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WATERMAN CF Made in France


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As a celebration of its 70th birthday, in 1954 Waterman introduced the WATERMAN CF, the first large-production cartridge filled pen. Such an innovative pen needed an exceptional designer: Harley Earl.


http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee36/gicoteni/CF%20Made%20in%20France/ArticoloNYT.jpghttp://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee36/gicoteni/CF%20Made%20in%20France/1951-GM-Le-Sabre-Concept-SA-Harley-.jpgHarley Earl




Responsible for General Motors styling section between 1927 and 1959, he was the inventor of jets and space crafts motifs in car design, tailfins, two-tone colour, abundance of chrome… Cadillac Eldorado… Chevrolet Bel Air… Buick Skylark ...Corvette… Symbols of wealth and trust in the future.


Waterman CF was first produced in U.S.A. and then, after problems of American factory, in Canada, UK an France. The production goes from 1954 to the first years of 80's.


We easily find the idiom of Earl design in the CF, especially in the first models, made in U.S.A.: the clip, the metal inlays in the section, the two-tone colour.




Among all models, the pens made in France in the factory of Nantes, in the late production in the '70s and '80s, are the most gorgeous; in those years Waterman competed with Parker and most of the patterns of Parker 75 and CF were the same.


I have collected some of these CF France made and I want to show you; it is a small and very incomplete collection, since I see that for every model they made many finishes: gold plate, sterling silver, silver plate, chrome plate, even solid gold. I only have some example.










Gold plate




Chevron and Crocodile




Chrome plate




Barleycorn sterling silver set



Stainless Steel





Milleraies silver plate





Milleraies gold plate set


Nibs of French CF are 18 k gold (yellow gold or white gold, as in these crocodile and chevron), or stainless steel. For almost each model you can also find the matching ballpoint, pencil and roller pens.





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Very impressive collection! I am a big fan of the Waterman CF design, with my only wish that flexible (or at least semi-flexible) nibs were made. So many variations... I've collected just a few and had to stop, although there is one other I'd still like to get. :)

[MYU's Pen Review Corner] | "The Common Ground" -- Jeffrey Small

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wow! what a lovely and comprehensive collection! i've just acquired a near-mint gold-plated C/F in the "ripple" design, and it's great to see all these others.

Check out my blog and my pens

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Thanks for the great photos!!!


Agghhh -- my kingdom for a bright red CF! I have a gold one with Moire pattern, a gold Directeur General & of course the black one I got from Gicoteni! I think they're great!

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very nice post, thanks for sharing ;)

Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time


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I have moired chrome finish C/F. The pen has a very solid feel. It is amazing that this design came as early as 1954. Looks very modern.

Mohammad Salahuddin Ayubi

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What a collection ? More like a mouthwatering collection !! There are some beauties shown in the photos. Have collected Parkers and Sheaffers, and have started with 3-4 Watermans, but looking at this page it looks like I may be after a few more Watermans.

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Hello gicoteni,


Thank you for the introduction and lovely photos. I like them all, but particularly the Crocodile!


I own one C/F stirling silver-moiré and a DG stirling silver from 1979. I still love them, though I do not use them.

Now you own a beautiful collection of C/F pens! I enjoyed looking at the photos.


With love,


Ik tik

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amazing looking pen! i have a fp/pencil set i bought at the SF pen show for $25. is it just me, or does the 14k nib have a little bit of flex? ok, maybe just springy -quite nice!



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