor plating. It's brass, and hasn't been sent out for plating yet. It also is not a perfect fit. This ring will be hidden.




This one, let's call the "Ribbed Clip".




Last is the "Roller Clip"




Like I said, honesty is appreciated...no feelings will be hurt.





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I personally like clipless; however, of the choices you show, for me, it is a tossup between the "long clip" and the roller clip. I like them equally well, and don't really like either the arrow or the ribbed. I suspect it would be too costly to offer a choice of clips, other than clipless or clip chosen?


To really make an accurate choice, though, just send me a clipless, one with the roller, and one of the long clip models. I will test them thoroughly, and give you a report on the best choice. :rolleyes: :thumbup:




edited to add necessity for "test drive"

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I reckon this isn't the same pen your recently introduced (double ink windows), is it?


My ranking (depending of body size):

  1. No Clip at all
  2. Roller
  3. Long


PS: great color!

PPS: I assume that supporting you in this difficult decision will give me a 50% discount on the price :rolleyes:




Ciao - Enrico

Diplomat #1961


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I agree...


1. No clip looks great

2. Roller

3. Long

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"Roller Clip" I like the silver and the look of it. The others make me thing been there, seen it, done it blah.


Just my humble opinion.

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No clip suits this Piccolo style pen best, but after that:


I would immediately eliminate the arrow and the roller (it will make it look like a Bexley copy).


I think the best look would be a smoothed out version of the ribbed clip, simplified (no ribs) to match the clean lines of the pen.



the Danitrio Fellowship

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I agree that your pen is a solid design without a clip.


That said, I think the roller clip is my favorite and works in a nice play on words with the Pearl name.

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"None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try." - Mark Twain

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Hi Brian

I may be an exception, but I really like the ribbed clip on this pen.

Although a chromium plated version may look better.



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//I reckon this isn't the same pen your recently introduced (double ink windows), is it?//


Yes, actually, it is the same. But this pen is with a different material.


Basically, the pen comes with options.


The baseline pen is clipless with no add-ons.


Then you can add an ink-window, a blind cap, or a clip.


What you see in these pictures is a baseline pen with a clip.


Thanks everyone.

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I agree that no clip looks best, reminds me of a Nakaya Piccolo. If it has to have a clip the silver roller looks best to my eyes.


Bring it to TO and we can chat about it there.




PenRx is no longer in business.

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It does look very nice without the clip, but as I always carry my pens clipped into my pocket, no clip would prevent me from using it.


I think that the smooth clip that you use on the Menlo, or the clip on the Herald would look nice.


Out of the options that you show, I would have to say that the long clip looks best (in my opinion).

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I'd like one with the roller clip and a steel Taccia nib (would that be an option?), all black body (except for the windows, of course).



etherX in To Miasto

Fleekair <--French accent.

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1) Clipless

2) Ribbed Clip

2) Arrow Clip

4) Roller Clip

5) Long Clip


I kinda like that the arrow clip looks like a Gaudi version of a Parker clip.

The ribbed clip is also something one doesn't see every day.

I like the roller clip, though I have that one on some other pens.


"Heck we fed a thousand dollar pen to a chicken because we could." -- FarmBoy, about Pen Posse

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No clip.


I'd like to see what the Herald clip looks like on the pen. My honest opinions of these clips here, ugly ugly ugly.




I have to agree. That might be a good look.

the Danitrio Fellowship

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The Roller ball. I think it matches the design best, short of no clip at all.

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